TRO staffer recounts Army torture

[TamilNet, Saturday, 22 July 2006, 15:34 GMT]
The statement by Kanthasami Sivasuthan, a Tamil Rehabilitation Organisation (TRO) staffer in Kalvayal, Chavakachcheri who was arrested and tortured by Sri Lanka Army was released to the press Saturday. Kanthasami, Technical officer of NECORD project, was beaten and threatened by Sri Lanka Army Intelligence on 18 and 20 July.

The unedited text, translated from Tamil, of Kanthasami’s statement follows:

“On 18 July 2006, when I had visited the Community hall project site I was stopped by the Army near the Kodikamam Army camp in Point-Pedro road. I had my Sri Lanka Army issued ID and National Identity Card (N.I.C.) with me. They took those.

“They knew me that I am working at TRO. They asked that our office was attached to the LTTE. And also they asked me about 2 members of LTTE. They took me to the bushes where is an open bunker. They had beaten me with the “Naval Kottan”. They released me. They gave back my Army issued ID and NIC.

“On 20 July 2006, I visited our project site as before while I was stopped by the same Army persons. They took my Army ID and NIC. I said, you were stopped me on 18 July 2006 and you knew about me. I asked for my IDs back. They said that the commander wants to meet me and they took me to the same place as before.

“They removed my shirt and covered my eyes with it. They asked me about the 2 members of the LTTE. The same as they had the last time and they asked the places where LTTE hiding the claymore mines, bombs etc… I told them that I don’t know anything about these. They had beaten again. They asked where Mr.Jeyaraj is. I said I don’t know.

“They had beaten me again. They released me. They didn’t give my Army ID and they said when I will give the details of LTTE they will give my Army ID. They said this beating is the last and next time they will shoot.

“It was done by Mr. Kumara (Army intelligent group, Kodikamam camp). Somebody was called him when he was inquiring me. He spoke very good Tamil.

“I reported to the HRC because I need my Army ID. I didn’t report to the police because somebody shot dead after they reported to the police about the Army harassment.”


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