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US-UK axis drags EU into endorsing militarisation of Sri Lanka

[TamilNet, Friday, 02 December 2011, 21:12 GMT]
USA and the UK are primarily responsible for endorsing Sri Lanka’s military rule and military solution to the national question of Tamils. Europe is unwillingly manipulated by the US-British axis, says a feedback from a Sinhala reader to the feature “West endorses ethno-military rule, military solution: Tamil civil groups,” appeared in TamilNet, Thursday. The feedback cites the instance that the ‘Friend of Sri Lanka’ EU parliamentarian, Geoferey Van Orden, who went on ‘fact-finding’ to Jaffna and came up with appreciation to Hathurusinghe’s military reconciliation, is actually a Eurosceptic British Conservative Party member who was earlier serving in the British military intelligence corps.

Van Orden was commissioned into the intelligence corps in 1964, and became a Brigadier in 1991.

He served world wide in the British Army intelligence. He was chief of staff of the British Army in Berlin (1988-90); Assessment Staff of the Joint Intelligence Committee in London (1990) and retired from the military as Executive Secretary of International Military Staff at the NATO headquarters (1991-1994).

He was elected to the EU as Conservative candidate from UK. But on many issues he was against Britain getting along with Europe.

“I didn’t become an MEP in order to promote the EU,” says his website adding, “Spot the good reasons why the EU should not be meddling in Defence,” the feedback cited.

Van Orden is President of the “Friends of Sri Lanka Group” in the European Union Parliament.

The US and Britain were the main designers in tilting the balance against Eezham Tamils, in mobilising 30+ countries to abet Sri Lanka and in paving way for the genocidal end of the war.

When the war was turning genocidal, Britain’s representative in the UN Security Council and the current intelligence chief John Sawers said that the LTTE was long blighting Sri Lanka.

No wonder ‘visions’ of military solution prevails over political justice, with personalities like Van Orden involved in the issue.

Mahinda Rajapaksa was right when he was confident about Sri Lanka having ‘friends’.

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