Rights violations in Batticaloa escalate

[TamilNet, Thursday, 20 March 2008, 12:26 GMT]
Nearly one hundred incidents of human rights violations of arrest, abduction, forced disappearance and intimidation committed against government officials in Batticaloa district have been registered with Human Rights Commission (HRC) Batticaloa District office, according to Batticaloa HRC sources. In January 2008 alone 63 complaints of rights violations against government officials in Batticaloa were registered while a total of 37 complaints were lodged in February.

Complaints include appointments and transfers of government officials, action not being taken by police on complaints lodged by government officials, and arbitrary arrests of government officials by Sri Lanka Army (SLA) troops.

22 complaints against rights violations, 11 arrests, 6 forced disappearances, 5 abductions and 19 incidents of intimidation were made in January 2008.

12 complaints against rights violations, 6 arrests, 6 forced disappearances, 5 abductions and 8 intimidations were reported in February 2008.

HRC office is conducting investigations into these complaints with the assistance of the related authorities in Batticaloa Municipal Council, Education Office and Police stations.

Complaints by public on arrests and abductions allegedly by SLA troops are referred to the SLA officials or Special Task Force (STF) authorities and information derived is passed on to the complainants, HRC officials said.

Complaints from Ka'luvaangchchikkudi, Kalladi, Kiraanku'lam, Ea'raavoor and Vazhaicheanai areas besides other places in Batticaloa district are registered in Batticaloa HRC office.

Although action can be taken immediately if the complaints are made against government authorities, complaints against individuals cannot be handled in the same manner, the sources said.

All rights violations of arrests, abductions, forced disappearances in 2006 concerned persons under 18 years of age, but in 2007 and 2008 persons over 18 have been subjected to rights violations, according to HRC officials.


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