Colombo rushes ahead with exploitative expansion of salterns in North

[Tue, 17 Sep 2019, 23:50 GMT]
The occupying Colombo’s unitary state mechanism is alienating large tracts of lands, both officially and unofficially, for commercial actors from the South of the island. Tamil agents, including one paramilitary organiser of Karuna Group, are being used as the proxies to showcase that the SL State is ‘ethnically impartial’ in the allocations, informed Tamil servants at the Ki'linochchi District Secretariat said. They suspect the involvement of SL military corporatism in the schemes. In the meantime, Chairman of Karaichchi Divisional Council (PS), A. Velamalikithan, when contacted by TamilNet, described the extent of illegal construction work that has already commenced without securing the required permissions from the elected Council and the Divisional Secretariats concerned. Full story >>

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2ND LEAD (Correction)

India should change sterile attitude, IC must stop naming Tamil fighters as terrorists: Wigneswaran

[Mon, 16 Sep 2019, 23:03 GMT]
Ezhuka Thamizh 2019
“There are no terrorists among us. Only those affected by State terrorism are among us. We ask the powers that be not to couple the names of our people with those who have been identified as fundamentalist religious terrorists. Our youth and others fought for a noble cause – the independence of their people. It is as a reaction to State terrorism that our youth resorted to arms,” declared Justice C.V. Wigneswaran, the former chief minister of the North at the massive rally held in Jaffna on Sunday. Wigneswaran demanded India to change its ‘hitherto sterile attitude’ towards a more robust and judicious one. He urged the Sinhala and Muslim people to recognise the Tamils right to Self-Determination. The rally in Jaffna drew between 3,000 and 6,000 people and was a success despite the weather conditions and the rifts caused by various political actors including the SL Governor to the North. Full story >>

SL military, police intervene in temple affairs in Champoor

[Sat, 14 Sep 2019, 21:37 GMT]
The SL Police is unnecessarily intervening in the internal affairs regarding the consecration (Kumbhabhishekham) ritual of Champoor Sri Siththiviyaakar temple in Moothoor-East, Trincomalee, say Eezham Tamil residents in the village. The SL Police, along with the military intelligence wing of the occupying SL Army, have deployed their personnel to widen an ongoing rift concerning the consecration ceremony of the rebuilt temple. The Kumbhabhishekham is scheduled to commence on Sunday. Full story >>

Foreign-funded ‘Sevalanka’ schemes Sinhala tourism in Tamil hinterland of Batticaloa

[Thu, 12 Sep 2019, 23:10 GMT]
Location of Kudumpimalai
The ‘Sevalanka Foundation’ which operates with the hidden agenda of imposing Sinhala socio-cultural development on Eezham Tamils with the backing of countries like Norway is aiming at transforming Kudumpi-malai area in the hinterland of Batticaloa district into a Sinhala tourism hotspot, District Secretariat sources said. The outfit has proposed to convert the agriculture-dependent Tamil villagers to serve the Sinhala tourists in the name of ‘development’. Informed civil officials in the District Secretariat urged Tamil journalists and the civil society activists to expose the wrong intentions behind the scheme to the larger society. The Tamil diaspora should gain the ability to objectively confront the host countries that continue and promote genocidal ‘engagement’ despite repeated concerns expressed by the Tamils. Full story >>

SL military continues to use school building as resort in Batticaloa

[Tue, 10 Sep 2019, 22:26 GMT]
The occupying SL military continues to use the building of the Tamil school, Sarawathy Viththiyaalayam, as resort despite repeated requests to release the building. The SL military stationed along Batticaloa-Naavaladi Road 46 km north of the city is using the building, both as a camp and a resort for tourists from the South. The SL Army has not obtained permission from the Divisional Council to operate the resort, and when the Council took up the matter with the SL Army, the officers claimed that it was not a resort, but only a residence for the families and the relatives of the SL Army officers. Full story >>

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SL Governor disregarding District, Divisional Secretariat data on lands signals bad intention

[Sun, 08 Sep 2019, 23:07 GMT]
The details of all the private lands still retained by the occupying SL military have been gathered and kept up-to-date by the Divisional Secretariats and the District Secretariats for years. However, SL Governor to North, Suren Raghavan, has recently issued a new form instructing the people who wish to reclaim their lands to file details along with the copy of the land deed directly to his secretariat. The latest move could be nothing else than a pure deception as witnessed forty-five days ago in Keerimalai (J/226) GS area, says Shageevan Shangmugalingam, the chairman of Valikaamam North Resettlement Committee. The landowners in Keerimalai were asked to allow surveying of their lands to reclaim the plots. But, the SL military was using the opportunity to seize the properties not claimed within the timeframe. Only 69 acres (1,100 Parappu) were counted as claimed by the owners, he said. Full story >>

Colombo's departments abet large-scale deforestation and hunting in Mannaar

[Fri, 06 Sep 2019, 15:19 GMT]
Widespread logging of forest trees, large-scale alienation of forest lands and hunting of spotted and sambur deers, as well as local buffaloes, continue unabated amidst persistent ignorance and possible collusion with the SL Forest and Wildlife Conservation Departments as well as the SL Police. Local Councillor Kandiah Soundararajan, who is elected from Vaddk-ka'ndal in Maanthai West Divisional Council (Piratheasa-chapai/PS), has exposed the extent of the destruction when contacted by TamilNet this week. In the meantime, the law enforcement authorities of the unitary state mechanism in Colombo are systematically depriving the resettled poverty-stricken and landless Tamils. It is the local population, which constitutes a nature-loving-society with excellent human-environment relationships, as history has witnessed in the past, Tamil activists in Mannaar observed. Full story >>

Sinhala military occupation deprives Tamil farmers accessing livelihood services in Paduvaankarai

[Wed, 04 Sep 2019, 22:49 GMT]
Location of Kudumpimalai
The officers of the occupying SL Army’s 232 Brigade Headquarters, stationed at Tharavai near Kudumpi-malai (Thoppik-kal, Baron’s Cap) in the interior Batticaloa, are refusing to vacate from the irrigation and agrarian offices. Around 1,500 farmers who are organised in 25 organisations in Koa'ra'laip-pattu South (Kiraan) DS Division are deprived of benefiting from the services of the public office due to the continued militarisation by the Sinhala army, the representatives of the farmer's associations said. The office buildings are used as the residential offices of the commanding officers of the SL Army. The offices are also used as resorts for the Sinhala visitors from the South. Full story >>

UNHCR brings back refugees from Tamil Nadu without ensuring prospects for resettlement

[Mon, 02 Sep 2019, 23:42 GMT]
Uprooted Eezham Tamils who are returning from their overseas displacement in Tamil Nadu find it increasingly challenging to regain their lands and livelihood in the North-East of the island, civil officials in Mannaar said. The UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNCHR) and the SL state apparatus fail to meet even the basic requirements of those returning, the officials said. While the UNCHR facilitates the flight transport of the refugees through Colombo airport, it expects the SL State to complete the resettlement arrangements at the district level. However, the officials coming under the Colombo government in the district say they are unable to cope with the challenges, even to find temporary accommodation to the returning families. Full story >>

SL judiciary harasses Tamil dairy farmers in Batticaloa

[Sat, 31 Aug 2019, 23:36 GMT]
The representatives of the largest dairy farmers association in Batticaloa complain that fifteen of their members had to spend 300,000 rupees on travelling forth and back between Dehiyattakandiya and Batticaloa throughout the last four years to face a case filed against them by the SL Forest Department in 2015. The Forest Department guards detained the cattle herders and filed a lawsuit against them at the Magistrate’s Court in Dehiattekandiya in Ampaa'rai. The representatives of the Live Stock Farmers’ Society in Mayilaththamadu and Periyamathava'nai (LSFS-MP) told TamilNet that the petitioner was failing to attend the hearings and that the case was being postponed every time. It is a form of systematic harassment meted out to Tamil dairy farmers, they complained. Every time, when the case is scheduled the group of farmers and their cattle herders have to travel 140 km both the ways. Full story >>

EPDP resumes harassment against families of Tamils subjected to enforced disappearances

[Thu, 29 Aug 2019, 22:43 GMT]
Douglas Devananda, the leader of the paramilitary-cum-political party, Eelam People's Democratic Party (EPDP), has again resorted to harassment against the mothers of Tamils subjected to enforced disappearances at the hands of the military of genocidal Sri Lanka and his EPDP outfit. Mr Devananda was an SL minister during the regimes of Chandrika Kumaratunga and Mahinda Rajapaksa. The SL military deployed his group to abduct Tamil activists, journalists and those who were working with the LTTE. Recently, he told the press that he had lodged a complaint with the SL Police in Colombo against the open and public statements made by Mrs Mariasuresh Easwary, the wife of a person reported missing at the hands of the SL military. Mrs Easwary, who heads the district organisation of missing persons in Mullaith-theevu, was making the open allegation on behalf of the members of her organisation. Full story >>

Military minds of New Delhi, Colombo stage ‘book fair’ in Jaffna though quisling Governor

[Tue, 27 Aug 2019, 23:36 GMT]
The SL Governor to North Suren Raghavan, who is the Tamil agent of Maithiripala Sirisena, the SL President and Commander-in-Chief of the armed forces, has organised a book fair in Jaffna this week. The military intelligence outfits of New Delhi and Colombo were collaborating behind the scene to sophisticatedly mix selected books from Tamil Nadu with publications depicting the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) as ‘terrorists’. The target audience of the book fair is the younger generation of Eezham Tamils. The officers of the occupying military of genocidal Sri Lanka were invited as the special guests to the event along with the Mayor of Jaffna and the Tamil children wearing Sinhala costumes were garlanding the guests at the event held under the patronage of the SL Governor at the Veerasingam Hall. Full story >>

Regional OMP office in Jaffna opened in secrecy ahead of announced time

[Sun, 25 Aug 2019, 08:58 GMT]
The OMP office in Jaffna was secretly declared open ahead of the scheduled time on Saturday. The SL military also used to abduct their children in secrecy, commented the protesting families of Tamils subjected to enforced disappearances in the past. The Chairperson of the OMP, Mr Saliya Peiris declared the regional office opened at 6:30 a.m., four hours ahead of the scheduled time to avoid the presence of the protesters. Meanwhile, Karu Jayasuriya (UNP), the speaker of the SL Parliament as well as SL Minister Mano Ganesan dropped their plans to grace the occasion as the protesting Tamil women had severely criticised the move in advance. Full story >>

Despite ending Emergency, Sirisena keeps SL military empowered with police powers

[Sat, 24 Aug 2019, 00:04 GMT]
SL President Maithiripala Sirisena has re-issued a Gazette notification calling out all the members of the SL Army, SL Navy and SL Air Force for the maintenance of public order in all the 25 districts of the island, including the eight districts of the occupied country of Eezham Tamils in the North and East. The powers provided to the three armed forces include the powers of search and arrest, usually conferred on police officers. The SL President has however allowed the Emergency Regulations to lapse itself by not renewing the Gazette notification that could extend it for another month. Although the state of emergency has expired, the notorious Prevention of Terrorism Act (PTA), enacted initially in 1979 and made permanent in 1982, is in force. Full story >>

SL Police threatens Tamils for observing annual temple festival in Vavuniyaa North

[Sun, 15 Sep 2019, 07:09 GMT]
A group of SL police officers from the Nedungkea'ni station in Vavuniyaa North have been questioning and recording statements from the trustees of Vedukkul-naa'ri Aathi-linkeasvarar temple in Vavuniyaa North on Saturday and Sunday. Furthermore, the SL Police was making phone calls to selected people in the area, stating that a case had been filed against those who were actively involved in the temple festival that completed on Saturday. The trustees and devotees have ‘violated’ the SL Antiquities Ordinance by using a ladder to reach the hilltop, the SL police claims. The SL Police was demanding the removal of the ladder before 10:00 a.m. on Sunday. Full story >>

3RD LEAD (Update, Adds video, photos)

Sinhala police, mob intimidate Saiva Tamil pilgrims at Kanniyaa

[Fri, 13 Sep 2019, 20:04 GMT]
Nalloor - Kokkaddichchoalai pilgrim
Tens of uniformed Sinhala police officers along with persons dressed in civilian clothing stormed at a group of Tamil Saiva pilgrims who were chanting prayers at Kanniyaa Hot Wells around 7:00 a.m. on Friday. The Sinhala policemen behaved aggressively against the devotees instructing them to remove their vehicle away from the promises, said the organiser of the pilgrimage, 41-year-old V. Mohanathas. The devotees were not allowed to conduct their Bajan worship at the Pi'l'laiyaar temple grounds. Half of them were disturbed from their bathing ritual at the Hot Wells. Even though the Tamil pilgrims explained the reason for their presence, the Sinhala group behaved aggressively, Mr Mohanadas said. Full story >>

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Colombo-centric ‘development’ threatens Tamil as medium of instruction in North

[Wed, 11 Sep 2019, 22:29 GMT]
Jaffna Fisheries Societies Federation has expressed concerns over the looming danger of Sinhalicisation of Fisheries Education in the North. The Sinhalicisation is done through making English as the medium of instruction and populating the students from the South. The move should also be seen with the Sinhala colonisation of the jetties and ports in the Tamil homeland through the so-called mega-development schemes such as the recently started construction of the fishing port in Point Pedro and projects such as the “Enterprise Sri Lanka,” spearheaded by various ministries, departments and authorities of the occupying unitary state in Colombo, according to V. Thavachelvan, the president of Jaffna Fisheries Federation. Full story >>

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2ND LEAD (Adds photos)

UNF schemes Sinhalicisation as ‘development’ transforming Jaffna into ‘megacity’

[Mon, 09 Sep 2019, 16:40 GMT]
SL Prime Minister Ranil Wickramasinghe and SL Finance Minister Mangala Samaraweera were visiting Jaffna during the weekend along with SL minister for Megapolis & Western Development, ‘Patali’ Champika Ranawaka, the secretary of Sinhala-Buddhist ultra-nationalist Jathika Hela Urumaya (JHU). Mr Wickramasinghe was reciting the mantra of ‘development’ and was repeating the talk of ‘devolving more powers’ to the provincial councils through securing a majority in the forthcoming parliamentary elections. However, Mr Ranawaka, who is opposed to the concept of Sinhalese sharing political power with Tamils in a federal arrangement, was claiming that a ‘megacity’ project would be transforming the city into one of the four main economic hubs in the island. Furthermore, Ranawaka contended that the plan was part of an integrated ‘national physical plan’, which conceived at Battaramulla in Colombo. Full story >>

Tamil-speaking Veddahs confront large-scale land grab in southeast Trincomalee

[Sat, 07 Sep 2019, 20:49 GMT]
The settlement pattern of the Tamil-speaking aborigines, who were looking after their own administrative affairs in the southeastern sector of Trincomalee district has been severely disturbed after 2010, says Nadarajah Kanagaratnam, the chairperson of Kuveani community organisation from the village of Nalloor. The villages of Veddahs are now riddled with various demographic changes carried out by the Sinhala-dominated SL State and the encroaching settlements facilitated by a section of the Muslim politicians in the East. The latest land grab was carried out by MLAM Hizbullah, the former SL Governor to East. After the controversial politician was forced to resign from the portfolio, the aboriginal people entered back into their lands in the hope of regaining them. However, a group of settlers from the nearby Thoappoor village have started to threaten the indigenous people in August 2019. Full story >>

SL Police bans playing devotional songs at Vedukku-naa'ri temple in Vavuniyaa

[Thu, 05 Sep 2019, 20:48 GMT]
The SL Police from Nedungkea'ni police station has instructed the trustee board of Vedukku-naa'ri Aathi-Lingkeasvarar temple in Vavuniyaa North not to use loudspeakers to play devotional songs during the annual temple festival. The SL Archaeology Department started to claim the locality as coming under its purview last year in August and deployed the SL Police to block Tamil devotees from setting up a ladder to the hilltop. When the dispute went to the courts, the local community was allowed to proceed with the deity rituals without engaging in any construction work. This year, the SL Police has restricted the devotees even from playing devotional songs, commented Thamilchelvan Thurairajah, an elected councillor at the Civic Divisional Council of Vavuniyaa North. Full story >>

2ND LEAD (Adds video)

Activist women allege premeditated accidents targeting them

[Tue, 03 Sep 2019, 23:02 GMT]
Last week, an unknown motorcyclist hit the motorbike of a leading Tamil woman activist S. Chandraleela, who is one of the main organisers of Keappaa-pulavu continuous protest. 43-year-old Chandraleela was on her way to her house from Mullaiththeevu with her daughter seated on the bike. Both the mother and the daughter were thrown into the air during the crash. All those involved in the accident were admitted to Maagn-choalai hospital with injuries. However, the man who hit them has been either freed or transferred to another hospital in secrecy. The identity of the man being hidden from the records has raised serious doubts of the accident being a planned one, rights activists in Mullaiththeevu said. The SL military intelligence is capable of experimenting with different techniques from time to time, be it ‘white-vans’, ‘grease-devils’ or ‘intended-accidents’, they said. Full story >>

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Buddhist monks whip up anti-Muslim hate twisting facts on coastal lands in Poththuvil: Civic Chairman

[Sun, 01 Sep 2019, 18:16 GMT]
Poththuvil Divisional Council (PS) Chairman MS Abdul Wazeeth has blamed the extremist Sinhala Buddhist monks for waging hate-campaign against Poththuvil Muslims. An extremist monk based at the newly constructed vihara has claimed that the Muslim villagers were attempting to assault him and he keeps alleging that the ancient Buddhist monuments found close to the beach were being destroyed as the SL Government in Colombo, particularly the UNP led by Ranil Wickramasinghe, had allowed the Muslims to encroach the lands of the so-called Muhudu Maha Viharaya. The archaeological monuments and the monks are protected by armed Sinhala soldiers and the police round the clock. How could the villagers assault them, he asked. It was the monks who had encroached into the areas that come under the purview of the SL Archaeology Department, MSA Wazeeth said. Full story >>

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3RD LEAD (Update, Adds photos, video)

Protests on International Day of Disappeared signal emboldened resolve for justice

[Fri, 30 Aug 2019, 23:39 GMT]
Oamanthai protest
The families of Eezham Tamils subjected to enforced disappearances at the hands of the occupying Sinhala military and its paramilitaries in the past staged two coordinated demonstrations in the North and East on the occasion of the International Day of the Disappeared on Friday. More than 500 people, including the grassroots activists and supporting politicians, marched for two hours from Pa'nrik-keytha-ku'lam to Oamanthai, the former entry point to the erstwhile de-facto state of Tamil Eelam. Those handed over to the occupying Sinhala military at the entry point in Vavuniyaa, and at Vadduvaakal in Mullaiththeevu were taken to undisclosed detention camps, and their whereabouts are since not known. The wives and the mothers of the missing persons denounced the reparations mechanisms of the so-called Office of Missing Persons (OMP) and demanded international justice. Full story >>

Sirisena’s promo on harbour ‘development’ in Jaffna reveals imminent Sinhalicisation threat

[Wed, 28 Aug 2019, 21:36 GMT]
SL President Maithiripala Sirisena has come up with a promotional video advertising the launch of the so-called development of a fisheries harbour at Point-Pedro in Jaffna. The video itself turns out to be the “proof of concept” of Sinhala colonisation of Tamil fisheries industry in the North. A similar project was abandoned at Peasaalai in Mannaar recently. However, the SL Governor in North Suren Raghavan is determined to speedily commence the project amidst the objections from the grassroots including the three fisher associations and two prominent colleges of Eezham Tamils in the area. SL President Maithiripala's promo video exposes the agenda by featuring the intruding Sinhala fishers in Point Pedro. The Asian Development Bank is abetting the genocidal project, branded as a mega port project. Full story >>

Widespread logging backed by SL military in Mannaar continues to escape scrutiny

[Mon, 26 Aug 2019, 23:35 GMT]
The commanders of the occupying Sinhala military stationed in three of the five divisions of Mannaar district have been partnering with millionaire wood traders from the South in a widespread and systematic illegal logging going on for a long time after 2009, Tamil officials in Mannaar District Secretariat said. The massive-scale exploitation has reached dangerous proportions and was causing severe environmental effects, the officials told TamilNet. The SL Forest Conservation Department or the SL Police do not act against the conduct of the SL military officers. Now, the SL military is also enjoying the police powers, overriding the authority of the SL Police, the officials further said. Full story >>

Tamil representatives urged to boycott OMP office opening in Jaffna

[Sat, 24 Aug 2019, 02:22 GMT]
The coordinator of Mullaiththeevu district organisation of the families of persons subjected to enforced disappearances, Mariyasuresh Easwary, has urged Tamil politicians and representatives to boycott the opening event of the Jaffna office of the Office for Missing Persons, scheduled for Saturday. “We have already received information that Minister Mano Ganesan has abandoned his plan to attend the ceremony. It signals that they understand our concerns and respect the call made by all the five district organisations of the families of the missing persons that jointly appealed to the media four days ago,” she told TamilNet. Full story >>

SL Forest Department remains unmoved by uprooted Tamils’ demand for resettlement

[Fri, 23 Aug 2019, 07:04 GMT]
The uprooted people of Kanakar-kiraamam village, a Tamil settlement located 7 km north of Poththtuvil in Ampaa'rai district, are yet to see any change in the attitude of the SL Forest Department, which has seized their lands violating the law of the SL State itself. The people have been staging a continuous protest since 13 August 2018. Former Eastern Provincial Land Commissioner Kathrigamathamby Kurunathan confronted the SL Forest Department on 20 July exposing the mischievous way the land grab was executed, and the officials attached to the department agreed to release the lands. However, nothing has taken place, even as the protesters completed 365 days of protest on 13 August. It is the SL Forest Department, which is the chief trouble-maker, says Mrs Rangathenna, a mother taking part in the protest. Full story >>


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2000 Sep 19 15:06      Shelling disrupts body transfer
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1998 Sep 19 15:39      SLA attempts to clear Linganagar
1998 Sep 19 11:49      Paramilitary encroachments threaten water supply
Now, I say to you today my friends, even though we face the difficulties of today and tomorrow, I still have a dream. It is a dream deeply rooted in the American dream. I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed: - 'We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal.'
-Martin Luther King Jr. (1929 - 1968)
US Civil Rights Leader
Speech at Civil Rights March on Washington,
August 28, 1963


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Koyilā-maṉai/ Kōyilā-maṉai

The temple house; or the house of the temple servants


FIU of CBSL emerges as networked Intel outfit against Tamils in homeland, Diaspora: The so-called Financial Investigative Unit (FIU) of the Central Bank of the unitary State of genocidal Sri Lanka (CBSL), which is led by a Colombo-based ‘Sri Lankan’ Tamil, Indrajith Coomaraswamy, is scheming rigid controls on Community-Based Organisations (CBOs) in the North-East with a ‘counter-insurgency’ role.
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Valentine's Day
Wives of enforced disappeared exposed to nightmare on Valentine's Day: At a stage event organised by the so-called Families of Disappeared (FoD) operated by Colombo based NGO and diplomatic community, Tamil women from the East were exposed to the traumatic experience of narrating their love stories with their husbands.
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SL harassment against resettled Tamils in Madu, Mannaar
STF, SL departments harass resettled Tamils in Madu: The guards and officials of various SL departments as well as the notorious commandos of the StF are repeatedly harassing the 300 resettled and poverty-stricken Eezham Tamils of Ira'ndaam-kaddai (2nd Mile Post), which is located between Madu Shrine and Sinhala militarised Madu Road Junction in Mannaar district.
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Sinhala Buddhicisation stepped up in Trincomalee North: SL Presidential Secretariat in Colombo is exerting pressure on Tamil Divisional Secretary not to interfere in the affairs of extreme Sinhala Buddhist monks, who are engaged in cultural genocide in Kumpu'rup-piddi in Trincomalee North.
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Champoor controversy
Colombo demonstrates ‘foremost place’ to Buddhism at Champoor: The SL Archaeology Department, extremist Sinhala Buddhist monks, Sinhala governor and his wife are all jointly working for Sinhala Buddhicisation of Champoor, where SL Navy, groomed by the U.S. Pacific Command under the notion of 'military-to-military' engagement, is having its training base for the marines of genocidal Sri Lanka.
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SL Army wages Sinhala-Buddhicisaton of Baron's Cap in Batticaloa Northwest: With the collaboration of ministries of Fisheries and Tourism, 232 Brigade of the Army of occupying Sri Lanka is Sinhalicising the Kudumpi-malai area of Batticaloa district.
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Gnanadas, Uru
Enduring psychological disaster of families of enforced disappeared conveyed through film: The story writer and director of the award winning short-film, Uru (Trance), 49-year-old Gnanadas Kasinathar, narrates the depth of psychological disaster as witnessed by him on the ground. The film, shot in Batticaloa, is inspired by the stories of long enduring sufferings of the enforced disappeared families.
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P. Ramasamy
Factoring political solution more important than addressing human rights: Not only did the Sri Lankan regime won the war against the Tamil liberation force, it might even win the propaganda war if the problems of Tamils in the island are exclusively focused on human rights to the neglect of the fundamental question of a long lasting political solution, commented Deputy Chief Minister of Penang state in Malaysia, Professor P. Ramasamy, told TamilNet on Monday.
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SL vision for 2025
SL constitutional discourse seen coupled with ‘Vision 2025’ policy of genocidal Sri Lanka: The World Bank, the IMF and the WTO are behind the agenda that seeks to permanently lock Eezham Tamils into a Colombo-centric single-unit of genocidal Sri Lanka. The interim report on the constitutional discourse should be seen coupled with ‘Vision 2025’, launched by the Agent State in Colombo in September 2017.
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Sathasivam Papers
Sathasivam papers on Sumerian-Tamil connections see the light of day: Four pioneering research papers on the Dravidian connections between ancient Sumerian and Tamil, written between 1964 and 1987 by Eezham Tamil scholar, the late Prof A Sathasivam, gain new significance today because of the current advancements in coupling linguistics with DNA studies.
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Quisling politics from the horse's mouth
Understanding ‘Quisling politics’ and facing it with ‘Navaratnam School of Thought’: Eezham Tamils should grasp the synthesis of the Colombo-centric Quisling politics, which is being brought into them by the global powers and regain their strength to address it through the school of thought embraced by enlightened leaders of Eezham Tamils in the past.
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Netherlands-funded CEPA project wages political ‘counter-insurgency’ on Tamils: Colombo-based NGO outfit, Centre for Poverty Analysis (CEPA), is tasked to recruit gullible and opportunistic sections of the diaspora expanding Rajapaksa-time ‘KP-Diaspora’ programme. The programme is funded by the foreign ministries of the USA, The Netherlands, United Kingdom, Norway, Germany, Switzerland and Australia.
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Tamil Genocide Book
The Tamil Genocide by Sri LankaThe second edition with over 150 new pages traces the ongoing engagement in the Sri Lankan conflict of Professor Francis A. Boyle, an eminent American expert in international law, from the conflict’s last years to the present pursuit of UN recognition of the Tamil genocide and call for reparations. It is the first book to develop an authoritative case for genocide against the Government of Sri Lanka under international law. The book is available from Clarity Press, Amazon in soft cover or in Kindle version.
Durban Conference
South Africa to Singapore: global Tamils grasping geopolitics to act: The South African conference held in Durban has come out with many demands that are dear to the heart of Tamils, such as demilitarisation, stopping Sinhala colonisation, repeal of the 6th Amendment to facilitate free negotiation etc. But the slip was still showing when the conference avoided the term genocide. What was more ironical that betrayed the deception was the slogan of the conference organizers that called the country they want to salvage as ‘Sri Lanka’, boldly written in Tamil.
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1915 Anti-Muslim Pogrom
Tamil leadership need not shy away or react to unfair challenge coming from Sumanthiran: Eezham Tamil polity seeking pardon from Tamil-speaking Muslims should be unassuming, but it should come in an enlightening way to the edification of the Colombo-centric agenda or the powers-guided agenda, pursued in the past as well as in the present. Otherwise, it may only amount to conferring impunity to the State in Colombo and its abettors.
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Kathirgamathamby Kurunathan
Retired land commissioner of Eastern Province on Structural Genocide against Eezham Tamils: The systematic seizure of traditional lands belonging to the Tamil speaking people of the North-East have been widespread under the guise of archaeological, forest and wild-life conservations and subsequently carried out through the acts of demarcating these lands under the purview of the state apparatuses such as the Archaeological Department, Forest Department and the Wild-life Conservation Department, says retired Land Commissioner of the Eastern Province Karthirgamathamby Kurunathan, in an in-depth video interview to TamilNet.
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Gajendrakumar Ponnambalam
TNPF rejects ‘domestic investigations’ upheld by USA: The fact that the United States and the US Secretary of State John Kerry would consider the post January 08th 2015 situation in Sri Lanka, with the new government favourable, is understandable. But, for him to suggest that there is a favourable condition for the Tamils, is stretching too far, said Tamil National Peoples Front (TNPF) Leader Gajendrakumar Ponnambalam, responding to a question from TamilNet.
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V. Thevaraj
Sivaram, Wigneswaran saw futility in convincing Sinhala polity: senior editor: The failure of Sivaram and his transfer into a staunch Tamil nationalist is analogical to the political course and current stand of the NPC Chief Minister, Mr C.V. Wigneswaran, said veteran Tamil journalist and editor, Mr. V. Thevaraj, addressing the 10th assassination anniversary meet of Sivaram held in Batticaloa on Wednesday.
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