Batticaloa development not transparent, benefits no residents, says Council member

[TamilNet, Thursday, 24 March 2011, 11:33 GMT]
Sri Lanka government has been planning development projects in the Batticaloa district to boost the image of Mahinda Chinthanaya and also to help its financial resources, but not to benefit the district residents, according to Mr.R. Thurairatnam, Eastern Provincial Council (EPC) member. Mr.Thurairatnam is also the leader of the Padmanaba wing of the EPRLF and representd Batticaloa district in the EPC.

Ministries in the centre and provincial level have been allocating funds for development projects in the district unilaterally and not taking to consideration of the feasibility of the implementation of such projects to the welfare of the people. At the same time the government authorities disregard proposals submitted by representatives elected by the people and community based organizations stating that no funds are available, accused Mr.Thurairatnam.

Good governance, transparency, and corruption free administration cannot be expected from the government heads of the Rajapakse regime.

No development works are carried out in the district as stated by the Colombo government, he said.

The forced occupation of grazing lands allocated the Tamil dominated DS divisions of Koa'ralaippattu North, Ea'raavoorpattu Chengkaladi, Vavu'natheevu, Paddippazhai and Vellaave'li has left over seventy thousand heads of cattle on the road. But no action has been taken to stop the illegal occupation of the grazing land.

Civil authority in the district is not in a position to control the encroachments of lands belonging to Tamil community in Kevu'liyamadu in Paddippazhai DS division by Sinhalese persons, he added.

No compensation has been paid to Tamil owners who residential lands have been acquired for the extension of the Air Force Base in Valaiyi'ravu. Assurance had been given by the government that it would establish a pipe-borne water supply project in Vavu'natheevu DS division but no funds have been allocated to implement it. But funds allocated by the Colombo government in the name of development are being wasted by government politicians in the district. The district that has been devastated by the recent rains and floods is still waiting for the revival in all spheres. However the farmers who had lost everything in the natural disaster are now in the state of committing suicide, Mr.Thurairatnam warned.


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