Tigers list captured weapons

[TamilNet, Monday, 24 April 2000, 09:08 GMT]
The Liberation Tigers gave details Monday of weapons captured from the Sri Lanka Army (SLA) base at Iyakkachchi-Elephant Pass which was overrun Saturday. Captured equipment included three 152 mm. long-range artillery pieces and an undisclosed number of tanks, according to a statement issued by the LTTE today.

Following is the full text of the statement:

"With the military victory in the battle of Elephant Pass a huge array of war materials to the value of several billions of rupees fell into the hands of the Liberation Tigers.

"The 54 Division of the Sri Lankan army that guarded the giant military complex, left all varieties of heavy weapons, including artillery pieces, intact when they fled the base in total disorder and haste.

"The capture of these weapons along with high tech communication systems has replenished the armory of the LTTE several fold and enhanced its firepower.

"Three long-range 152 MM artillery pieces are the significant gain in the booty. Two 122MM artillery pieces and twelve 120MM heavy mortars, one 25MM canon, several 50 caliber guns, hundreds of rocket propelled grenades, thousands of automatic rifles and a vast quantity of ammunitions, including artillery and mortar shells, have been secured by the LTTE.

"The Tamil Tigers have also captured several armored vehicles, tanks, military trucks, bulldozers and high-tech communication systems.

"This is an unprecedented haul", remarked a field commander of the LTTE.

"In the battle of Yakachchi and Elephant Pass 35 LTTE cadres were killed."


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