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Border division of Mannaar district Sinhalicised

[TamilNet, Monday, 12 August 2013, 19:35 GMT]
After Sinhalicising a border division in the Mullaiththeevu district of the Northern Province as ‘Weli-Oya’ on the eastern coast, genocidal Sri Lanka is now engaged in the Sinhalicisation of a border division, Musali, in the Mannaar district of the Northern Province on the western coast, news sources in Mannaar said. Both the Sinhala colonisations take place as demographic projections from the Anuradhapura district of the North Central Province. Around 400 acres of forest has been cleared for settling 1300 Sinhala families at the Ko’ndaichchi coast of Mannaar district. The families, who have nothing to do with the district are not only brought down hurriedly and settled as ‘re-settlers’, but also are advised to register as voters before the NPC elections.

New Delhi and Washington talking about the NPC elections without recognising and guaranteeing the territoriality and demography of Eezham Tamils, amounts to nothing but blatant complicity in the demographic genocide as continuity of their complicity in the genocidal war, commented Tamil activists for alternative politics in the island.

The divisional secretary of Musali, Mr. Ketheesvaran, who was protesting to the ‘resettlement’ hoax and registration of the colonisers as voters, was served with a transfer order, news sources in Mannaar said.

Even the earlier divisional secretary Mr. Raveendran was transferred as he had objections to the colonisation in the name of ‘special resettlement’.

The Sinhala Government Agent of Mannaar, Mr Y.S. Desapriya denied the accusations.

This is a normal ‘resettlement’ he claimed, denying the transfer order to the divisional secretary and the reports that the Sinhala colonisers were brought by buses from Anuradhapura.

The SL Government Agent was newly posted after his predecessor had been removed for not adequately cooperating with Colombo in the Sinhala colonisation programmes.

Sources associated with mosques and churches in the region confirmed the arrival of Sinhala colonisers from Anuradhapura district.

According to news sources, under the SL government project called ‘special resettlement programme’ the Sinhala colonisers were brought from Maavilaachchi and Nochchiyaa-gama parts of the Anuradhapura district to Ko’ndaichchi and Kokkup-padaiyaan coast of the Mannaar district.

Around a 4 Sq.km settlement has been created for them. The Sinhala families are provided with half an acre of land to each and are promised of permanent houses for them soon.

The families were neither affected by the war nor were displaced people. Hence they could not be treated as ‘re-settlers’ and could not be permitted, was the stand of the divisional secretary.

The Musali divisional secretary has also pointed out that the colonisers for whom voter registration in the division is demanded are still registered voters in Anuradhapura district and their registration there has not been cancelled, which is a prerequisite for new registrations.

While on one hand the so-called ‘international aided’ resettlement of war-affected people is abused for demographic genocide by such colonisations, on the other hand, a fraud is committed by bringing in outside voters to the NPC elections for which the 2012 registration is the basis, observers in the Northern Province commented.

The area selected for the Sinhala colonisation is the coast of a fertile bay, which was once the centre for pearl diving traditionally conducted since time immemorial by Eezham Tamil coastal folk called Paravar and Mukkuvar.

Meanwhile, 2500 Tamil-speaking Muslim families who were displaced during the war have also now returned to Musali as 6000 families.

They also complain that the 5-acre per family settlement plan of theirs is also misused for Sinhala colonisation.

While SL minister Risard Badurdeen appropriates Tamil lands for the colonisation of Tamil-speaking Muslims, his government is engaged in colonising Sinhalese brought from Anuradhapura, observers in the district said.



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