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India needs to work with IC - Former Indian diplomat

[TamilNet, Tuesday, 28 July 2009, 23:10 GMT]
India has a common interest with the US in countering China’s strategy. No matter the motives behind the US’ current emphasis on a “political settlement”, after having been a staunch supporter of Rajapaksa’s war, Delhi must closely work with the Barack Obama Administration, writes former Indian diplomat M. Bhadrakumar, who sees Delhi’s political leverage over Colombo diminishing in what he thinks ‘post-LTTE’ era. To make up lost influence India needs to work with the IC, promote urgent international monitoring mission and mobilise IC opinion favouring political process and settlement within reasonable timeline, he said.

In an article appeared in Mainstream Weekly, Monday, Bhadrakumar who said “the IMF conditionalities should include a verifiable commitment by Rajapaksa to move forward with an internationally supervised peace process,” added further that “the European Union has done the right thing by calling for an inquiry into war crimes.”

“Rajapaksa indeed has a blueprint for the final resolution of the Tamil problem. It involves the systematic colonisation by the Sinhalese of the Tamil homelands north of Elephant Pass so that over the next decade or so, the demography of those regions will be altered to the disadvantage of Tamils. This was how Colombo 'solved' the Tamil problem in the eastern provinces of Trincomalee, Batticaloa and Ampara,” Bhadrakumar said.

In his anticipations, “the Sinhalese establishment will promote an exodus of Tamils to India as a matter of state policy. As victims of state discrimination, Tamils will be willing or even eager to migrate to India as time passes. This will constitute the Sinhalese establishment’s ‘permanent solution’ to the Tamil problem.”

In the opinion of Tamil circles that commented on Bhadrakumar’s article, the biased Indian Establishment was in no way less guilty in exploiting the China card to justify its abetment to Colombo and in continuing its nullification of the national liberation struggle of Eezham Tamils.

“India’s stand is important for the IC to embark upon any positive move.” The Tamil circles said.

But the bare minimum requirement for India and the IC to face the Eezham Tamils in making up any lost influence is boldly and openly acknowledging their status as a nation having self-determination and guaranteeing their security and territorial integrity.

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