Top SL military hand alleged in killing Canadian Tamil in Vanni

[TamilNet, Wednesday, 09 May 2012, 05:34 GMT]
Circumstantial evidences point to the hands of top level Sri Lanka military in the brutal killing of a Canadian Eezham Tamil who came to Vanni to claim his properties appropriated by the occupying military, news sources in Vanni revealed to TamilNet. The victim owned 8 commercially valuable buildings in line in Ki’linochchi town that were appropriated by the Sinhala military to be given in turn to a Colombo-based chain store that now dominates food business in the north. Through the occupying military, presidential sibling and SL Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa has appropriated nearly 250 such commercially valuable properties in Ki’linochchi for his agenda of plunder and structural genocide of Eezham Tamils. The Canadian Tamil lost his life struggling with a genocidal mechanism installed by many world establishments including that of his own adopted country.

Mahendrarajah Antonipillai
Mr Andrew Mahendrarajah Antonipillai (25.02.1959 - 03.05.2012)
Anthonipillai Mahendrarajah
Mahendrarajah Antonipillai
Ever since the Eezham Tamil victim Andrew Mahendrarajah Anthonippillai arrived in Vanni from Canada to negotiate getting back his properties from the occupying Sinhala Military, he was followed and his movements were closely monitored by the SL military intelligence.

The line of shops Mahendrarajah owned in Ki’linochchi near the Murukan Temple was handed over by the occupying Sinhala military to a Colombo business corporate Cargills Food City that is now run by a Colombo-based Sinhalicized Tamil.

The complex is worthy of crores of rupees and millions have been paid to top military brass in Colombo to appropriate the property on lease for an unspecified number of years, news sources in Vanni said, citing high-ranking officers of the occupying military in Vanni. Some of the lands of the victim were also taken over by the occupying military.

Mahendrarajah tried through various avenues to convince his case and to get back his property from the SL military.

SL Defence Ministry in Colombo finally agreed to ‘meet’ him and he was about to leave for Colombo with a hope that the matter would be favourably resolved.

But a Sinhala squad was closely monitoring him. He ignored the warnings of his friends who had noticed shady characters following him.

In fact, he told his friends not to worry, since he had been given with an appointment to meet the top most at the SL Defence Ministry. The top most meant that he had finally been given with a chance to take up his case with Gotabhaya Rajapaksa, he told his friends.

His Defence Ministry appointment in Colombo was scheduled for Tuesday this week, but he was found brutally killed by a squad on Friday last week at Kaagncheepuram Lane, near Paranthan Junction in Ki’linochchi.

The squad used mattock (Ma’n-veddi) for the brutal murder and the male organ was cut off to paint a picture of a ‘usual’ crime that local villagers murdered him for some private reason.

But there were people who have seen the killing. The squad warned them in ‘broken Tamil’ that they would meet the same fate if intervene or reveal the killing.

The victim resisted the murderers before his death and there were several cut injuries in the body.

Mahendrarasa had money and gold with him at the time of his killing, but these were not taken away. Instead, the murderers took away only his laptop and mobile phone. The purpose could be to erase evidences or to trace and silence his contacts, news sources speculate.

The killer squad was made of SL military personnel in civil, and according to informed sources in Ki’linochchi, the order to eliminate Mahendrarajah had come allegedly from the SL Defence Secretary himself.

There were attempts by the SL military to pass the crime on the families with which the victim was staying. Failing, the ‘Magistrate’ of Ki’linochchi in the captivity of the occupying forces wanted to get a declaration from the immediate relatives that ‘they didn’t suspect anyone for the murder’, news sources in Vanni said.

As a citizen of Canada, the body of the victim will be sent back to Canada, and the Canadian High Commission in Colombo is fully aware of the truth of the crime, media circles told TamilNet.

Mr Mahendrarajah, a native of Karampan, Jaffna, has been living in Montreal, Canada. He leaves behind his wife Nirangini Mahendrarajah and three children Alvin, Thanuya and Vinoth. His funeral is scheduled on 19th May in Montreal.

* * *

Ever since abetting the Sinhala state’s war to end in the genocide of Eezham Tamils, the Establishments in the West, their diplomats, funding agencies, ‘peace’ institutes, research foundations and crisis managers were harassing the diaspora to participate in ‘development’ without any infrastructure for security.

Without providing any space for the independent involvement of the diaspora, the idea was to subjugate the diaspora too. But the structural genocide agenda of the Sinhala state was slightly a different one – keeping the diaspora away and bringing in Sinhala institutions and Colombo-centric capital for military imposed changes.

As preserving the Colombo-centric system is the priority with the establishments, their pre-occupation now is to encourage rediscovering the unity of the island through the ‘cosmopolitanism’ of Colombo.

The argument placed from some quarters is that Tamils need ‘cosmopolitanism’ for development and this could come only by demographic changes. Cosmopolitanism imposed by an occupying and ethnically different military on a sovereignty-deprived people is nothing but a model of classical colonialism.

But the powers abetting Colombo are not actually averse to the idea.

Immediately after passing a hoodwink resolution in UNHRC that actually saves the genocidal state and regime and sanctions for the structural genocide envisaged by the LLRC recommendations, the USA that architected the war allowed sales of weapons to Sri Lanka and granted a huge sum through the World Bank for the development of Colombo city.

Both the benefits particularly go to Gotabhaya Rajapaksa, as SL Defence Secretary and person in charge of Colombo city development. Then how to expect him to behave differently than what he is doing now, political observers point out.

New Delhi has repeatedly proved its hopelessness in Tamils talking with it on militarisation, colonisation, Sinhalicisation and Buddhicisation.

Both the USA and India don’t see that there is genocide and Eezham Tamils as a nation need the right to protection and right to self-determination.

But both of them are actively competing in the island and in the diaspora only in luring factions to back them through separate campaigns that their direct involvements are going to be imminent and they alone could bring in solutions. The Indian diplomatic mission in Jaffna is desperately running behind civil groups and politicians disillusioned with New Delhi and have joined the side of the USA, informed circles say.

Whenever criticism is made against the USA or India there is a section of gullible collaborators that laments what are we going to do without the USA and India. But if the USA and India are ultimately the responsible ones for our plight today, whom else are we going to ask to the face, and if necessary wage a direct struggle, seeking justice to the injustices committed, asked a new generation Tamil politician in the island.

The murder of Mahendrarajah is a case for every diaspora Tamil to ask for justice from their respective establishments in the West prodding for ‘development’. The response of Canadian Tamils in setting the stand of the Canadian government is going to be of utmost significance, the politician further said.



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