Traders warned against dealing with Tigers

[TamilNet, Tuesday, 14 May 2002, 15:00 GMT]
Sri Lankan military officers have warned traders in Kaluvanchikudy against doing business with Liberation Tigers as they would suffer the consequences when the war resumes, the Thinakural newspaper reported Tuesday. “No one should think the ethnic troubles are over. We are neighbours. we deal goods with each other, therefore should be loyal to each other,” security officials told traders at a recent meeting, the paper said.

“Don't carry on as though a solution has been found for the conflict,” the officers said.

“We know the Tigers move about near our camps to watch us. Military trained people could be living near you. They may have stashed weapons away. You should tell us about these. You could avoid great harm.”

The security officials warned the traders that they had videos and photos of those coorperating with the Tigers and warned that they “knew how to deal with such people.”

“You know what happened in the past whenever a truce broke down. We won’t come to play football with you. Every location from which the Tigers attack us from will be flattened.”

“You know what happens when wild elephants come into a village. They'll destroy houses and belongings. It's the same with Tigers. They'll kidnap your children. They will extort you. They will do here everything they used to do in areas in their control.”

“Do not believe what the radio, television and the papers say. They are 75% lies. We know what really goes on," the officers said.

The traders were warned to protect themselves by severing all links with the Tigers. They say their names and details were recorded before they left.


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