Mahanayaka's visit to Jaffna exposes Sinhala-Buddhist conversion agenda

[TamilNet, Wednesday, 30 August 2017, 22:04 GMT]
Ven. Warakagoda Dhammasiddhi Gnanarathanabhidhana, the chief prelate of Asgiriya Buddhist chapter in the South visited the controversial Buddhist conversion project at Vaatharavaththai in Puththoor on Wednesday. His trip to the village has exposed the hidden Sinhala-Buddhicisation programme being carried out jointly by the SL State, the Buddhist Establishments and the occupying Sinhala military. In the meantime, the chief monks of the key Buddhist temples in Jaffna were seen openly encouraging the conversion project. Particularly, Ven. Meegahajandure Sri Vimala Thera, the chief monk of Sri Naga Vihara in Jaffna City, was seen propagating a new myth by twisting the name of the village, Puththoor. He went on record stating that the local people had started to believe that their village name was stemming from two words, Buddha and Oor (village), meaning the village where Buddha had resided.

Puththoor means Puthu (new) Oor (village) in Tamil. But, such facts find no validity in the books of extremist monks who are driven by the genocidal Mahavansa mind-set of Theravada Buddhism in the island.

The occupying SL military was seen steering everything at the school, from utilizing the children with unfit boots, Sinhala clothing, music and dance. In addition, the children were commanded by military personnel to lie down at the feet of Mahanayaka thero before receiving donations from him.

Northern Governor Reginald Cooray and key commanders of the SL military in Jaffna accompanied Mahayaka Thero to the school, which has been named in Sinhala as ‘Puttur Madihe Pannasiha Vidyalaya’. All of them came in luxury vehicles.

Meanwhile, Tamil journalists have been subjected to pressure to give a positive picture of Mahanayaka's visit by highlighting his visit to Nallooor temple and to the Jaffna Public Library. They were not supposed to write about the Puthoor project in Tamil media.

Media in Colombo has earlier reported that Mahanayaka was visiting the North following a request by the Colombo regime. However, the entire trip was organised by the occupying Sinhala military and not by any civil authority in the North.

The Chief Prelate has recently reiterated the stand of the Buddhist Establishment that there was no need to change the unitary state model, and that any adjustment should only be carried out through amendments to the existing constitutional framework.



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