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Mu値値ivaaykkaal Genocide Day marked in occupied Tamil Eelam

[TamilNet, Monday, 18 May 2015, 06:39 GMT]
The occupying Sri Lankan State has deployed more than 600 Sinhala riot control policemen Sunday evening at Mu値値ivaaykkaal in Mullaiththeevu, where Eezham Tamils were intentionally corralled in 2009 in a calculated and deliberate attempt to destroy as many Tamils as possible. The Northern Provincial Council, which passed a key resolution in February this year demanding the OISL UN mechanism in Geneva to investigate the claim of genocide, has invited all the Tamil parliamentarians and councillors from the province to attend the remembrance event at Mu値値ivaaykkaal East on Monday. However, students of Jaffna University, the Tamil National Peoples Front, civil society and religious dignitaries are proceeding with collective memorial meetings at several locations in the NorthEast on May 18.

In addition to the riot control police, civil-clad military intelligence operatives have been deployed to monitor all civil and political activists in the region.

SL police officers at Mu値値ivaaykkaal have 粗xplained to the people in the village that the deployment was made following the instructions from the office of the Sri Lankan Prime Minister Ranil Wickramasinghe.

The SL police in Mullaiththeevu imposed a ban against any procession with public participation. The order obtained from the SL Magistrate in Mullaiththeevu has officially banned the participators from attending the collective event organised at Mu'l'livaaykkaal by the Tamil National Peoples Front (TNPF) and its General Secretary Mr Selvarajah Kajendren.

NPC Councillors from Mullaiththeevu Mr Ravikaran and Mr Antony Jeganathan were also instructed not to attend TNPF-organised or any other events being organised at Mu値値ivaaykkaal.

However, the NPC councillors told TamilNet that they would be proceeding with their memorial event at Mu'l'livaaykkaal, as scheduled.

Two additional events have also been arranged outside Mu値値ivaaykkaal to mark the day in case the SL police blocked the NPC councillors from the venue, the NPC sources said.

Grassroots activists and politicians organised memorial events in Trincomalee on Sunday.

At least one memorial event has been organised in Mannaar on 18 May. Several events have been arranged in Jaffna, Ki値inochchi, Mullaiththeevu, Vavuniyaa, Batticaloa and Ampaa池ai districts on 18 May.

The Jaffna University Student Union and the University Teachers Union have organised at least two collective events at Thirunelveali and at Maruthanaar-madam on Monday.

The TNPF is commemorating the fallen Eezham Tamils at Vaakarai in Batticaloa and at Maruthang-kea地i in Vadamaraadchi East of Jaffna district.

The NPC and the TNPF have declared in clear terms that Tamils have no hope for justice in any domestic Sri Lankan mechanism, whether conducted by the Rajapaksa regime, Sirisena regime, or its successor, while Sampanthan and Sumanthiran were directing the affairs in the name of the Tamil National Alliance along a deviatory line, the Tamil activists in NorthEast blamed.

The new regime of Sri Lanka was proceeding with its oppression on Eezham Tamils by wooing the TNA deviators on the one hand and by deploying the genocidal judiciary of the SL State against Tamils as evidenced in the recent staying of return of landed to the people of Champoor and the police instructions against holding processions in remembrance of the Eezham Tamils perished in the genocidal onslaught in 2009.

The International Community remained mute despite the phenomenal protests by the Diaspora Tamils in 2009.

The NPC resolution passed in February 2015 noted: 典he obligation to prevent and punish genocide under the Genocide Convention is not a matter of political choice or calculation, but one of binding customary international law. This Council urges OISL to comprehensively investigate and report on the charge of genocide in its submission to the UN Human Rights Council in March 2015. The UN Security Council should refer the situation in Sri Lanka to the International Criminal Court for prosecutions based on war crimes, crimes against humanity, and genocide.

The NPC resolution also demanded international protection of Eezham Tamils against the decades-long protracted genocide.

典he case of genocide in Sri Lanka is unique among genocides in history because it occurred over several decades and under different governments before intensifying into a noholds-barred war for nearly three decades and culminating in the mass atrocities of 2009. It is accordingly vital that Sri Lanka痴 historic violations against Tamils, in addition to the 2009 attacks, are addressed through an international mechanism in order to combat Sri Lanka痴 institutionalized impunity. This international intervention, coupled with action to promote the respect of human rights, is necessary to ensure a sustainable future for self-determination, peace, and justice, in Sri Lanka and for the Tamil people, the resolution stated.



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