No Tamil selected for Administrative Services: Pararajasingham

[TamilNet, Saturday, 05 February 2000, 19:46 GMT]
None of the Tamil Language candidates who sat for the Limited Competitive Examination for the Sri Lanka Administrative Service held in July, 1999 were successful, according to a letter sent to the Sri Lankan President by the TULF Parliamentary Group Leader Mr. Joseph Pararajasingham.

This clearly nullifies Your Excellency's policy of reconciliation and equal opportunity to all communities of the country, Mr. Pararajasingham pointed out in his letter.

Mr. Pararajasingham further states in his letter:

"I am informed that only 47 Sinhalese candidates have been selected from this Limited Competitive Examination. Not a single Tamil or Muslim was selected.

"I have already apprised Your Excellency by my letter of 12.01.2000 that even in the Open Competitive Examination held for the Sri Lanka Administrative Service held in the year 1999, only two Tamils were summoned for interview as against 151 Sinhalese candidates.

"Similarly in the selection of candidates for the Sri Lanka Accountants' Service only one Tamil was selected each year in 1993, 1994, 1996 and 1998. In the Open Competitive Examination held in the year 1999 two Tamils and 38 Sinhalese were selected.

"The above speaks of the methodical and designed discrimination meted out to the minorities in particular Tamils and Muslims of this country.

"The Public Administration Circular issued in the year 1990 clearly stipulates that ethnic ratio has to be maintained in the selection of candidates from all Competitive Examinations. In terms of this circular-74% Sinhalese, 12.7 % Sri Lankan Tamils, 8 % Muslims and 5.3 % Tamils of Indian origin - ethnic ratio should be maintained in these selections.

"After the formation of Your Excellency's government this circular was followed in the breach rather than adhered to. The ethnic ratio was not maintained in any selection since 1995. The action of your Excellency's government clearly nullifies your policy of reconciliation and equal opportunity to all communities.

"In the above circumstances, I appeal to your Excellency that until you formulate a new policy of recruitment, I would appreciate if you instruct all the ministries to follow the existing circular of 1990," concludes Mr. Pararajasingham.


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