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US official foresees elections in the north as way for ‘indigenous leadership’

[TamilNet, Friday, 22 July 2011, 12:17 GMT]
While the US Secretary of State Ms. Hillary Clinton visiting Chennai was looking at “some innovative and creative ideas” to break the impasse over the ‘Sri Lankan Tamils’ issue, a senior US State Department official told reporters in Chennai on Wednesday that the US government was looking towards Sri Lanka conducting provincial council elections in the north to facilitate the emergence of indigenous leadership for the first time in 30 years. Meanwhile, campaigning for Rajapaksa in the intimidated civic elections in the north that is now taking place ‘guided’ by the Rajapaksa regime and its occupying Army, SL minister Vasudeva Nanayakara on Tuesday said in Jaffna that Tamils should vote for Rajapaksa to “ensure that there is no foreign interferences.”

Briefing to reporters in Chennai, and looking towards Sri Lanka conducting elections for the provincial council, a senior US State Department official said, “They need to organize provincial council elections up in the north so that there will be, for the first time, an indigenous leadership in that area that was ruled by the LTTE for 30 years.”

“Where we and the Indians are pushing for progress is on this whole process of reconciliation,” the official said.

“They need to stop the activities of paramilitaries that continue to operate in that part of the country,” the official further said.

The US said this earlier too, when the provincial elections took place in the East, under intimidating conditions in 2008, paving way for the installation of a Rajapaksa-supporting paramilitary administration there.

The way Mahinda Rajapaksa conducts the civic elections in the north, without any censures from any of the powers, is a prelude to the conduct of the provincial elections the powers are looking forward to the political subjugation of Eezham Tamils, political observers in the north of the island said.

The provincial councils were created under the failed Indo-Sri Lanka Agreement of 1987, but were truncated of their powers. The unification of the councils of the north and east was also nullified later.

Both India and the USA that didn’t want to formulate any transparent models of political solution to the national question in the island through a joint demarche before they abetted and guided the course of the genocidal war in the island, now prop-up the defunct provincial councils for furtherance of their interests over the subjugation of Eezham Tamils. Both compete in doing it through Rajapaksa under their clutches, through extermination of the nation of Eezham Tamils and through searching for potential collaborators among Eezham Tamils, commented a political activist in Trincomalee.

Despite rights and wrongs over the means and ways, the LTTE of Pirapaharan was the indigenous leadership Eezham Tamils have seen since the advent of colonialism half a millennia ago, the political activist further said, adding that if the USA and India really give priority to the righteous political question in the island over their greed, the solution would have been found by now.

Commenting on the war crimes revelations, a political analyst in Chennai recently said that some powers had spent billions of money in deciding that this war had to be fought and won in the island and they would not wish to waste their investment.

On Thursday Colombo and New Delhi signed a MoU for India to ‘rehabilitate’ the KKS harbour in the country of Eezham Tamils through a ‘complex and wide-ranging’ project, while people of 26 villages in the locality under the SL military occupied High Security Zone are still not resettled.

Some TNA political circles see that their electoral victory in the civic elections would encourage India to take up the political cause of Eezham Tamils. But SL minister Vasudeva says that the TNA, which knows that everything has to come from Rajapaksa, is not going to achieve anything by confronting him.

Meanwhile, KP-orchestrated groups using sections of exploited former LTTE carders are actively engaged in the north in supporting Rajapaksa and intimidating TNA candidates. On Thursday this group abducted some TNA candidates in Vanni and intimidated them to withdraw from the civic elections the voting for which is to take place on Saturday.

The military is to stay, is the message coming from the commander of the occupying genocidal SL Army in the north, Maj. Gen. Hathurusinghe, awarded ‘Asian Nobel Peace Prize’ in Phillippines.

In such a milieu, the US State Department official is looking forward for Rajapaksa-conducted elections to bring out ‘indigenous leadership’ and Vasudeva sees Tamils voting for Rajapaksa would ensure against foreign interferences.

The US Asst. Secretary of State Robert Blake is also long looking forward to ‘new leadership’ coming from Tamils, while the defence departments of the West are busy in secretly backing the military regime of Rajapaksa.


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