Secular Tamil nationalist aspirations weakened by global and regional religious paradigms

[TamilNet, Sunday, 20 November 2016, 23:49 GMT]
Failure of secular forces and Marxists in India and Dravidian movements in Tamil Nadu in delivering justice to the genocide-affected nation of Eezham Tamils, who have based their national question on secular foundations coming through millennia of Tamil language heritage, results in further meddling through globally and regionally simulated religious conflicts. The forces that work behind the fundamentalism of different religions in the island are one and the same. There is a master plan for the conquest of Tamil Nadu that is now ruled by the Dravidian movements for more than half a century. The coastlines between Tamil Nadu and the country of Eezham Tamils in the island share similar religious demography and there is a sinister move to create conflicts among these groups to weaken the language-based nationalism of all Tamils, commented Eezham Tamil and Tamil Nadu political observers.

The observers responded to the recent trends reflecting through religious movements organised among Eezham Tamils.

On Sunday, Ma’ravan-pulavu K. Sachithananthan, the chief organiser of Siva Chenai in Jaffna, addressed a press conference.

Mahalingam Nadesananthan from Mannaar, Sivayogachelvan Sampasivam from Trincomalee, Thaayumaanavar Nikethan and Kandiah Ratnakumar, a former principal of Union College in Thellippazhai who is also a retired deputy director of education from Ki’linochchi district accompanied Mr Sachchithananthan representing the newly launched Siva Cheanai.

Mr Sachithananthan's speech at the press conference in Tamil audio and his comments in English to TamilNet clarifications are given below for Tamil political activists to grasp the trend.

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