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Tamils need to add Macron’s France to geopolitical watchlist on genocide-abetting regional powers

[Sun, 16 Feb 2020, 22:18 GMT]
The Republic of France, one of the five nuclear-weapon states distinguished by the non-proliferation treaty, is asserting itself as a sovereign regional power in the Indo-Pacific with a dedicated strategy. With a robust military presence and 93% of its exclusive economic zone located in the Indo-Pacific, France has started to compete and cooperate with the US. A comparatively weak global power, vying for regional influence, complicates the already complex matrix in the region, especially when it seeks to woo rogue, autocratic and genocidal state actors. The stateless nations and people facing suppression from the occupying state actors are already at the receiving end due to lopsided geopolitics curtailing their collective rights and international justice. Wrong symptoms were showing up in the recent message coming from French President Emmanuel Macron to SL President Gotabaya Rajapaksa. Full story >>

Japanese Ambassador invites Gotabaya to Tokyo conference, discusses ECT

[Tue, 18 Feb 2020, 11:15 GMT]
Japan’s Ambassador Akira Sugiyama called on SL President Gotabaya Rajapaksa on Monday to discuss the Eastern Container Terminal (ECT), which was put on project pipeline during the previous regime as well as to look into the prospects for liquefied natural gas project. He was also inviting Mr Rajapaksa to attend the 26th international conference on “The future of Asia”, an annual global conference sponsored by Nikkei, a large media corporation in Japan. The Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe would be meeting Mr Rajapaksa during the visit on May 28-29. Full story >>

US congressional delegation meets Mahinda Rajapaksa in Colombo

[Sat, 15 Feb 2020, 23:43 GMT]
A day after US State Secretary Mike Pompeo imposed a travel ban on SL Army commander Lt General Shavendra Silva and his immediate family members against visiting the US, two US Congressmen met SL Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa in Colombo on Saturday. US Ambassador Alaina B. Teplitz accompanied Amerish Babulal Bera (Ami Bera) of the Democratic Party and George Edward Bell Holding of the Republican party, who met Mr Rajapaksa. The US delegation discussed “strengthening of relations” in counter-terrorism, tourism & energy sectors, reported the Daily Mirror. The report didn't have any reference to the US blacklisting. Full story >>

Philippines scraps US “Visiting Forces Agreement”

[Thu, 13 Feb 2020, 22:15 GMT]
The President of the Philippines, Rodrigo Duterte, has terminated a critical military pact his country was having with the US since 1998, on Tuesday. The scrapping of the Visiting Forces Agreement (VFA) was a move “in the wrong direction,” responded US Defence Secretary Mark Esper. In the meantime, US Indo-Pacific commander Adm. Philip S. Davidson on Thursday said he was expecting the US State Department to negotiate with the Philippines to sustain the VFA. China and the Philippines have been at loggerheads over the former’s claims of sovereignty in the South China Sea since 2012. However, President Duterte, elected in 2016, was favouring a “multi-polar” world order as being ‘officially’ envisaged by SL President Gotabaya Rajapaksa. Duterte has plans to launch a resident mission in Colombo in 2020. Full story >>

Mike Pompeo slammed, Mahinda Rajapaksa praised over China comments

[Tue, 11 Feb 2020, 16:59 GMT]
China’s Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Geng Shuang was commending SL Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa for ‘positive’ remarks on China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) during his recent visit to India. Mr Shuang, who is also the deputy director of China’s Foreign Ministry Information Department, was praising Mr Rajapaksa, although the latter had prioritised India as a “relation” over China, which he described a “friend” during his recent trip to India. Mr Shuang, in his daily briefing online, was responding to questions from journalists on matters ranging from the epidemic caused by novel coronavirus pneumonia in Wuhan to Indo-Pacific geopolitics. China was firmly opposed to US State Secretary Mike Pompeo's recent speech, which “fraught with Cold-War mentality and political prejudice,” the Chinese spokesman said. Full story >>

Rajapaksa commits to Indo-US maritime agenda, seeks three-year moratorium on loans

[Sun, 09 Feb 2020, 23:43 GMT]
“We have decided that we must have more intelligence sharing now, and increase the technical assistance [from India], as well as training. [...] In addition, we want to continue our earlier [pre-2015] project for tri-lateral terror and security cooperation between Maldives-India-Sri Lanka. We might have the meeting for that as soon as possible, possibly in the Maldives and discuss how to take the trilateral idea forward,” said Mahinda Rajapaksa in an interview to The Hindu on Saturday. Furthermore, the SL PM told the paper that Colombo was expecting “a moratorium on all loan repayments for three years until we can revive the economy”. Full story >>

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New Delhi to discuss maritime security, BIMSTEC ‘progress’ with Mahinda Rajapaksa

[Fri, 07 Feb 2020, 21:28 GMT]
SL Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa is on a five-day visit to India for high-level diplomatic meetings combined with religious veneration starting from Friday. “This visit will focus mostly on maritime security in the Indian Ocean region. Both countries will seek to also bring the ties back on focus and build on the gains that were reached during (Gotabaya’s) visit,” reported The Print, an Indian digital newspaper. Genocidal Sri Lanka currently holds the chair of the regional alliance, Bay of Bengal Initiative for Multi-Sectoral Technical and Economic Cooperation (BIMSTEC). “Sri Lanka’s participation in the BIMSTEC, which is a crucial part of Modi’s ‘Look East’ policy, has moved at a rather slow pace,” The Print report said. Full story >>

Russian commander to inspect SLN marines groomed by US Indo-Pacific Command

[Wed, 05 Feb 2020, 23:42 GMT]
Russia’s Commander-in-Chief of the Land Forces and General of the Army Oleg Salyukov who is visiting the island with a military delegation from his country will be inspecting the SL Marine Academy of genocidal Sri Lanka at Champoor in Trincomalee on Thursday. The Russian army delegation is discussing “bilateral cooperation, training of Sri Lanka military personnel in higher education institutions of the Russian Land forces, participation of Sri Lankan teams in the Army international games-2020, and conduction of joint exercises,” according to Russian state-run news agency, TASS. Full story >>

February 04 Black Day marks 72 years of genocide, prolonged colonial rule

[Mon, 03 Feb 2020, 22:26 GMT]
The nation of Eezham Tamils is subjected to protracted genocide with a systematic structural genocide for 72 years since February 04, 1948, the day of so-called ‘Independence’ from the British colonial rule. But, for the nation of Eezham Tamils in the island, it is a Black Day marking prolonged colonial rule and continued subjugation. It is also a day to remember international injustice that has rendered Eezham Tamils non-self governing, said President P. Ujanthan and Secretary R. Kopishanth of the Arts Students’ Union of the University of Jaffna in a statement issued on Monday. Full story >>

Colombo's navy receives US help to ‘safeguard strategic lines of communication’

[Sat, 01 Feb 2020, 18:15 GMT]
US Deputy Assistant Secretary for South and Central Asian Affairs Joanthan Henick has said that the US was growing its “broad and multi-faceted strategic partnership” with quadrilateral partner India. At the same time, his office was also “helping Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and Maldives equip and train their navies and coast guards to safeguard strategic lines of communication,” Mr Henick said while addressing the Foreign Press Centre in Washington, D.C., along with his colleague in charge of East Asia and a mission director of the USAID on the subject of “The U.S. Vision for the Indo-Pacific Region” on Thursday. Full story >>

Palestine rejects Trump’s plan: Jerusalem and rights of Palestinians not for sale

[Thu, 30 Jan 2020, 23:26 GMT]
US President Donald Trump proposed a plan to resolve the Israel-Palestine dispute, claiming his project as the “Deal of the Century,” while announcing it at the White House with Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu by his side on Tuesday. Mr Netanyahu hailed Mr Trump’s plan as a “great plan for Israel” and as “a great plan for peace.” For Palestinians, who were not involved in the negotiations at all, the proposed plan was nothing else than a major land-grabbing scheme as it allowed Israel to annex the territories under its control and to subject their statehood to conditions. Mahmoud Abbas, the president of Palestine, called the plan the “Slap of the Century.” Full story >>

US Report: Washington needs New Delhi to pose military dilemmas for China

[Tue, 28 Jan 2020, 22:25 GMT]
Washington, D.C.-based national security think-tank Center for a New American Security (CNAS) that carried out a Congressionally mandated study on US strategy in the Indo-Pacific to the Pentagon has recommended the US to pay particular attention to supporting India’s efforts to pose military dilemmas for China, thereby providing relatively low-cost means to complicate the ability of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) to concentrate attention and resources on U.S. strongholds in East Asia and the Western Pacific. The study, titled “Rising to the China Challenge: Renewing American Competitiveness in the Indo-Pacific—to the Department of Defense,” which was handed over to the US Department of Defence in December 2019, has been released on the Internet on Tuesday. Interestingly, there was no reference to “Sri Lanka” in the 64-page long report. Full story >>

Colombo to increase trade ties with Iran

[Sun, 26 Jan 2020, 22:25 GMT]
Iran's Ambassador to Colombo, Hashem Ashjazadeh, has told the Governor-General of Iran’s East Azarbaijan Province that the present government in the island is being run by “popular government,” which was seeking “more interaction with the Islamic Republic of Iran,” according to a report by IRNA, the official news agency of Iran on Wednesday. Full story >>

Pentagon strengthened military ties with Colombo after Modi-Trump meet in 2017

[Fri, 24 Jan 2020, 22:18 GMT]
The US President Donald Trump was determined to strengthen military alliances with Japan, South Korea, Australia, the Philippines, and Thailand before his November 2017 trip to Asia. However, after meeting India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the US President decided to operationalize “Major Defense Partnership” with India while pursuing “emerging partnerships” with Sri Lanka, the Maldives, Bangladesh, and Nepal, according to Michael Pillsbury, the Trump administration’s “favourite outside China expert”. Michael Pillsbury has authored an article on the topic of Trump Administration’s Indo-Pacific Strategy in the policy book titled “The Struggle for Power: U.S.-China Relations in the 21st Century,” which was published by the Aspen Strategy Group on Friday. Full story >>

US Embassy in Colombo: No policy shift on ‘Sri Lanka’ engagement

[Mon, 17 Feb 2020, 23:19 GMT]
Colombo-based News 1st quoted the US Embassy as clarifying that there were no additional restrictions on US military engagement with the SL State, other than the public designation on SL Army Commander Lt Gen Shavendra Silva announced on Friday. There was no curtailing of US military assistance to Colombo, the news report said. The designation didn't represent a shift in policy, the report said. Full story >>

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3RD LEAD (Update)

Pompeo blacklists pro-China Shavendra giving Gotabaya second chance to toe US line

[Fri, 14 Feb 2020, 19:44 GMT]
It was Gotabaya Rajapaksa, who led the genocidal onslaught on Eezham Tamils in 2009, giving instructions to the then Major General Shavendra Silva to bomb the hospitals as well as to carry out the brutal white-flag killings. Gotabaya was a US citizen and SL Defence Secretary at that time. Instead of holding the greatest war criminal and genocidaire, liable under US Congress’s War Crimes Act, accountable for the crimes, the Trump administration has opted for a different approach with strategic interests in mind. The US State Department is enticing him offering carrots while pointing its stick selectively against his pro-China Army Commander Lieutenant General Shavendra Silva. On Friday, US Secretary of State, Michael Pompeo designated Silva under Section 7031(c) of US Department of States Appropriations Act, passing a severe message to Gotabaya not to delay toeing the US line. Full story >>

Israel’s balancing act with China ‘inspires’ Colombo

[Wed, 12 Feb 2020, 22:00 GMT]
Dr Ron Malka, the ambassador of Israel to India and Sri Lanka, paid a courtesy call on SL President Gotabaya Rajapaksa on Wednesday morning. Israel is ready to strengthen bilateral relationships with Colombo, reported SL State-owned newspaper Daily News. Mr Rajapaksa was seeking Israeli assistance to modernize agriculture, the paper said. However, there is more to the re-emerging nexus between Tel Aviv and Colombo. In January, a “think-tanker” of the SL Ministry of Defence was comparing Israel permitting China to operate its Haifa port with SL State’s leasing of Hambantota port to China. In the meantime, China and Israel, after having secret talks for several years, are set to conclude a trade pact in 2020 despite repeated warnings from US State Secretary Mike Pompeo, the Foreign Policy reported earlier this month. Full story >>

Trump to visit India, Pentagon clears air defence system for New Delhi

[Mon, 10 Feb 2020, 23:56 GMT]
The US President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump will be visiting New Delhi later this month on February 24-25, 2020, according to a news release issued by the White House on Monday. “The President and The First Lady will travel to New Delhi and Ahmedabad, which is in Prime Minister Modi’s home state of Gujarat and played such an important role in Mahatma Gandhi’s life and leadership of the Indian independence movement,” the news release noted. In the meantime, US Defense Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA) also issued a statement stating that it had cleared a deal of Integrated Air Defence Weapon System (IADWS) at an estimated cost of $1.867 billion with India, on Monday. Full story >>

‘Sinhala Neighbourhood First’ approach unfolds in New Delhi

[Sat, 08 Feb 2020, 22:20 GMT]
SL Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa was not reciprocating Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s “confidence” that Colombo would “realize the expectations of the Tamil people for equality, justice, peace, and respect within a united Sri Lanka.” Both the leaders held a joint media presence in New Delhi on Saturday. Mr Modi said that it would be “necessary to carry forward the process of reconciliation with the implementation of the Thirteenth Amendment to the Constitution of Sri Lanka.” Mr Rajapaksa, who read out a statement after Modi’s speech, was not making any reference to “united” or “13th Amendment”. The same pattern was also witnessed during SL President Gotabaya Rajapaksa’s visit to India in November 2019. It is evident that Mr Modi was making concessions to Colombo in return for its compliance to the maritime security concerns of New Delhi, political observers in Jaffna said. Full story >>

China, Vietnam block joint statement against genocidal Myanmar in UN Security Council

[Thu, 06 Feb 2020, 20:12 GMT]
The Republic of China, one of the five UN Security Council (UNSC) permanent members and Vietnam, one of the ten nonpermanent members for the 2020-2021 term, were opposing a joint declaration on Myanmar earlier this week. The proposed statement was seeking Myanmar to comply with the recent provisional judgement delivered by the International Court of Justice at a closed-door meeting of the UNSC. Meanwhile, all the permanent members of the UNSC, except China, seem to be backing India on the status of the occupied Kashmir. However, UNSC’s EU member states, France, Estonia, Germany and Belgium issued a joint statement urging Myanmar to “comply with the provisional measures indicated by the ICJ.” Full story >>

Eezham Tamils in North-East mark Feb 04 as Black Day

[Tue, 04 Feb 2020, 22:22 GMT]
Eezham Tamils in the occupied Tamil Eelam also this year didn't show interest in the so-called Independence Day on Tuesday. As an occupied nation of people, they not only remained aloof from the celebrations of hoisting the SL national flag or getting involved in the anthem of the occupying unitary state of genocidal Sri Lanka but marked the day as Black Day. Only the occupying SL military was celebrating the day. Grassroots activists, Tamil parliamentarians and political activists joined the Black Day protests staged by the kith and kin of persons subjected to enforced disappearance at the hands of the occupying SL military. Black Day protests were held in Ki'linochchi, Batticaloa and Trincomalee with significant participation. Full story >>

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US-Israeli plan goes against UN resolutions, negates sovereignty of State of Palestine

[Sun, 02 Feb 2020, 22:53 GMT]
“A realistic solution would give the Palestinians all the power to govern themselves but not the powers to threaten Israel,” states the so-called Trump peace plan, which was named “Peace to Prosperity: A Vision to Improve the Lives of the Palestinian and Israeli People”. The US-Israeli plan, hatched without Palestinian participation negates Palestinian sovereignty. It proposes the State of Israel to “retain the right to engage in necessary security measures to ensure that the State of Palestine remains demilitarized and non-threatening to the State of Israel”. Furthermore, allowing Israel to annex the territories of occupied Palestine, the plan severely restricts the borders of the State of Palestine to be mostly encapsulated by the State of Israel and refuses East Jerusalem as the capital of the State of Palestine. Full story >>

Mike Pompeo: Chinese Communist Party ‘Central threat of our times’

[Fri, 31 Jan 2020, 20:27 GMT]
US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo was visiting London this week to discuss US-UK bilateral ties at the height of Brexit and the British decision on involving the Chinese telecommunications company Huawei in the deployment of UK's 5G mobile network amidst repeated US warnings. The former CIA director said the Chinese Communist Party was the “central threat of our times” after 20 years of post 9/11 counterterrorism problem. On the British decision on Huawei, Mr Pompeo said: “This isn’t about any one company. This is about a model that the Chinese Communist Party has where they place requirements on these businesses that say thou shalt do, and there’s not only a legal requirement but there’s deep financial investment. You have senior leaders in these companies that are tied to the Chinese Communist Party. We think that – it’s not about a technical back door. They have the front door.” Full story >>

New Delhi mulls upgrading Malabar naval drills into Quad war games

[Wed, 29 Jan 2020, 22:34 GMT]
New Delhi is considering to upgrade the trilateral naval exercise it annually conducts with the navies of the US and Japan to also include Australia this year, Times of India reported citing undisclosed sources on Wednesday. If Australia is involved, Malabar Exercise will mark the first time the “Quad” will come together for the “high-voltage combat manoeuvers on the high seas after a gap of 13 years,” Rajat Pandit of the TOI reported. China has been highly critical of Australia and India staging naval war games in the Indo-Pacific. Full story >>

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Gotabaya's “non-alignment” talk temporary, tactically aimed at consolidating genocidal state

[Mon, 27 Jan 2020, 22:12 GMT]
The Sino-Russian global alliance wants New Delhi to subscribe to the Nehruvian tradition of non-alignment of the Atlanticist Cold War period, which in effect meant alignment with the USSR in the past. However, if New Delhi were to continue the non-alignment policy in the modern-day, especially after the start of the Indo-Pacific Cold War, the choice would block any “in-depth techno-security partnership” with the US. Therefore, pursuing “non-alignment” in practice means choosing Sino-Russian side, wrote M.D. Nalapat, the editor of The Sunday Guardian in a piece titled “Time to choose sides in Indo-Pacific Cold War” on Saturday. Similarly, Colombo would also be under pressure to make the choices as determined by the New Delhi (by extension the US) establishment, commented Tamil political observers in Jaffna. Full story >>

Washington synchronises geographic conception of “Indo-Pacific” with New Delhi

[Sat, 25 Jan 2020, 20:53 GMT]
Two high-ranking US national-security and State Department diplomats who attended the Raisina Dialogue conference held in New Delhi 14-16 January 2020 have gone on record stating that the US had expanded the territorial scope of the geopolitical notion “Indo-Pacific” to be more or less the same as what was being defined by the New Delhi Establishment. US Deputy National Security Advisor Matthew Pottinger said the American conception of “Indo-Pacific” was now “roughly aligned with the Indian conception” and that it included East Africa and the Gulf. “More than Hollywood to Bollywood, it is really now California to Kilimanjaro,” he said at the session titled “Coalitions and Consensus: In Defense of Values that Matter” on 19 January. Full story >>

ICJ imposes preliminary measures to prevent Rohingya genocide

[Thu, 23 Jan 2020, 23:33 GMT]
In a historic preliminary ruling, the International Court of Justice (ICJ) on Thursday found it had prima facie jurisdiction over the Rohingya genocide case filed by the Gambia. The ICJ, also known as the World Court, instructed Myanmar to take a series of provisional measures to prevent the crimes within the scope of the definition set out in the Genocide Convention and to take effective measures to prevent the destruction of any evidence while the case is pending the final decision. The Theravada-Buddhist Establishments in Myanmar and elsewhere, complicit a prolonged genocide, have to now contend that the genocidal intent of the ideology is going to be scrutinised at the World Court. This is welcome news for Eezham Tamils. Full story >>


2011 Feb 20 07:52      Jaffna mourns Parvathi Amma amidst SLA harassment
2011 Feb 20 03:26      Colombo to postpone local elections in North
2011 Feb 20 01:47      Parvathi Amma passes away
2000 Feb 20 19:55      Trinco-KKS passenger service to begin
2000 Feb 20 19:24      4 Muslim fishermen missing
2000 Feb 20 17:08      Relatives to identify Chemmani skeletons
2000 Feb 20 16:47      President, Opposition meet next week
2000 Feb 20 16:03      Sea-Tigers shell Thaalaiyadi camp
1999 Feb 20 22:41      Petty thief gets stitched up
1999 Feb 20 18:06      SLA re-deployed to hold MSR
1999 Feb 20 18:04      News in Brief:
1998 Feb 20 23:59      Jaffna bodies ask for 3m rupees
1998 Feb 20 23:59      School heads punished for ignoring memo
1998 Feb 20 23:59      State Department requests time extension
1998 Feb 20 23:59      7 Ampara homeguards killed
1998 Feb 20 23:59      Anti US protest in Vavuniya
1998 Feb 20 23:59      STF operation in Palugamam
1998 Feb 20 23:59      Hindu ceremonies being organised
The sound of tireless voices is the price we pay for the right to hear the music of our own opinions.
-Adlai E. Stevenson
1900-1965, American Lawyer, Politician


Know the Etymology: 332
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(332 of 500 revised)

Koyilā-maṉai/ Kōyilā-maṉai

The temple house; or the house of the temple servants


FIU of CBSL emerges as networked Intel outfit against Tamils in homeland, Diaspora: The so-called Financial Investigative Unit (FIU) of the Central Bank of the unitary State of genocidal Sri Lanka (CBSL), which is led by a Colombo-based ‘Sri Lankan’ Tamil, Indrajith Coomaraswamy, is scheming rigid controls on Community-Based Organisations (CBOs) in the North-East with a ‘counter-insurgency’ role.
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Valentine's Day
Wives of enforced disappeared exposed to nightmare on Valentine's Day: At a stage event organised by the so-called Families of Disappeared (FoD) operated by Colombo based NGO and diplomatic community, Tamil women from the East were exposed to the traumatic experience of narrating their love stories with their husbands.
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SL harassment against resettled Tamils in Madu, Mannaar
STF, SL departments harass resettled Tamils in Madu: The guards and officials of various SL departments as well as the notorious commandos of the StF are repeatedly harassing the 300 resettled and poverty-stricken Eezham Tamils of Ira'ndaam-kaddai (2nd Mile Post), which is located between Madu Shrine and Sinhala militarised Madu Road Junction in Mannaar district.
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Sinhala Buddhicisation stepped up in Trincomalee North: SL Presidential Secretariat in Colombo is exerting pressure on Tamil Divisional Secretary not to interfere in the affairs of extreme Sinhala Buddhist monks, who are engaged in cultural genocide in Kumpu'rup-piddi in Trincomalee North.
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Champoor controversy
Colombo demonstrates ‘foremost place’ to Buddhism at Champoor: The SL Archaeology Department, extremist Sinhala Buddhist monks, Sinhala governor and his wife are all jointly working for Sinhala Buddhicisation of Champoor, where SL Navy, groomed by the U.S. Pacific Command under the notion of 'military-to-military' engagement, is having its training base for the marines of genocidal Sri Lanka.
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SL Army wages Sinhala-Buddhicisaton of Baron's Cap in Batticaloa Northwest: With the collaboration of ministries of Fisheries and Tourism, 232 Brigade of the Army of occupying Sri Lanka is Sinhalicising the Kudumpi-malai area of Batticaloa district.
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Gnanadas, Uru
Enduring psychological disaster of families of enforced disappeared conveyed through film: The story writer and director of the award winning short-film, Uru (Trance), 49-year-old Gnanadas Kasinathar, narrates the depth of psychological disaster as witnessed by him on the ground. The film, shot in Batticaloa, is inspired by the stories of long enduring sufferings of the enforced disappeared families.
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P. Ramasamy
Factoring political solution more important than addressing human rights: Not only did the Sri Lankan regime won the war against the Tamil liberation force, it might even win the propaganda war if the problems of Tamils in the island are exclusively focused on human rights to the neglect of the fundamental question of a long lasting political solution, commented Deputy Chief Minister of Penang state in Malaysia, Professor P. Ramasamy, told TamilNet on Monday.
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SL vision for 2025
SL constitutional discourse seen coupled with ‘Vision 2025’ policy of genocidal Sri Lanka: The World Bank, the IMF and the WTO are behind the agenda that seeks to permanently lock Eezham Tamils into a Colombo-centric single-unit of genocidal Sri Lanka. The interim report on the constitutional discourse should be seen coupled with ‘Vision 2025’, launched by the Agent State in Colombo in September 2017.
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Sathasivam Papers
Sathasivam papers on Sumerian-Tamil connections see the light of day: Four pioneering research papers on the Dravidian connections between ancient Sumerian and Tamil, written between 1964 and 1987 by Eezham Tamil scholar, the late Prof A Sathasivam, gain new significance today because of the current advancements in coupling linguistics with DNA studies.
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Quisling politics from the horse's mouth
Understanding ‘Quisling politics’ and facing it with ‘Navaratnam School of Thought’: Eezham Tamils should grasp the synthesis of the Colombo-centric Quisling politics, which is being brought into them by the global powers and regain their strength to address it through the school of thought embraced by enlightened leaders of Eezham Tamils in the past.
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Netherlands-funded CEPA project wages political ‘counter-insurgency’ on Tamils: Colombo-based NGO outfit, Centre for Poverty Analysis (CEPA), is tasked to recruit gullible and opportunistic sections of the diaspora expanding Rajapaksa-time ‘KP-Diaspora’ programme. The programme is funded by the foreign ministries of the USA, The Netherlands, United Kingdom, Norway, Germany, Switzerland and Australia.
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Tamil Genocide Book
The Tamil Genocide by Sri LankaThe second edition with over 150 new pages traces the ongoing engagement in the Sri Lankan conflict of Professor Francis A. Boyle, an eminent American expert in international law, from the conflict’s last years to the present pursuit of UN recognition of the Tamil genocide and call for reparations. It is the first book to develop an authoritative case for genocide against the Government of Sri Lanka under international law. The book is available from Clarity Press, Amazon in soft cover or in Kindle version.
Durban Conference
South Africa to Singapore: global Tamils grasping geopolitics to act: The South African conference held in Durban has come out with many demands that are dear to the heart of Tamils, such as demilitarisation, stopping Sinhala colonisation, repeal of the 6th Amendment to facilitate free negotiation etc. But the slip was still showing when the conference avoided the term genocide. What was more ironical that betrayed the deception was the slogan of the conference organizers that called the country they want to salvage as ‘Sri Lanka’, boldly written in Tamil.
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1915 Anti-Muslim Pogrom
Tamil leadership need not shy away or react to unfair challenge coming from Sumanthiran: Eezham Tamil polity seeking pardon from Tamil-speaking Muslims should be unassuming, but it should come in an enlightening way to the edification of the Colombo-centric agenda or the powers-guided agenda, pursued in the past as well as in the present. Otherwise, it may only amount to conferring impunity to the State in Colombo and its abettors.
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Kathirgamathamby Kurunathan
Retired land commissioner of Eastern Province on Structural Genocide against Eezham Tamils: The systematic seizure of traditional lands belonging to the Tamil speaking people of the North-East have been widespread under the guise of archaeological, forest and wild-life conservations and subsequently carried out through the acts of demarcating these lands under the purview of the state apparatuses such as the Archaeological Department, Forest Department and the Wild-life Conservation Department, says retired Land Commissioner of the Eastern Province Karthirgamathamby Kurunathan, in an in-depth video interview to TamilNet.
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Gajendrakumar Ponnambalam
TNPF rejects ‘domestic investigations’ upheld by USA: The fact that the United States and the US Secretary of State John Kerry would consider the post January 08th 2015 situation in Sri Lanka, with the new government favourable, is understandable. But, for him to suggest that there is a favourable condition for the Tamils, is stretching too far, said Tamil National Peoples Front (TNPF) Leader Gajendrakumar Ponnambalam, responding to a question from TamilNet.
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V. Thevaraj
Sivaram, Wigneswaran saw futility in convincing Sinhala polity: senior editor: The failure of Sivaram and his transfer into a staunch Tamil nationalist is analogical to the political course and current stand of the NPC Chief Minister, Mr C.V. Wigneswaran, said veteran Tamil journalist and editor, Mr. V. Thevaraj, addressing the 10th assassination anniversary meet of Sivaram held in Batticaloa on Wednesday.
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