Media Institute opens in Kilinochchi

[TamilNet, Sunday, 02 July 2006, 04:54 GMT]
"Today is a historic and joyous day marking an important milestone in the development of our national infrastructure as we inaugurate educational activities in the new Tamil Media Educational Institute. Our national leader's deep desire and dream has finally been realized," said Head of LTTE's Political Wing, S.P. Thamilchelvan speaking at the opening ceremony of the Media Institute in Killinochchi at 9:00 a.m., Saturday, sources in Kilinochchi said.

Journalism course in Kilinochchi
Journalism course in Kilinochchi
"Our National leader has been advising senior journalists, editors, and intellectuals to prepare a blueprint for such an institute. He had expressed the critical need to establish a media school to Mr.Gobi on several occasions. The media and communications area in the Northeast needs to be strengthened many fold and this Institute will serve as a strong base to embark on such an effort," Thamilchelvan said.

The event was presided by Attorney and Journalist Pon Poolokasingham.

Professor Shanmugathas, Director of National Television of Tamil Eelam (NTT), Mr S Karunakaran, Director Sithamparasenthinathan and Director of LTTE's Planning Secretariat, K. Ranjan, lit the ceremonial lamp. Thamilchelvan hoisted the Tamil Eelam national flag.

Journalist P Sathiyamoorthy welcomed the guests. Prof Shanmugathas, Editor Ruban Mariyampillai and Senior Political Analyst M Thirunavukkarasu spoke at the event.

"Those who assert control in the sphere of public opinion remain strong in their governance. Our national struggle should make gains in the area of media development to become an enviable force in shaping the sphere of public opinion," Thamilchelvan said.

"Our oppressors are working relentlessly to contain us within their sphere of influence and control. We are fighting in different fronts to break these shackles, and to progress and advance as free people. Media is an important tool in this struggle.

"Since the media field in the NorthEast has not reached its maturity, vital experiences of our people have not found full expression to outside world. One can see the importance of a strong press and media in international relations and development of the free world," Thamilchelvan said.

"Sinhala rulers are bent on destroying the progress we have achieved in the media field as a deliberate component of cultural genocide. Our senior journalists, Sivaram, Nimalarajan, and Nadesan were killed because occupiers of our land, and the collaborating paramilitaries were threatened by the skills of these journalists. They exposed the the atrocities committed on our people to the outside world, and advanced credible and logical reasoning in support of our national struggle.

"The Media Institute should create new generation of media experts by teaching them the principles of advanced journalism and media technology, and alternative ways to disseminate facts. Importance to details, factual correctness, and grasping the nuances should form the foundation to make stories credible to the readers. The Institute should spur the students to explore new ways to define and use relationships among politics, public and media.

"We have been mindful of the influence of foreign media whenever we travelled abroad on our political visits. We have witnessed an alarming tendency in the media culture that can be manipulated to lend support to Sinhala chauvinism. The Media Institute should study these issues that affect our people, identify practical strategies necessary to influence foreign media and to disseminate our message effectively in a global information space," Thamilchelvan further said.

VelliNatham editor, Sri IndraKumar, thanked the attendees at the conclusion of the event.


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