Hindus' Navarathri festivals conclude

[TamilNet, Monday, 02 October 2006, 12:08 GMT]
Hindus across Northeast and other regions of Sri Lanka, and in diaspora communities around the world concluded celebrations of the nine-day 'Navarathiri' (nine nights) festival Sunday. "Vijaya Thasami, the tenth day festival is being celebrated today. 'Navarathiri' is an annual festival celebrated by Hindus across the world, especially in India and Sri Lanka, where prayers are held for first three nights for Goddess ‘Thurgai’ (bravery), second three nights for Goddess ‘Lakshmi’ (wealth) and the final three nights for Goddess ‘Saraswathy’ (education).

The tenth day is very auspicious and it is called Vijayathasami, since this day falls on the lunar day Thasami.

Small children are introduced to their first alphabet on this auspicious occasion.

Kings prayed for nine days for their arms and ammunition before starting on their war journey. The tenth day they began the journey for conquest. The origin of this custom can also be traced to Ramayana where Rama accumulated enough power to kill Ravana on the tenth day.

Devotees step into new ventures on this day as they believe that it would bring them success.

In a Puranic story an Asura called Mahisasuran had ill-treated and harnessed devas and to get away from his cruelty they approached Ambigai and narrated the harassments of this Asura and requested her to free them from the Asura. Ambigai destroyed this Asura on Vijayathasami and relieved the devas.


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