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‘Rehabilitation’ means mental torture in open prison

[TamilNet, Thursday, 01 December 2011, 19:18 GMT]
For former liberation fighters and their active supporters who were ‘released’ after the war, the so-called rehabilitation means servitude under SL military and mental torture in open prison, news reports from the SL-occupied country of Eezham Tamils said. The latest sanction against them is that they were warned by the SL military not to try going abroad for any reason. If caught at the airport their lives are not guaranteed, they were told. Instructed to report often to SL military intelligence units, they have been repeatedly told not to talk to media, not to discuss anything with the public and not to attend to any public gatherings. Most of the former liberation fighters are already under mental stress from the ‘brain washing’ sessions before the so-called release. Now they are forced to live a completely isolated life.

Suffering from frustration many of them wish to go and find work in West Asia or elsewhere.

Colombo’s fear is that they may reveal the war crimes or join the diaspora’s struggle, news sources in the island said.

But, Colombo has sent a chosen few for manoeuvrings outside and exploits another desperate lot for devious collaboration inside. Devoted and conscience-minded sections – the real human resource of the nation – silently suffer, the news sources further said.

By continued vilification of the liberation fighters, by one-sided justice against them while being genial to war criminals of the state and its military, and by denying the sovereignty and political right of the nation of Eezham Tamils to look after the rehabilitation of its own freedom fighters, the Establishments of the world, especially the West contributes to a heinous crime that will be indelible in the social memory of Tamils for ages, commented a Tamil political activist in the diaspora.

In the name of ‘reconciliation’, the West wants the Tamil freedom fighters to be ‘rehabilitated’ through the hands of the genocidal Sinhala military. Sometimes back, a visiting British diplomat was seen discussing that with the crimes-accused SL military’s commanders in Jaffna.


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