“We are not going to start another armed struggle” – PLOTE Sitharathan

[TamilNet, Sunday, 13 December 2009, 10:25 GMT]
“We are not preparing ourselves to launch another armed struggle. The accusations that we had abducted minors from Vavuniyaa camps are baseless,” Sitharathan, the leader of People’s Liberation Organization of Tamil Eelam (PLOTE) said in a press meet held Saturday in PLOTE office in Jaffna. He further said that after the talks held with President Mahinda Rajapakse his party has decided to support him in the forthcoming presidential election, sources in Jaffna said.

“What we need is a solution equal to Federal system of governance and more than what the 13th Amendment proposes. Though both Mahinda and Sarath are not going to fulfill the aspirations of the Tamils, Mahinda will offer a solution at least fulfilling some of them,” Sitharthan said.

“Mahinda Rajapakse will win the election and after which hardliners like Wimal Weerawans and Hela Urumaya in the government will be removed. Two thirds majority in the parliamentary election will pave the way for this removal and the inclusion of us including the communist party will make us strong,” he further said.

“I do not have a hundred percent faith in Mahinda Rajapakse but I believe that he will deliver something reasonable,” he said.

Sitharthan further said that he does not believe the government will immediately take action to resettle IDPs on the eastern side of A9 road and that it does not have any scheme to allow resettlement in Vanni areas including Paranthan and Mullaiththeevu.

Responding to a question raised as to why the resettled IDPs in Jaffna have been abandoned by the government Sitharhthan said that he does not know anything about the matter.

“Resettlement in Vanni is taking place slowly but surely; though it is incomplete it is being carried out in stages according to Mahinda Rajapakse’s promise. We should not forget that he wanted six months to complete resettlement of IDPs,” Sitharthan said.

“We have visited some places in Vanni where people have been resettled and we could see them building up their livelihoods gradually,” Sitharhtan said.


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