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Gatherings of different nature in foreign lands

[TamilNet, Tuesday, 17 May 2011, 22:58 GMT]
While the Eezham Tamil diaspora with a heavy heart gather this week in foreign capitals, remembering powers-abetted genocide committed on them and demanding liberation of their land, prevention of further genocide as well as penal and political justice, the occupying soldiers of the genocidal Army of Sri Lanka celebrated 2600 years of the birth of Buddha in the military colony at Palaali in the country of Eezham Tamils. Around 1400 SL soldiers, clad in white, observed the Buddhist ritual Sil at Palaali on Sunday, the occupying military’s website in Jaffna said. As nations and peoples of the island are emotionally divided in entirely different directions, Washington and New Delhi that engineered the genocide will only contribute to further crisis if realities are not met with in political terms, commented political observers in the island.

Genocidal SL Army in ‘spotless white’ observing the birth of Buddha in the country of Eezham Tamils it occupies on the week the Eezham Tamils remember the genocide committed on them by the occupying Army. [Photo courtesy: Civil Military Coordination, a SL Military associated website in Jaffna]

Meanwhile, on Monday, occupying Army organized gala celebrations with colourful lights in different parts of the Jaffna peninsula, Vanni, and Batticaloa, where Buddhist stupas were already built and where they are recently built in private lands occupied by the military.

Thousands of Sinhalese brought as well as visiting from the south were seen gathering in the celebrations.

Colombo recently organized the admission of 32 Sinhala students in the Jaffna University and they have also announced that they are celebrating the birth of Buddha in the university campus.

In Batticaloa, a Sri Lankan minister laying foundation for a new Buddhist complex was keen in ‘teaching’ Buddhism to Tamils. Before Tamils became Hindus, they were Buddhists, he said. Does he mean that before the arrival of Buddhism, the ancestors of Tamils and Sinhalese in the island had no religion is the question of Tamils in the island.

The biggest irony of the Buddhism of genocidal Sri Lanka is that the 2600 birth anniversary falls exactly on the week Eezham Tamils remember the genocide committed on them, and agitate for further genocide being committed on them by the Sinhala-Buddhist state.

Some of the European Parliament members of the conservative genre, who don’t understand the meaning of genocide, as well as the Blakes and Eriks who don’t accept what they contributed to in the island is genocide could learn it in all its subtleties, if they live with Eezham Tamils in the island, said a student of the University of Jaffna.

Vesak in Jaffna
Occupying military-organised Vesak gala in Jaffna on Tuesday participated by Sinhala people ‘visiting’ Jaffna from the South

Vesak in Jaffna
One of the Vesak lanterns of the ‘celebrations’ the occupying military is flaunting in Jaffna
Colombo government is “full of bright ideas,” on militarising State and society in the island, said Hindustan Times last week, citing new measures of Rajapaksa such as changing the constitution to suit him to infringe further into already fragile judiciary, public service and bribery commissions, and introducing a new scheme for the military to handle university entering students through a mandatory ‘leadership training’ programme conducted by the military.

What Hindustan Times, other mainstream media in India and Indian nationals in international organisations such as Meenakshi Ganguli in Human Rights Watch, who care a lot for the healthiness of State in the island fail to see is that the entire deterioration is harping around and is justified to the Sinhala nation as measures essential for the genocide of the nation of Eezham Tamils.

All of them have to clearly understand that unless the nations are separated in the island, democracy can never be restored and no healthy development could take place as the nations emotionally divided in the island have different visions of their culture and development.

Valika'l sumantha vaaram
Amidst much intimidation and threat from the occupying Army and its paramilitaries, the students of the University of Jaffna on Monday gathered to remember their kith and kin killed in thousands in a genocidal spree at Mu'l'livaaykkaal in May 2009

India, USA, the countries tagged behind the USA and even the other countries engaged in various multi-polar activities could always achieve whatever they like without disgrace and without offending human civilisation by separating the nations in the island that are already separated in psyche, than enforcing one-sided unity in the name of ‘reconciliation and development’.

If they could achieve anything better by riding against the current set by history, contemporary politics and the genocidal realities behind a series of pogroms and wars in more than half a century in the island, let them frankly tell what those demonstrable virtues are.

NCCT blood drive
Members of the Eezham Tamil community in Canada gathered to donate blood to mark the genocide committed on them, in a blood-donating camp organised in a temple in Toronto, Canada.

NCCT blood drive
NCCT blood drive
Elderly as well as youth among Eezham Tamils in Canada came forward to donate blood to vent their feelings for the internationally-abetted genocide committed on them in the island
Why there is diplomatic bankruptcy in the world in not being able to tell that there are better ways of handling the crisis in the island than those of the joint conspiracies of Blakes, Eriks, Narayanans and Menons.

In this respect, China and Russia are not the real problem in realising peace and justice in the island, but India and the USA, who sit on the crux of the matter, subtly pass the blame on each other as The Hindu-Wikileaks and Aftenposten-Wikileaks reveal, and allow China and Russia to meddle with the situation, are the real problem.

In addition, some well-known terrorist establishments of the world are recently hired by Colombo to share expertise and to further plan out genocidal militarization in the island. If anyone in India is still prejudiced by the idea that independence of Eezham Tamils will have a bearing on India’s integrity, they will see a worse situation affecting India in a multifaceted way by not conceding the righteous liberation.

The multifaceted danger and disgrace India is going to face is not worth the retail items genocidal Colombo’s Foreign Minister GL Peiris brought to New Delhi this week in return for the sabotage of UN panel report and the hoodwink of rotten 13th Amendment.

The UN Human Rights Council is not a body of the powers in the Security Council and those who aspire to come into the Security Council. The best way for the international system is to do away with the Security Council.

Sri Lanka is a test case for many other countries in the Human Rights Council to mobilise against the joint mischief of the powers towards the peoples of the world, by not only calling for international action based on the UN panel report, but also by going beyond - acknowledging genocide in the island and conceding the independence of Eezham Tamils.

In the light of public uprisings seen in different parts of the world, by failing the UN Human Rights Council on Eezham Tamils, the smaller countries will only encourage the powers further and further for similar manipulations in their countries. Even those who have skeletons in their cupboard are also not going to achieve anything better. They will only invite more and more peoples to the streets.



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