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Politics of Human Rights

[TamilNet, Friday, 30 September 2011, 08:49 GMT]
“Is it not time for us to realize that these partners in collusion are making us to chase a mirage that is getting further and further away,” asks TamilNet Economic and Geopolitical Analyst in Asia Pacific, citing Human Rights Council in Geneva giving further time for Rajapaksa to stabilize the genocide. Stressing on the importance of collectivism in ideology to face the situation, the analyst said the lacuna in current human rights activism is that it harps only on individual human rights and not on collective human rights such as the right to self-determination of nations. Individualism carefully promoted by the Establishments leads to inaction, frustration and negativism. The present HR activists hooked to the paradigm should be reminded of the limitations of their activism resulting in negativism capturing the minds of all oppressed peoples, he further writes.

The UNHRC in Geneva has ended without discussing the Human Rights violations in Sri Lanka leaving in tact its May 2009 support of Human Right Violations in Sri Lanka in spite of the UNSG Panel Report recommending that the UNHCR should review its May 2009 decision.

We are being told by our ‘friends’ that the subject will be discussed in the March 2012 sessions of the UNHRC with the usual proviso of subject to Sri Lanka not doing anything on its own before then. Thus the GOSL has been given another 6 months to complete the Genocide.

The ICG predicted this in its September 13th Report, a day after the UNHRC sessions started (obviously the Report has been written before then) and Ban’s ‘friendly’ contribution for this gift of time to Sri Lanka is by delaying the transmission of the UNSG Panel Report to the UNHRC till the end of the 1st day’s session of the UNHRC.

At least we must give “credit” to the ICG for its honesty of stating in its September 13th Report that “India, USA, EU and UN are the International Partners of Sri Lanka”.

Sri Lanka for its part stated that the LLRC would consider the UNSG Panel Report and the collusion partners in chorus sing that they should give a chance to the LLRC Report.

Before the next sessions of the UNHRC in March 2012, Sri Lanka may say that the PSC (Parliamentary Select Committee) must Review the LLRC Report and the game goes on.

Is it not time for us to realize that these partners in collusion are making us to chase a mirage that is getting further and further away? Are we not being fooled into this chase while GOSL is continuing with the Genocide regardless without any resistance? We should realize that hoodwinking us to chase this ever-moving mirage is to give us the impression that there is still something left to rely on the International Community of Establishments.

* * *

The Politics of Deceit continues but the forms may vary. ‘Human Rights’ are beautiful words and it is music to the weak and oppressed and hence you need to steel yourself to discuss the Politics of Human Rights at least till you realize that Music, though it may have the healing effect of Medicine, is not Food.

First point is that there is no standard definition or understanding of Human Rights.

Mahinda was a Human Rights Activist in the 1980s when the Sinhala youth of the JVP were under fire. Then he went to Geneva against the then Sri Lankan Government without bothering about neither the sovereignty of the country nor the interference in internal affairs.

Dr. Vikremabahu Karunaratne said that Mahinda took him to Australia to canvass against the violations of Human Rights by the then GOSL. Now when it comes to Tamils he is the worst perpetrator of HR violations killing over 150,000 in 6 months.

Ms. Tamara Kunanayagam’s speech to the UNHRC in 1987 and 2011 follow the example of Mahinda.

Mahinda’s International partners (identified by the ICG) shed tears from the mountaintop against Human Right Violations (insignificant compared to that in Sri Lanka by any standards) in Tibet, Zimbabwe, Libya and the like while Mahinda himself criticizes lesser (than in Sri Lanka) Human Right Violations in Iraq and Afghanistan.

* * *

Thus for the International Community of Establishments, the meaning of Human Rights has to be interpreted depending on who the oppressors and who the victims are. You can always get the previews from ICG Reports.

Human Rights Watch (HRW), Amnesty International (AI) and similar NGOs have relatively more consistent standards with respect to different oppressors and victims, but all Human Right Violations are related to Individual Rights.

Further they restrict the Individual Rights also to a closed group of rights like freedom of thought, freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, freedom of the press and the like (which freedoms are valuable) but they are rarely concerned with more fundamental freedoms like freedom from unemployment, freedom from hunger as the search for such freedoms lead to collective action.

More importantly collective Human Rights like formation of trade unions or formation of anti Establishment Political Parties or even groups are outside the purview of Human Rights Activists of all sorts.

What Eelam Tamils and other Nations without State should realize is that all the champions of human rights never take the most fundamental collective Human Right of Self Determination of Nations into consideration.

If a deeper analysis of all Human Rights Activists, groups and campaigns is carried out, we will find out that Human Rights have been hijacked away from collective Human Rights (including Right of Self Determination of Nations) and hijacked away from Individual Rights that will lead to Collective Action or in short away from Collective Action.

* * *

If the transition from animal to human in evolution is analysed, it will be seen that the cardinal features distinguishing human from animal are: Language, Technology and Collectivism.

While Language and Technology depend on Collectivism, humans cannot produce anything without Collective Action. In fact it was the need for (the physically weak) humans to survive in a hostile jungle environment that promoted Collective Action and collective settlements away from nomadic life.

Thus Collectivism is the most fundamental Human Right of the Individual and Right of Self Determination of Nations is the most fundamental Collective Human Rights.

It is foolish to expect the present model of Human Rights Activism to deliver Liberation to us. Human Rights Activism as it exists promote the ideology of Individualism which is against Collectivism and hence against progress in civilization and in evolution.

The Individualism carefully promoted by the Establishments results in lack of Collectivism and hence leads to inaction, frustration and Negativism.

The Human Rights Activists should be reminded about the limitations of their Activism, pointing out the worst consequence of resulting Negativism, which has captured the minds presently of all oppressed peoples.

The Negativism is a consequence of not seeing change in spite of all from Obama downwards crying ‘change’ and ‘yes we can’.

* * *

Change is not possible without collectivism based on unity at least for coordinated action on specific issues.

The call for unity is often treated as rhetoric, as people can clearly see it as only an attempt to eliminate rival leadership. Can all Diaspora Tamils unite on the specific issue of Reparation to War Victims by the War Victors (both local and foreign)?

Another specific issue will be the implementation of the UNSG Report. The question of the Right of Self Determination could be the next stage.

Even if changes at ground level may not materialize quickly, such campaigns will expose the ‘International Community’ in addition to exposing Mahinda but at the same time educate the international public, more importantly our Natural Allies.

The way forward demands a fundamental change in ideology from Individualism to Collectivism. This Individualism in social science is no different an enemy than Isolationism in the natural sciences or Egoism in spiritualism.


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