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[TamilNet, Thursday, 04 March 1999, 14:28 GMT]
Security tightens around alleged Chemmani mass grave; Sri Lankan Army orders Tamil groups to not to drive vehicles with tinted glass; Night time curfew imposed in Mannar; Malaria on increase in the Vanni; Two policemen wounded in grenade attack.

Tightened security around Chemmani

The Sri Lankan Army has turned down a request by the EPDP to allow its members to be present at an alleged mass grave at Chemmani during investigations, said sources.

The Organiser of the EPDP in Jaffna 'Jekan' has protested over the SLA's decision.

According to the Sri Lankan Attorney General's office, preliminary investigations into the alleged Chemmani graves will begin tomorrow, March 5.

Meanwhile ex-militant sources in Jaffna said security has been tightened in areas surrounding Chemmani.

Tinted windows must go - Army

The Sri Lankan Army has told Tamil groups operating in Jaffna that they will not be allowed to drive vehicles with with tinted glass.

However, Tamil groups said they have not received any such orders from the Army.

TELO, PLOTE and EPDP have vechiles with tinted glass in Jaffna.

Curfew declared in Mannar

A night time curfew has been imposed by the Civil Co-Ordinating officer, Brig. Ranjit Silva, in the Sri Lankan Army controlled areas of Mannar, Nanaattaan, and Musali in the north-west of the island.

According to a circular sent to the Government Agent of Mannar, the curfew will be imposed between 10 p.m. and 4 a.m. daily.

The GA has informed the Divisional Secretaries in the District to inform civilians of the new regulations.

Malaria patient dies in Vanni

S.Kristhukumar, 29, displaced from Karaveddi in Jaffna died of Malaria in the Vanni said health officials.

The number of Malaria patients is increasing in areas of the Vanni not controlled by the Sri Lankan Army, said health officials.

The shortage of anti malarial drugs and the recent heavy rains and floods are causing the increase, they said.

Policemen injured in grenade attack

Two Sri Lankan Policemen were wounded when suspected members of the Liberation Tigers threw grenades at a sentry post near the 'Tamil Division' on the Akkaraippattu-Ampara road around 2 a.m. today.

The wounded policemen have been admitted to the Amparai hospital.

The Army and Muslim home guards latter cordoned off the area and conducted a house to house search operation in the 'Tamil Division'. No civilians were allowed to leave the area until 12.30 p.m. in the afternoon.


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