Overrun base an elite brigade - VoT

[TamilNet, Wednesday, 29 March 2000, 19:59 GMT]
The Voice of Tigers said in its night news broadcast that a brigade of the Sri Lanka army's elite 53 Division based in Thalaiyadi and its defences spread across fourteen kilometers were overrun by the Liberation Tigers today.

The radio said that the main base which comprised Thalaiyadi, Maruthankerni and a part of Sembiyanpattu fell after three days of ferocious assaults by the Tigers.

It added that the LTTE's fighting formations are moving through Vembadi, attacking and breaking up the defences of the 53 Division.

The Sea Tigers had fought through fierce attacks by 19 Sri Lanka Navy attack craft, bombing by Israeli built Kfir jets, Helicopter gunships and heavy fire from the SLA garrisons on the coast to land by sea large fighting formations and equipment (in Vadamaradchi east).

The LTTE troops that were landed on the southeastern coast of Jaffna had penetrated through SLA defences and had reached Muhamalai on the A9 according to the VoT.

The radio said that the 53 division's commando units and air mobile brigade had placed themselves on the southeastern coast to offer stiff resistance (to the Tigers)

The operations of the LTTE's special forces were aimed at the artillery bases of the SLA in the Thenmaradchi sector. The VoT said that the special forces units of the Tigers had successfully blasted eleven long range artillery guns of the SLA in Thambuththottam near Chavakachcheri and four at Thamaraikulam today.

The radio said the Tiger fighting formations are breaking through the defences of the army in the area and that there was fierce fighting between the Tigers and Sri Lankan troops from yesterday when the LTTE battled across the latter's positions and reached Muhamalai on the A9.

The VoT said that the Tigers have not taken proper account of the SLA soldiers killed in the fighting and the military equipment captured from the army during the offensive.

The 53 Division is the Sri Lankan army's best fighting arm, comprising Special Forces, an air mobile brigade, a mechanised infantry unit etc., The Division receives US special forces training and advice.


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