‘LTTE committed to ceasefire’

[TamilNet, Friday, 07 June 2002, 22:20 GMT]
The Liberation Tigers will fully implement the ceasefire agreement between themselves and the Sri Lankan government and are determined to ensure the truce does not fail, a senior member of the LTTE’s political division in Jaffna told a protest rally by students in the northern peninsula Wednesday , according to local press reports.

Mr. Pappa was addressing a rally organised by the Jaffna University Students Union (JUSU) at the Kailsapathy stadium at the campus, the Uthayan newspaper reported Friday. A declaration was made by the Tamil students and at the end of the ceremony there was a drama enacted by the cultural organization.

Before the meeting, Mr. Pappa raised the LTTE flag in front of the University. JUSU leader Mr. M. Paraneetharan chaired the event. Mr. Pappa said that the ceasefire agreement has brought a respite from war for many people,and allowed the LTTE’s political cadres to work in Sri Lanka Army (SLA) controlled areas.

Commenting on fears that the truce might collapse suddenly and war might resume, Mr. Pappa said that the LTTE leader, Vellupillai Pirapaharan, has signed the agreement in the interests of the Tamil people, and the LTTE will cooperate in implementing the ceasefire and make every effort to make it a success.

“If the government’s injustices continue, the time may come soon when Tamil people will erupt in protests,” he said. “However, if the government acts with sincerity and goodwill so that there is no need for protests, that is to be welcomed.”

Referring to the recent interview to the Tamil Guardian newspaper by Mr. Anton Balasingham, the LTTE’s chief negotiator and political advisor, Mr. Pappa said: “As ‘Bala Anna’ has stated, the majority community has still not realized the justness of our struggle. We should therefore be vigilant.”

Saluting the Tamil people’s support, Mr. Pappa said: “when the sudden need to confront the [Indian Forces] arose, we were in a very difficult situation; we had just 2000 fighters and had to face more than 35,000 IPKF troops. But we were surprised by the extent of support of our people.”

Highlighting the LTTE’s commitment to the Tamil people’s political rights, Mr. Pappa said: “Our leader called all of us for a meeting [at the time] and said ‘We might be completely destroyed, but we cannot give up the struggle. Let future generations learn in history that we fought steadfastly.’”

“Indian Army officers have written books about our fighting prowess. In his book, then Indian High-commissioner, Mr. Dixit, has said no one can predict when and what decisions the LTTE will make, but their decisions are often right.”


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