Colombo's TID wants to interrogate Tamil journalist from Batticaloa

[TamilNet, Friday, 22 June 2018, 13:20 GMT]
The ‘Terrorist Investigation Division’ of the police of the unitary State of genocidal Sri Lanka has instructed the chairperson of the Batticaloa District Tamil Journalists Association, Valasingam Krishnakumar, to attend a TID questioning in Colombo on Friday. The TID wants to record a written statement from Mr Krsihnakumar. The latest harassment involving a journalist in the East is reported amidst a series of similar interrogation ‘invitations’ being served to Tamil activists, including a provincial minister in the North, especially after Eezham Tamils marking the Tamil Genocide Remembrance Day on 18 May.

TID summons
The summons on behalf of the TID in Colombo has been sent by SL Police Officer In Charge (OIC) of Kalmunai

Valasingham Krishnakumar
Valasingham Krishnakumar
The ‘invitation’ from the TID does not indicate the reason for the questioning.

Fellow journalists in Batticaloa said they also have felt the harassment for some time. Certain intelligence operatives, camouflaged as journalists have been harassing them with intimidating questions such as why the journalists continue to honour the LTTE-provided titles such as ‘Naaddup-pattaa'lar’ and ‘Maa-manithar’ while commemorating assassinated journalists during the times of war.

The response from the journalists like Krishnakumar, who is the chairperson of the journalists’ association, has been that these titles were non-military in nature and that the people in the district have accustomed to them that they continue using them. If they avoid such titles, there would be much criticism and interpretations such as also they working for the SL military intelligence, the independent journalists have told the surveillance agents.

Krishnakumar has also been an outspoken critic against intelligence operatives operating as journalists discrediting the respect of the journalists among the people.

Krishnakumar is a correspondent of Colombo-based Thinak-kural, Virakesari, Tamil Mirror and Thamizh Thanthi as well as Dan TV, Aathavan TV and Vasantham TV.

The TID instruction states that Krishnakumar should attend a conversation, where his statement would be recorded at the 2nd floor of the police secretariat in Colombo 01 on Friday.

Journalist circles in Batticaloa also stated that Krishnakumar's wife, who works as a DO, had received a warning 6 months ago from certain quarters that her husband was under surveillance and that the SL Military Intelligence was having a file on his name.

Krishnakumar was not associated with the LTTE except his media contact with Karuna and Pillayan in the past, the sources further stated.


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