Thamichelvan meets Brattskar in Kilinochchi

[TamilNet, Thursday, 16 March 2006, 11:31 GMT]
Head of LTTE's Political Wing, S.P.Thamilchelvan, met with Norway's Ambassador Mr Hans Brattskar at the LTTE Peace Secretariat building in Kilinochchi at 9.30 a.m. Thursday, LTTE sources in Kilinochchi said. Acting Head of Sri Lanka Monitoring Mission (SLMM), Brigadier Hagrup Haukland, also accompanied Mr Brattskar on his Kilinochchi visit, sources added.

Thamilchelvan meet Brattskar in Kilinochchi.
Thamilchelvan meet Brattskar in Kilinochchi.
Head of Tamileelam Police, P Nadesan, Director of LTTE Peace Secreatariat, Puleedevan and Deputy Director Ms Selvi also participated in the discussions.

Thamilchelvan spoke to the press at the end of the meeting. Excerpts follow:

PressDid Mr Brattskar bring any message from the Government of Sri Lanka?
Thamilchelvan: No.

PressDid you discuss matters related to the paramilitary issue? The Government of Sri Lanka says no paramilitaries operating in the Government controlled areas, but the SLMM says there are.
Thamilchelvan: We have pointed the contradictory statements from different sections of the Sri Lanka Government and the continuing political duplicity to the Norwegian Ambassador. No one, including the International Community, will look favorably at GoSL's position when after agreeing to disarm the paramilitaries at the Geneva talks, the Government says they have no links to the paramilitaries.

Sri Lanka Government has been forced to unambiguously articulate its approach towards the peace process- whether they are committed to creating an environment conducive to peace, or to continue to assist the paramilitaries to engage in acts innimical to peace.

PressAre you implying that the International Community has to take a more assertive role in this issue?
Thamilchelvan: The Geneva talks was convened after a relentless campaign by the International Community. Therefore, International Community expects the parties to behave responsibly and would not accept parties retracting from the agreements made in Geneva. Yes, is this aspect, I think, the International Community bears a burden to insist that the parties abide by the agreements made in Geneva.

PressEven in appointing the Head of Jaffna District Development Committee, and to the Vice Chancellor position to Jaffna University, Sri Lanka's President has chosen candidates not welcomed by majority of Tamils?
Thamilchelvan: Sri Lanka's President's appointments are clearly hostile political actions intended to irritate and provoke the Tamil people. During a critical period in the peace process instead of finding ways to build trust, he has shown a complete lack of statesmanship.

PressGoSL has two months to act on paramilitaries according to Geneva agreement as articulated by Norway. Do all parties have a clear understanding on this agreement?
Thamilchelvan: Our meeting today mainly focussed on this topic. Only by showing a genuine interest in actively working to disarm the paramilitaris, the Government can create trust. Nearly one month has elapsed since Geneva and we told the Ambassador that the GoSL has not taken any tangible efforts on this matter.

PressWhat do you think the prospects are for the next round of talks?
Thamilchelvan: It is urgent and a moral obligation for both parties to implement agreements made in Geneva. If there is reluctance on meeting these obligations then our future efforts towards peace process will have to be reviewed.

PressEven United States Government has dealt with paramilitaries in its Human Rights Country report. Can you comment on this?
Thamilchelvan: The details and evidence we provided in Geneva on the colllusion of the GoSL and paramiliataries have strengthened our case. This has further heightened the moral obligation of the international community to raise their voices against the injustices against the Tamil people in Sri Lanka. The exposure of political duplicity of the Government of Sri Lanka has served to unite the world community on pressuring Colombo to take urgent action on the paramilitary issue.

PressCan you comment on the recent calls in the South to disarm the LTTE?
Thamilchelvan: There has been a marked increase in dreamers in the South. Many pretend to ignore a functing administration in the NorthEast with a solid infrastructure supporting the safety and security of people under this administrative control. If and when Sri Lanka Security forces are willling to lay down their arms and Sri Lanka becomes a land with no arms threat, then perhaps the Tamils can think of disarming themselves.


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