China's 'anti-people' stand handicaps UN action

[TamilNet, Thursday, 30 April 2009, 03:45 GMT]
China’s anti-people stand to consider the war in Sri Lanka as internal matter, despite open massacre and imprisonment of the Colombo government of its own civilians using even prohibited weapons, will block formal discussions taking place in the UN Security Council Thursday, news reports indicate. The stand of China and Russia sitting on UN security Council, shielding Colombo’s genocide, exposes the ultimate results of the West's 'self-trap’ by tilting the military and diplomatic balance between Tamils and Sinhalese through twisting an ethnic war as war on terror, political observers said. The only possibility now for the West to save its credibility is revising its faulty policies and acting outside of the UN, they said.

Confident about China’s protection, Colombo defied UN requests to allow UN humanitarian assessment team to the conflict zone. Despite knowing well of its handicap, the UN was insisting on civilians getting into the hands of the ethnically hostile Colombo government and its army.

No matter how many people are killed, the conflict in Sri Lanka is an internal matter, is the stand of China, the Inner City Press (ICP) reported Wednesday.

The least the Council was able to do was scheduling a briefing by Holmes, Thursday, under ‘Other Matters’, on Colombo reneging on a pledge to Vijay Nambiar to allow humanitarian assessment team into the conflict zone, said ICP.

With Russia taking over the SC presidency from 1 May, further briefings on Sri Lanka less likely, ICP reported.

China is the main supplier of conventional war weapons used by Colombo against Tamils. Huge amounts of unaccounted Chinese money is also said to have reached Colombo’s hands and a part of it was allegedly spent in India by Colombo in mobilising support.

While on one hand China doesn’t want precedence in the UN to be used against its own cases such as Tibet, on the other hand China’s long term interests are said to be resting on causing trouble to India by escalating the Tamil crisis in the island as well as in Tamil Nadu.


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