War consumes much needed funds - President

[TamilNet, Sunday, 02 May 1999, 04:33 GMT]
The increasing cost of prosecuting the war has made it difficult to allocate funds towards the welfare of the workers of this country, said the President in the People Alliance's May day meeting held at the Colombo Municipality grounds.

chandrika_kumarathunge_1-p.jpgWhile different steps are being taken to bring an end to the continuing war, the Government is also making efforts to ensure that people do not lose faith in the political establishment, she said further.

Referring to the recent protests by Bank employees, the President said that if salaries were to be raised, the two Government banks will be forced into bankruptcy.

ranil_wickremesinghe_1.jpgIn the May day meeting of the UNP held in Galle, its leader Ranil Wickremasinghe said that his party is ready to solve the crises facing the country and to lead the way to the new millenium.

He added that his first priority would be to put an end to racial disharmony, to stop the war that is claiming innocent young lives and to create an environment where the different communities can live in peace.

Janata Vimukthi Peramuna (JVP) held its May day rally in the Thimbrigasaya playground. The General Secretary, Dilvin de Silva said in his speech that after five years of PA's rule none of its election promises has been implemented, several Government owned enterprises have been privatised and the PA is now riding on the workers' shoulders.

JVP's May day rally in Colombo
Leader of the New Left Front, Dr. Vikramabhahu Karunaratne, in the May day rally held at the De Mel park said that PA, by following the policies of the UNP, had made the middle class and the working class destitute. He stressed that the war should be stopped and power should be shared with the Tamil people.

May day rallies and meetings were also held widely in the North-East provinces.

PA's May day rally in Colombo


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