TEPS calls on people to identify anti-social elements

[TamilNet, Wednesday, 11 February 2004, 05:42 GMT]
The Tamil Eelam Police Service (TEPS), the police division of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam, on Tuesday called on the people of the Jaffna peninsula to identify anti-social elements and root them out, according to the Jaffna-based Tamil language daily, Uthayan.

The Uthayan said that the head of the TEPS, Mr. P. Nadesan, has made the request to the public in a statement.

Excerpts from the TEPS statement:

“There is a ceasefire now. Foreign diplomats are visiting Kilinochchi often. But it is evident that normal life has not returned to the Tamil homeland. The Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs), who cannot resettle in their homes or pursue employment, have been conducting non-violent agitation to attract the attention of the international community to their plight and to seek justice from them.

“Even in the midst of such a painful situation, many shocking crimes are being committed in the Jaffna peninsula. Premeditated murders, robberies, thefts, sexual abuse and rape, and gang violence are on the increase in Jaffna.

“Even when the persons who committed crimes are identified and caught, the Sri Lanka police does not take proper action against them; the offenders come out in a matter of days.

“Among the youth of Jaffna there has been an increase in anti-social activities, such as smoking, use of alcohol, prohibited drugs, pornography, etc. It has been discovered that some anti-social elements have a sinister plan to lure more youths into their trap, and that uniformed personnel [of the Sri Lanka Armed Forces] are protecting and instigating such elements.

“At a time when the Tamil youth are fighting for the Tamil people's liberation, these anti-social actions should be viewed as designed to blunt the youth’s quest for liberation, alienate them from the liberation struggle, and lead the Tamil people toward their annihilation.

“We urge the people to identify these forces opposed to the liberation struggle who indulge in anti-social activities.”


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