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Chauvinism and greed 'naked' in Sri Lanka

[TamilNet, Saturday, 29 August 2009, 04:07 GMT]
It was frightening to see the combined effect of naked chauvinism of Sri Lanka and naked greed of powers, writes TamilNet political commentator in Colombo responding to the video clip displayed Tuesday. “Such a trend in the establishments is a challenge to every lay human being of the civilized world. While rising up to free people in the internment camps is a spontaneous response, what is of paramount importance is independent political organisation of Tamils in order to meet the challenge of the same forces that are now coercing or enticing them to drop righteous aspirations. Tamils are not asking for other’s land or for empires. They only ask for their own land and there is nothing to get scared or to feel ashamed of. As people of classical heritage, if Tamils fail, they fail not merely their cause but an entire human civilization,” he writes commenting on current Tamil affairs.

Full text of the response from the commentator follows:

The world was shocked to see a video footage Tuesday showing the nakedness of Colombo’s genocide of Tamils. What was seen is only an iota of what has happened and what has been happening for decades in the island. But the snippet clip from the Independent Journalists of Sri Lanka has awakened the civilized world that was by design put to slumber by the so-called international media.

Colombo is only partly responsible for crimes against Tamils.

It is the naked greed of the tzars of so-called international community banking on Sri Lankan state that was essentially responsible for this savage experiment on human civilization.

In the long history of genocide against Tamils in the island, the state always escaped scot-free in the pogroms of 1958, 1977 and 1983. The international community did nothing in the edification of the state. Tamils were always told to compromise.

Confident of its impunity, the state was ‘all naked’ in waging the genocidal war and in incarcerating Tamil people. Equally naked, the international community rationalised and abetted it.

Indian Establishment the most active partner of Colombo, China, Russia, Pakistan, and a host of others demonstrated this in a crude way in the UN human rights council. But Tamils are more worried of the sophisticated ways of the West.

India in an intimidating way and the West in an enticing way tries to do the same thing. After military abetment, now strengthening Sri Lankan state diplomatically and economically, they want the victims to reconcile, not to call ‘genocide a genocide’ and want Tamils to forget their aspiration of achieving permanent security by having their own nation state.

India and the West are also competing subtly in capturing and blunting the democratic political moves of Tamils to suit their interests. The former is active in the island and the latter in the diaspora. The main agenda, either by coercion or enticement, is to make Eezham Tamils to drop their nationalism.

They do this with full knowledge that in the context of the deep divide in the island, nothing less than the recognition of two nations only could sort out the matter.

The Australian foreign minister was very open last week.

In view of the long ‘trade relations’ of Australia with Sri Lanka and as a fellow island nation in the ‘region,’ his government is interested in seeing a united Sri Lanka and is reluctant to call for freeing the incarcerated Tamils, despite the fact that all its earlier calls for restraint were not cared by Sri Lanka.

Australia didn’t consider Indonesia as an island nation in the region when it stood for the independence of East Timor.

What implied by the Australian foreign minister is that Tamils have to accept genocide and subjugation for the sake of the economic and geopolitical interests of powers. He leaves Tamils with no choice.

Such an open show of greed by the establishments today is a challenge to the entire civilised world. Ultimately it is a war against every person of lay humanity.

Agitations to attract attention on the plight of Eezham Tamils are planned by diaspora groups in different parts of the world. Attracting the attention of whom? Not that the establishments that caused it don’t know it.

Tamils have to draw the attention of the alternative world, including alternative sections of the Sinhala nation and mobilize them against the common danger all are facing.

Of course, the issue of people in the internment camps is of grave concern and there could be no second word that all have to rise up for their freedom.

But one has to carefully note that governments that allowed genocide, incarceration and the crushing of Tamil safe guards, and the international media that silently sabotaged the Tamil cause, are now showing interest in the IDP issue only because it is essential for the Multinational Corporations (MNCs) to establish themselves in the island. At the same time, all of them meticulously continue nullifying the Tamil national question.

There is no need to elaborate that their operations in collaboration with the Sri Lankan state, while keeping Tamils deprived of sovereignty to decide about their homeland, portend only danger.

The idea is to capture everything of Tamils including their spirit so that the question of political solution or handing over the land to the rightful owners doesn’t arise and the greedy ones could have their ways, making people as ‘work force’.

Therefore, what is of paramount importance is Tamils demonstrating their political will for sovereignty and telling the powers loud and clear that meaningful engagement comes only when they recognize the nation of Eezham Tamils and its absolute self-determination.

Independent political formation of Eezham Tamils, strongly anchored on their national aspiration for independence and sovereignty, is the foundation for achieving anything or engaging with anybody meaningfully.

Individuals who believe in circular ways or in the formulas of powers and think that engagement first and demands later, may do so and may be appreciated if their efforts bring in acceptable results.

But for this purpose they should not attempt to deviate the voice coming from the soul of Tamil nation. Truncating political voice is not the strategy.

It is for an independently organised polity of Eezham Tamils to decide about alliances. An ally may even be an alternative Sinhala polity but it cannot be anyone who tells Tamils to forget righteous aspirations.

Tamils are not asking for other’s land or for empires. They only ask for their own land and there is nothing to get scared or to feel ashamed of it.

The people of Tamil Nadu on their part have a duty in putting the message in strongest possible terms to Karunanidhi government and to the Establishment in New Delhi.

As people of classical heritage, if Tamils fail, they fail not merely their cause but an entire human civilization.


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