Occupying Colombo's persistent psyops banishes ex-LTTE members into a social outcast in East

[TamilNet, Saturday, 04 August 2018, 17:53 GMT]
Former LTTE members in the district of Batticaloa are facing increased harassments from the military intelligence of the occupying genocidal state of Sri Lanka, the grassroots rights activist told TamilNet on Saturday. The former LTTE members who were attached to the formations, which were close to the LTTE leader, members of the Sea Tigers or those who served the intelligence wing of the LTTE, are particularly exposed to the systematic harassments, the sources said providing particulars of those affected.

The harassment continues in the interior hamlets of Batticaloa districts and along the coastal stretch.

Ex-LTTE members detained as late as February 2013 have also undergone severe torture, received mysterious injections at least five times.

One of them, a male aged 46 who had managed to survive without getting identified as a former LTTE member til February 2013, witnessed 15 executions during the detention in 2013 [details avoided for security reasons].

The SL intelligence is repeatedly telling the former LTTE members not to take part in any organisational activity.

A member who was elected as a secretary to a fisheries society was removed from the position as the intelligence officers, claiming as CID investigators from Colombo, also approached the fisheries society instructing it to remove the person from the organisation.

The ex-LTTE members cannot get jobs outside the district, and in many instances also beyond their administrative divisions.

They are also barred from taking part in public events and political meetings.

Furthermore, they cannot travel abroad.

If they choose to go for work in the city of Batticaloa or elsewhere, the SL military starts to harass their families, the activists further said urging increased awareness from the society to safeguard the rights to lead a decent life.


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