New SLA Psy Ops in Batticaloa

[TamilNet, Saturday, 03 January 1998, 23:59 GMT]
The Psy Ops (Psychological Operations) unit of the Sri Lankan army put up colour posters for the first time in Batticaloa today. The numerous psyops posters by the army in the past have been in black and white.

The posters, according to sources in Batticaloa, appears to be move by the army's psy ops unit to co-opt the Sri Lankan Foreign ministry's propaganda drive against the LTTE internationally.

The poster shows Uncle Sam (US) squeezing a Tiger's throat. The Tiger is portrayed as struggling for its life with its tongue hanging out.

The Canadian government (represented by a man with a Canadian flag) standing by Uncle Sam and urging him on.

Germany and Britian are depicted clapping thier hands at the US action with glee.

An ex-Tamil militant currently working with the army in Batticaloa told TamilNet this morning that the posters are aimed at convincing the people that the LTTE is finished internationally.

However, he did not see eye to eye with the SLA on the question of the poster's level of impact.

"This certainly not the right time to do this, particularly when people have just read in great detail how the US trained special commandos of the army were trapped and massacred by the LTTE in the Vanni" he said.

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