Grassroots stand united against militarisation of PTK

[TamilNet, Tuesday, 13 March 2018, 14:48 GMT]
The representatives of grassroots organisations in Puthuk-kudiyiruppu (PTK) representing all sections of the people in the division unanimously resolved against militarisation and demanded the civil authorities and politicians for de-militarisation of PTK. A Tamil National Alliance parliamentarian received flak for his proposal to SL military for an alternative venue to relocate its camp currently situated at Ponnambalam hospital created during the times of the de-facto State of Tamil Eelam under the LTTE.

The occupying SL military and the ministries backing Sinhala militarisation of the Tamil country are behaving with an attitude that all the public properties developed during the times of the LTTE should belong to the SL military, a grassroots representative who took part in the coordinating committee meeting held on Monday.

Ponnambalam hospital was created for the benefit of the people. It should be in the public domain, the representatives said.

They also demanded the SL military to vacate from the lands that belong to private land-owners.

The SL military occupying the private lands of Ponnambalam hospital promised twice last year asking for three and six months time as the landowners staged a continuous protest. It also attempted to weaken their protest by freeing some of the properties while giving false assurances to the remaining.

Now, more than one year has passed. The occupying military has not fulfilled its promises, the representatives said.

TNA Parliamentarian S. Sivamohan had gone on record earlier asking SL military to vacate from Ponnambalam hospital and suggested the locality where LTTE Leader V. Pirapaharan had a residential base.

Politicians, elected on the votes of the people, should listen to them before making such proposals out of the blue, the representatives said condemning Mr Sivamohan who is also a physician.

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