Occupied Tamil Eelam marks Heroes' Day indoors, SL military detains seminary principal

[TamilNet, Friday, 27 November 2020, 16:44 GMT]
The Police of the occupying state of genocidal Sri Lanka detained a Tamil Catholic priest, S. Baskaran, who is the principal of St. Martin’s Seminary while conducting Tamil Eelam Heroes’ Day remembrance at the entrance of the seminary, located near the Bishop’s House in Jaffna. Amidst tightened harassment from the SL military and the police against public remembrance events, the people and their political representatives resolvedly and emotionally marked the commemoration lighting flames of sacrifice inside their premises. The mobilisation for indoor remembrance has drawn the attention of the younger generation of Tamils like never before in the post-2009 context, journalists in Jaffna said. All the occupying Sinhala soldiers and the police personnel were deployed in the public places, junctions and along the road everywhere, reminding the people the level of military occupation.

The SL Army soldiers opened fire when they spotted a group of youth entering E'l'lang-ku'lam Tamil Eelam Heroes’ Cemetery (Maaveerar thuyilum illam) in Vadamaraadchi on Friday evening.

At Koappaay, where the demolished and SL military occupied main Maaveerar Thuyilum Illam in Jaffna is situated, there were three layers of different types of roadblocks witnessed by the journalists. The SL military intelligence operatives chased the journalists who went there.

Occupying Colombo was using its judiciary to issue interim injunctions against organising or taking part in Tamil Eelam Heroes’ Day remembrance. The SL Police approached all the courts across the eight districts in the North and East to issue temporary orders against named political activists.

The SL Police was referring to the remembrance event as an activity of supporting terrorism by getting the SL courts to issue the injunctions as well as the so-called Prevention Of Terrorism (Temporary Provisions) Act (No. 48 of 1979) - Section 15.

The injunctions were listing a long list of prohibited activities, which included among others from the use of photos of LTTE war dead to the national symbols of Eezham Tamils as declared by the Tigers.

Furthermore, the SL judiciary was also applying a range of other legal provisions such as Section 79(2) and 79(3) of Police Ordinance No. 16 of 1865 and the so-called “International Covenant On Civil and Political Rights Act 56 of 2007” Section 3(1) and 3(2) as well as the Quarantine and Prevention of Disease Ordinance No 3 of 1897.

However, the grassroots activists and the politicians actively staged indoor events as well as lighting flames of sacrifice within the premises of their residences and offices.

Vavuniyaa: Outside missing persons protest huts
SL Police watching outside the hut of mothers engaged in continuous protest for the past 1378 days in Vavuniyaa
Vavuniyaa: Inside missing persons protest huts
Mothers paying tribute to fallen Tamil Eelam Heroes inside their protest site hut in Vavuniyaa
A house along the road in Vavuniyaa
People paying tribute to fallen Tamil Eelam Heroes at a house along the road in Vavuniyaa
Remembrance marked at a shop in Vavuniyaa
Remembrance marked at a shop in Vavuniyaa
Kanakapuram Maaveerar thuyilum illam
Occupying SL Military deployed at Kanakapuram Tamil Eelam Heroes Cemetery in Ki'linochchi. The Heroes Cemetery was demolished by the SL military after the genocidal onslaught on Eezham Tamils in 2009
Kanakapuram Maaveerar thuyilum illam
SL military at Kanakapuram Maaveerar thuyilum illam. The remains of bulldozed tombstones gathered by the public for memorialisation is seen in the background without decorations this year
Koappaay Maaveerar site blocked by SL police, military
SL Police was blocking travellers from the main site of the main Tamil Eelam Heroes Cemetery in Koappaay, Jaffna. Since the SL military has put up its military base at the Heroes Cemetery after bulldozing the tombstones, the people used to mark the remembrance at a nearby land. However, the SL military and police were blocking the access to the area
Koappaay Maaveerar site blocked by SL police, military
SL military was causing road block using a water tanker on the way to Koappaay Maaveerar thuyilum illam in Jaffna
Mannaar / SL harassment on Maaveerar Naa'l, 2020
SL Police was trying to block Catholic Tamil priests from planting tree saplings on Tamil Eelam Maaveerar Naa'l in Mannaar on 27 November 2020
Mannaar / SL harassment on Maaveerar Naa'l, 2020
SL military and police deployed in the lands in Mannaar, where Tamil Catholic priests were organising tree planting in remembrance of the fallen Tamil Eelam Heroes
Mannaar / SL harassment on Maaveerar Naa'l, 2020
Large number of SL Army soldiers were deployed in the streets of Mannaar on Tamil Eelam Heroes Day
One of the flames of sacrifice lit inside a building in Valveddith-thu'rai, Jaffna
One of the flames of sacrifice lit inside a building in Valveddith-thu'rai, Jaffna
Divisional Councillor at Valikaamam East
Valikaamam East Divisional Council Chairman Nirosh Thiyagarajah, who was one of the Tamil politicians barred by the SL courts from organising/attending a public Tamil Eelam Heroes Day Remembrance event operated his secretariat remembrance lights switching off electricity the whole day. He also issued a statement in Tamil.
People pay tribute inside houses
People were paying tribute to Tamil Eelam Heroes inside their houses playing online video clips in remembrance of Tamil Eelam Heroes
People pay tribute inside premises
Many people were marking remembrance inside their premises
Shritharan marks Maaveerar Naa'l in Ki'linochchi
ITAK (TNA) Parliamentarian Sivagnanam Shritharan [right] marks Tamil Eelam Heroes Remembrance outside his residence in K'linochchi
Parliamentarian and former NPC Chief Minister Justice CV Wigneswaran
Parliamentarian and former NPC Chief Minister Justice CV Wigneswaran commemorates fallen Tamil Heroes inside the premises of his residence in Jaffna
Gajendrakumar marks Maaveerar Naa'l in Jaffna
TNPF Leader and Parliamentarian Gajendrakumar Ponnambalam takes part in Maaveerar Remembrance organised by his party inside his party office in Jaffna
Selvarajah Kajendran at Maaveerar Naa'l in Batticaloa
TNPF Parliamentarian Selvarajah Kajendran takes part in Maaveerar Remembrance organised by his party in Batticaloa
Shivajilingam marks Maaveerar Naa'l in Jaffna
Former TELO politician, ex-TNA Parliamentarian and former NPC Councillor M.K. Shivajilingam marks Tamil Eelam Heroes Day at Valveddith-thu'rai in Jaffna
Ariyanethran marks Maaveerar Naa'l in Batticaloa
Former TNA Parliamentarian P. Ariyanethran marks Tamil Eelam Heroes Day at his residence in Batticaloa

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