Campaign in London against war on Indian people

[TamilNet, Monday, 06 June 2011, 22:34 GMT]
Campaigning against the war the New Delhi establishment is waging on peoples in the Indian subcontinent, Arundhati Roy of India, Jane Myrdal of Sweden and Basantha Indramohan of Nepal, convene a meeting and discussion in London this Sunday afternoon at Friends House in Euston Road, London. International Campaign Against War on People of India and the Indian Workers Association (Great Britain) organize the programme. Speaking to BBC last week, Arundhati said India’s economic success a ‘lie’ as the countries poorest masses are suffering at the hands of corrupt governments bought and sold by big corporations.

Last Sunday, Arundhati had a public forum in a fully booked event at the Brunei Gallery of the School of Oriental and African Studies, in London, in which she was discussing the London connections between the arms trade and Aluminium mining in the land of the tribes of Central India.

Arundhati recently published a book, “Broken Republic” on India that examines the nature of progress and development in India.

Meanwhile, reporting from London, The Hindu on Sunday cited the Indian Nobel Laureate in Economics, Amartya Sen saying, “The West could learn from India and China.”

Amartya Sen, who is currently involved along with S.D. Muni (who was awarded Sri Lanka Ratna along with N. Ram), in modelling a business University using the Buddhist name Nalanda in Bihar as India’s Oxford and Cambridge, delivered a lecture at the Business School of the Oxford on Friday.

“Mantle of democracy is now very much strongly held by India,” Sen said, adding that the West, which is reeling from the worst post-World War economic crisis, can learn a “few things” from developing countries such as India and China.

The Eezham Tamils were one of the first peoples in the region who have learnt the connections between genocide and development of the India-China model, commented an academic in Jaffna.



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