Tigers warn against SLA incursions into LTTE territory

[TamilNet, Saturday, 15 July 2006, 11:41 GMT]
"Hostile forays by Sri Lanka Army (SLA) into Liberation Tigers controlled territory in Batticaloa district are serious acts of military aggression and have the potential to trigger a major destructive war," said LTTE's Batticaloa Political Head, Daya Mohan, in a letter sent to the Sri Lanka Monitoring Mission (SLMM) Saturday, LTTE sources in Batticaloa said.

"SLA soldiers have been firing mortar and artillery rounds indiscriminately from Thursday night into residential areas of Vadamunai and Vakeneri inside the areas of LTTE control. A group of SLA soldiers have Thursday night clandestinely entered into villages past Vakaneri further towards Kulathumadu into LTTE controlled areas and mounted attacks.

"Residents have fled these villages due to fears of further violence.

"We regard the hostile action by the SLA not only as a serious violation of the Cease Fire Agreement, but more critically as an act of provocation to trigger a major war. This incident exposes Sri Lanka's President's reliance on advancing his military agenda while initiating a duplicitous All Party Talks on power sharing to placate the International community.

"We urge the SLMM to take immediate and urgent efforts to prevent the SLA from entering Tamil homelands in the future and to work towards bringing normalcy to peoples lives in affected areas.

"We again strongly condemn the SLA attacks and point out that SLA has seriously violated the CFA," said Daya Mohan in his letter to the SLMM.


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