Colombo steps up shadow war against NPC Chief Minister Wigneswaran

[TamilNet, Tuesday, 17 July 2018, 21:29 GMT]
The Chief Minister of the Northern Provincial Council, Justice C.V. Wigneswaran, has stated that he would be opposing the level of militarisation even if the SL military was to behave in a manner attracting the people of the North by doing good deeds. In his weekly Tamil statement formatted as Q&As, Wigneswaran was responding to the latest comment coming from Lt Gen Mahesh Senanayake, the commander of the SL military, that the NPC CM was trying to cause a rift between the SL military and the people in the North. In the meantime, Tamil political observers in Jaffna said Colombo had staged a series of hostile events in the recent days with the hidden agenda to checkmate the emerging symbolic leadership of the mainstream Tamil politics.

In his statement issued to media in Tamil, Justice Wigneswaran said that the SL Commander Senanayake was, in fact, correct in the interpretation.

Reiterating that he didn't want the SL military getting intimate with the people if such intimacy intended to maintain the status-quo of the militarization.

The comment from the military commander of the unitary state of genocidal Sri Lanka comes in the aftermath of intelligence officers from the so-called Organised Crimes Prevention Division (OCPD) visiting Justice C.V Wigneswaran to inquire him on the remarks made by former SL State Minister Vijayakala Maheswaran (UNP) at a meeting in Jaffna.

Ms Vijayakala was comparing the crime-free LTTE-run civil administration with the level of crimes in the [heavily Sinhala militarised] North and alluded that the people were longing for the times as it was under the LTTE.

Ms Maheswaran is known for similar statements also in the past, especially when seeking votes for the UNP.

But, this time the UNP leadership and the SL authorities, wanted to act against her, with a motive.

The SL Prime Minister Ranil Wickramasinghe asked the SL President to remove her from the State minister post temporarily, the UNP initiated a disciplinary inquiry against her and demanded her to tender resignation.

Now, the OCPD, an SL Police unit set up to act against organised crime and gang-related crimes last year, is investigating Ms Maheswaran.

The SL intelligence establishment has staged a series of events, which are all part of a systematic move aimed at destroying the mainstream Tamil politics, the observers further said.

Meanwhile, the SL military has also come with another lie that it has released 92% of the lands seized by its military during the times of war.

In the Q&A, Wigneswaran also responded to this false claim.

The SL military was occupying 65,000 acres of lands in the Northern Province at the end of 2013 when he became the chief minister of the elected Northern Provincial Council. Most of these are public lands, he said.

About one-tenth of these lands, constituting almost 6,500 acres are the lands in Valikaamam North.

Almost half of these 6,500 acres have been released. But, the SL military is still refusing to relocate from 60,000 acres of lands in the Northern Province, he said.

Wigneswaran called the propaganda originating from the SL military as “Lies, Bloody Lies and Statistics.”

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