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LTTE's patience intentional - Thamilchelvan

[TamilNet, Wednesday, 19 September 2007, 08:18 GMT]
"Without caring for International policies and passive requests, the Government of Sri Lanka is continuing its genocidal war against the Tamil people. The concerns raised by the International Community have failed to make any dent on the ethnic cleansing by Colombo government which has proved itself a terrorist-state. Some International governments, without understanding realities, give aid to the deceitful purposes of the Sinhala government, which will only escalate the island's ethnic conflict to hitherto unseen heights," said LTTE's Political Head S.P. Thamilchelvan in an exclusive interview to TamilNet on Wednesday.

S.P. Thamilchelvan
LTTE Political Head S.P. Thamilchelvan
"The LTTE is maintaining patience and still restricting itself to a defensive war. By doing so, it wishes the International Community to realize the futility of achieving peace by dealing with such a government."

Every aid given to the Government of Sri Lanka is "cunningly misused" in the cover of "development" to convert the Tamil Homeland into a refugee-land, disrupt its contiguity, and for Sinhala colonization, since "the agenda to execute the aid is set by the GoSL."

The core theme and the "most cruel part" of the agenda are to dismember the contiguity of the Tamil Homeland in the Northeast. "In what way this serves the interests of the donor countries, wonder the Tamil people," said Mr. Thamilchelvan.

"The LTTE, therefore, requests the International Community not to be carried away by the deceitful programme of the GoSL and to stop every form of aid, to pressure the government to create an environment for peace efforts."

"Trying desperately to cover-up its Human Rights violations, the GoSL prevents news reaching outside and uses all its resources for false propaganda. Topping such efforts are the international visits by the Head of GoSL, Mahinda Rajapaksa, his ministers and officials, propagating false images and information."

"We expect the International Community to make its own assessment by visiting the affected areas and gathering information through its own sources," the LTTE's political head further said.



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