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Targeted attacks in Jaffna show war of Establishments against Eezham Tamils

[TamilNet, Monday, 26 September 2011, 23:50 GMT]
The US Asst. Secretary of State visiting the island recently, wanted the ‘Grease Devil’ attacks to be stopped as though the ‘switch’ was in his hand. But targeted attacks taking place in Jaffna after his visit, against the backdrop of dubious manoeuvrings currently engineered in the West, only show a continued and concerted war waged against Eezham Tamils by elements in the Establishments guilty of genocide trying politics of intimidation, commented political circles in Jaffna. A house of a judge, two doctors and a bank official were targeted in the attacks in Jaffna last week taking the life of one and injuring at least seven in localities swamped by occupying SL military. The student community in Jaffna would have performed much better by showing righteous resentment to the visiting US dignitary rather than allowing the EPDP to hijack the show, the political circles further said.

On Wednesday attackers who went to the house of District Judge Ilancheliyan at Velanai in the Kayts Island, killed 51-year-old Savarimuththu Jesuraja who was residing in the house of the judge by a sharp weapon. His wife and children who tried to prevent the killing were attacked and were admitted in the hospital with serious injuries.

The family of Mr. Jesuraja came from Vanni after many sufferings in the war and were residing in the house of the judge.

On the same day, while the locality of Karuveappilam, in Kokkuvil (close to the Medical Faculty of the University of Jaffna), was being surrounded by large number of SL Army, three masked assailants entered the house of a doctor, whose wife is also a doctor, attacked them and also attacked the elderly parents residing in that house.

In the incident, 45-year-old Dr. Kanagalingam Sivakonesan, his wife, 42-year-old Dr. Sivakonesan Tharani, both doctors at the Jaffna Teaching Hospital, 71-year-old father of Dr. Sivakonesan, Mr. Kanagalingam and his wife, 70-year-old Pushpaleelavathy were injured.

The same masked attackers on the same night entered the housed of a bank official, 56-year-old, Sabaratnam Selvarajah and attacked him and his wife, 41-year-old Sarojini Selvaraja, injuring both.

Meanwhile, 26-year-old Baskaran Gajanthan, father of three children, was seriously injured when strange attackers cut him with a weapon at Vasanthapuram in Irupaalai at Koappaay, where the SL military has an extensive base.

* * *

The structural genocide and targeted attacks by Sri Lanka occupying the country of Eezham Tamils systematically aim at land grab, demographic changes, exodus of potential human resources, subjugation of the remaining and finally annihilation of a nation.

The attacks are carried out not only by the occupying military, but also by the Sinhala elite planning to capture in various multifaceted ways the economic, commercial, administrative, educational, cultural and even ‘spiritual’ leadership over the Eezham Tamils.

The paradigm of ‘Post-war reconciliation’ conceived by the US State Department without acknowledging the Eezham Tamil right to self-determination is the most vicious of all the war paradigms aimed at the genocide of Eezham Tamils, is what Tamils in the island increasingly feel nowadays.

While on one hand setting all the background for the exodus of Eezham Tamils and annihilation of their nation, the Establishments in the West are concertedly engaged in targeting the refugees too, as seen from the current acts of UK, Australia and Canada, Eezham Tamil diaspora circles tell.

Even in political manoeuvrings – whether by the failed faces like Robert Blake and Erik Solheim or by the recently inducted Canadian Prime Minister Harper - the concerted and orchestrated aims of the Establishments are the same, diaspora political circles said.

Why can’t they show the concerted and orchestrated effort in delivering realistic political justice to Eezham Tamils, is the question simmering in the minds of Eezham Tamils.

The recent statement of Rajapaksa at the UN as reported by the Inner City Press show the repeated re-affirmation that Sinhala nation believes in excluding the Tamil nation from the island.

"Longstanding beliefs [of Sri Lanka's Sinhala culture] cannot be trumped by "human rights... from alien cultures [Western culture]," Rajapaksa said, as reported by the ICP.

The thrust of the recent statement by the war-crimes-accused general and Sri Lanka’s Deputy representative at the UN, Shavendra Silva was also one such that shows Colombo's intention of projecting the war crimes responsibilities as one arising from a ‘people to people war’.

The commander of Sri Lanka's Army during the war, Sarath Fonseka was more open on the point when he said at the height of the war that Sri Lanka belonged to the Sinhalese.

How long the Western Establishments are going to fool the Eezham Tamils in the diaspora whom they think of maneuvering in various ways by their paradigm ‘reconciliation’ sans right to self-determination is carefully being watched by an alternative section of Tamils both in South Asia and in the diaspora which may not be dormant for long, political circles in the diaspora commented.


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