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Grease devils, occupying forces, intensify terror in Jaffna

[TamilNet, Thursday, 01 September 2011, 23:00 GMT]
The ‘grease devil’ terror, staged by Sri Lanka’s occupying forces in the country of Eezham Tamils in a systematic way, clearly shows signs of a master-minded genocide emboldened by international inaction, said political and civil activists in Jaffna, commenting on terror unleashed on Wednesday and Thursday in the Jaffna University locality and in the Kurunakar suburb of Jaffna city. The events followed the model of the attack on residents of the Naavaan-thu’rai suburb of Jaffna a few days ago. “You cannot protect your women form us, is the psychological challenge posed by the ‘grease devil’ terror to provoke Tamils and then to attack them like they attack dogs to establish the point that militarisation and genocide have to be submissively accepted, because the occupying forces are sure that the powers that ignore genocide are on their side,” commented a politician in Jaffna.

Three ‘grease devils’, came in a white van on Wednesday night, tried to intrude into residential quarters at Kaladdi in Thirunelveali, Jaffna, located between the medical faculty of the University of Jaffna and the Technical College of Jaffna.

When the alerted people chased the intruders they tried to escape by getting into a bus belonging to Sinhalese that was in the locality at that time. The residents attacked the bus, but it hurriedly drove away from the scene with the intruders.

An hour later, when the residents dispersed and went back to their homes, occupying Sri Lanka’s Army and police came to the locality and dragged out youth in the locality in the style of Naavaan-thu’rai attack.

The residents were brutally attacked by the occupying forces in front of a Catholic church located in the area.

* * *

Of the 24 youth who were brutally assaulted two were thrown into a nearby thicket, as the occupying forces considered them dead.

It is learnt that the occupying forces attacked the youth with butts of the gun after tying their mouths with cloths. Throwing the two considered to be dead into the thicket, the forces took the remaining youth to assault them throughout the night after making them naked.

But no one has been produced in the courts or admitted in hospitals until Thursday.

People were initially afraid that some among the victims could be dead.

The two youth who were rescued from the thicket in a fainted state by the local residents were initially afraid to go to any hospital. However, on Thursday, they were admitted in the Jaffna Teaching Hospital and were found with grievous injuries of broken limps.

34-year-old father of four children, Rathnarasa, and 24 year-old Kanapathippillai Subhaskaran were the two admitted in the hospital.

6 of the 22 youth taken by the occupying forces were produced in the Jaffna court on Thursday. They were refused bail.

The remaining found with severe injuries was released with a warning that they should not go to hospitals.

* * *

In the meantime, in another locality Paarathipuram in Thirunelveali, strange intruders attempted rape on a young girl working at the backyard of her house.

As the alert came, the intruders escaped after injuring the girl on the face.

But in in the name of ‘providing security’ the locality was immediately surrounded by the occupying forces.

* * *

Meanwhile, ‘grease devil’ threat in the style of Naavaan-thu’rai, has evoked a large-scale terror situation in the major fishing suburb Kurunakar in Jaffna city, Thursday.

Three ‘intruders’ chased by the alert residents escaped into a SL military camp and were seen intimidating the residents from being inside the camp.

People started agitating when they found the ‘intruders’ being safely inside the military camp of the occupiers.

Subsequently, the occupying military totally blocked the area between Chinnak-kadai and Water Tank of Kurunakar.

Thousands of soldiers were brought in and movement of people was completely curbed.

The forces assaulted more than four hundred residents, news sources said.

Kurunakar is one of the congested areas of Jaffna city.

Some of the injured have come to the Jaffna Teaching Hospital, but even they were afraid to stay in the hospital and returned after getting first aid.

While the local residents are certain that the ‘intruders’ were no one else other than the inmates of the SL military camp, the military officials have reportedly challenged the people of Kurunakar that they would learn ‘lessons’ in the Naavaan-thu’rai style.

* * *

There were also incidents at Koa'ndaavil and Chuzhipuram in the Jaffna peninsula.

On Wednesday, villagers in Koa'ndaavil captured a person when he was trying to enter into a house where a Tamil woman was staying alone.

When she made noise the villagers surrounded the suspicious person and locked him in a community-centre in the area.

Later the occupying Army rushed to the area and demanded the villagers to hand over the person to them. When people refused to handover the culprit to the Army, Koappaay police arrived in and took him into their custody.

The suspect, 20-year-old T.D.Sanjaya, a native of Kahawatte in Ratnapura district when produced before the Jaffna magistrate A. Anandarajah, submitted a report claiming that he was mentally retarded.

This report was submitted to courts without subject to any medical examinations by the Jaffna Teaching Hospital.

The acting Deputy Inspector of Police for Jaffna, Niel Daluwatte, on Thursday claimed to media in Colombo that the person arrested by villagers in Koa'ndaavil on Wednesday was a mentally retarded person.

Similarly a 65-year-old Sinhalese captured on suspicion in Chuzhipuram has also claimed as mentally deranged.

People of Jaffna have now started suspecting every Sinhalese found in Jaffna, news sources say.

* * *

While people wonder who behind the occupying Army orchestrate the terror campaign, the occupying Sinhala military and police in Jaffna have now started threatening the local people that acts against any Sinhalese in Jaffna would result in a pogrom in Colombo.

In a way drawing comparison, the US Asst Secretary of State Robert Blake while meeting Eezham Tamil groups in the US last week said that pressing for international investigation against Sri Lanka’s war crimes would be used in SL by the JVP/JHU to campaign that the US wants regime change in SL, and that would further polarize the issue and there would definitely be no accountability.

Here comes the impunity with which the occupying SL military is carrying out its genocidal agenda, Tamil political circles in the island commented.

One may have to wait for another ‘WikiLeaks’ revelation to come to know that the US diplomats secretly recognised the on-going genocide, Tamil political circles further said.

The commander of the occupying Sinhala forces in Jaffna Maj. Gen. Hathurusinghe, awarded ‘Asian Nobel Prize for Peace’ in Philippines, and media in Colombo proclaim that what is happening is only thwarting the ‘attempts by the LTTE’ to remove the SL military.

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