Fein seeks action against Sri Lanka officials

[TamilNet, Friday, 20 June 2008, 05:41 GMT]
Bruce Fein, a Washington Times columnist, and a functionary in the Ronald Reagan administration, who is currently in Toronto, told a Toronto newspaper, that he is seeking support to "gathering evidence against two brothers of current Sri Lankan president Mahinda Rajapakse (one a U.S. citizen) and that nation's army chief, Sarath Fonseka," who he claims are responsible for "daily atrocities" in Sri Lanka.

"The three have homes and other assets in the U.S. and U.S. congressional hearings and court cases can make their alleged crimes known to the world," the report said as Fein saying, and added, "[h]e admitted he doesn't expect the Sri Lankan government, which recently called Fein "a carrion bird of LTTE terrorism" paid to run a misinformation campaign, to hand them over."

And though maintaining he has no view on whether Tamils should vote for statehood in territories the LTTE claims, Fein said the U.S. Declaration of Independence says people under a despotic government "have a right or duty to revolt," the report said.

Tamils in Sri Lanka, he argued, are "way past that" standard after decades of bombardment of civilians and internal displacement under the island's Sinhalese-dominated government, the report added.


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