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Building consensus with universal ideology

[TamilNet, Tuesday, 20 December 2011, 06:02 GMT]
The struggle of Eezham Tamils has to be waged with the strength of unity and consensus in ideology; both in the immediate task of dealing with a three-cornered international struggle in a multipolar world as well as in the long-term universal task of pursuing the Right of Self Determination for nearly a third of the world that is currently denied of it and in the world-wide struggles of the 99 per cent of the peoples in this planet seeking a more equitable world against the one per cent that constitutes today’s globalized Establishments, writes TamilNet Economic and Geopolitical Analyst in the Asia Pacific. The days of alignment with any power are gone in the multipolar world set-up, where the alignments are shifting every now and then though the underlying element among the Globalised Establishments is Cooperation via UN & its agencies, he further writes.

“It is foolishness to expect any power to deliver liberation to us though we can make the benefit out of 'cooperation, competition and conflict among the multipolar powers' (present as well as absent for the time being), provided we are a recognisable force.

“The only way to become a recognisable force is building of Tamil Unity or Tamil Consensus (particularly with people of Tamil Nadu) against the Genocide of Tamils in the island of Sri Lanka.

“It affects all the Tamils in the World as well as many other peoples without State, for if it succeeds in Sri Lanka, the model will spread to other parts of the World.

“Our immediate task is building the consensus in ideology with a universal outlook, and building a leadership to spearhead the struggle, independent from the hijacking forces,” the Analyst observes.

* * *

The Economic and Geopolitical Analyst continues elucidating on the current global context and on the need to build a universal consensus in ideology:

Why did Eelam liberation movement face the disastrous setback in May 2009? Why are the oppressed peoples who constitute the 99% being deceived by the 1% of globalised Establishments? Why justice seems to be so far away? Can justice be achieved in isolation?

The lack of clear answers to these and similar questions has led to confusion, lack of confidence and inaction or ineffective action not only among Eezham Tamils but also among the spectrum of all oppressed Nations without State and the oppressed peoples in Nations with State.

Therefore to move forward, the answers to the above questions have to be found. The Feature article “Politics of the Way Ahead” discussed the context for finding answers to these questions.

The strategic battle line is between the Globalised Establishments on the one side with Nations without State and the oppressed peoples on the other side. The Globalised Establishments are united under the banner of the UN and have developed a high level of consensus for oppression and against National Liberation. In any war of aggression or oppression (as in the war against Eezham Tamils) there are 30-40 countries in a coalition against the victim who is isolated.

The consensus among the Globalised Establishments is focused very much through the UN as evident from the fact that a Veto has been used only rarely in the recent past, though opportunistic powers portrayed a threat of Veto by others to silence the victims.

During the Eelam War, the “Friendly Powers” of the West always used the threat of a possible Veto by China and/or Russia as an excuse for non-interference, non-condemnation of even war crimes or non-condemnation of “removal of witnesses from the war zone”.

They just organized a sham meeting in the Basement of the UN as if they wanted the GOSL to complete the operations without any obstructions. They did not even table a proposal because of the “fear of Veto” though the use of Veto by China & Russia recently in the case of Syria has prevented the West from neither openly supporting the “Rebels” against Syria nor proposing a resolution against Syria in the Security Council.

The Veto that was used 239 times by the permanent members of the UN Security Council from the inception of the UN till 1990 (5 to 6 times a year) has since been rarely used, about once a year on the average. This shows the extent of developing consensus among the Globalised Establishments through the UN. Ban ki Moon is managing the UN and its organizations in tune with this developing consensus, representing the 1%.

* * *

The Consensus of the Globalised Establishments is further reflected in the coalitions of 30 to 40 countries conducting the recent wars of aggression/oppression whether in Iraq, Afghanistan or Eelam.

The Coalitions of countries and even the conduct of wars change with specific cases. Unlike in the other wars, in the case of the war against Eezham Tamils, the Coalition had representatives from all multi polar Powers (West, India, China, Russia) and GOSL & India were allowed to commit all manner of war crimes and remove all possible witnesses.

It is to be noted that the unusual extent of War Crimes and absence of Witnesses are specific to the War against Eezham Tamils.

Consensus Building was developed not only among the enemy coalition of Establishments but also among the Establishment parties in the “two party democracies”.

Thus, in Sri Lanka, both UNP and UPFA have developed a consensus on how to deal with the Eelam National question. They both speak the same language with only cosmetic differences.

Still many including “Tamil Marxist intellectuals” accuse the LTTE for not having chosen between Ranil & Mahinda in the Presidential Elections of 2005 without even realizing that had the LTTE supported Ranil, Mahinda would have won by a landslide majority just as he did when Sampanthan supported Sarath Fonseka.

Such is the anti Tamil chauvinism among the vast majority of Sinhalese whether due to ignorance, prejudice or Mahavansa mindset.

The same is true in other “two Party democracies” on all substantive issues be it Australia, New Zealand, UK, USA or Canada.

Recently when the question of boat people/ Refugees came to the forefront, both the Establishment Parties in Australia took the same position. So is the history of the Establishment Parties in all the two party Democracies.

* * *

The approach of the oppressors is clear. Strategic Real Unity of all oppressive forces (1%) and tactical apparent separation to deceive, divide, isolate and rule the oppressed 99%.

In “two Party Democracies”, the two Parties have developed Consensus on essential issues which are seldom advertised but also cultivate Cosmetic Differences which are frequently advertised to deceive, divide, isolate and rule the oppressed. The differences are magnified during “Election Time” but ignored between elections enabling crossovers.

In the case of Globalised Establishments, the differences in interests are relatively more real but former Imperialists who retained control over the World Economy and Trade and the Agent Imperialists of various countries who enjoy devolved Political Imperialism in oppressing Nations without State within their borders have more interests in common.

Their common interests include opposition to National Liberation, which they conveniently label it as Terrorism.

It is to be noted that at present there are only 193 Nations with State admitted to the UN club (former Imperialists and Agent Imperialists) oppressing about 6000 Nations without State of which 230 including Eelam are well organized.

The Liberation of all Nations without State (referred to as the 4th World) or the completion of National Liberation is a must to rid of Imperialism (oppression of one Nation by another Nation) and to establish a New Equitable World Order (Socialist Society).

Naturally the former Imperialists and Agent Imperialists will not permit the progress of National Liberation as that undermines the Imperialist nature of the existing World Order. So long as even a single Nation is under oppression by another Nation, it cannot be said that Imperialism has been eliminated and that a New World Order could be established.

It is a pity that some Diaspora Tamils believe that former Imperialists or Agent Imperialists will deliver Liberation to us. It is more ridiculous that some who claim to be struggling for Socialism are opposed to National Liberation.

It is true that over time countries or UN members have increased (Now at 193) because that was conducive to the stability of the existing Imperialist World Order by opening more resources to be exploited.

None of the Establishments including South Africa has promoted National Liberation and even South Sudan (in spite of all the noises) has fallen in line.

* * *

It is clear why Eelam Liberation was so ruthlessly destroyed by 30-40 Establishments – in fact more ruthlessly than even Taliban.

It was possible because we were isolated not only physically and materially but also even ideologically, and hence we lacked the solidarity by other Nations without State and by the oppressed peoples in general.

We had only support from the Eelam Tamil Diaspora whereas successful liberation movements like Vietnam and South Africa had worldwide international solidarity.

Examples of success without international Solidarity like Kosovo, South Sudan etc can be found but they were backed by powerful of the Globalised Establishments based on resource utilization or political consideration.

We lack resources to sell ourselves and our attempts to politically sell ourselves to the West and India have miserably failed as they took us for granted and ignored us.

In reality, politically selling ourselves could have been possible during the cold war Bi Polar World or even during the Uni Polar World of Globalised Capital. Those Eras are bygones now and in the present era of Globalised Establishments of developing Multi polar World with shifting alignments, politically selling ourselves is not possible, apart from it being undesirable.

The only option left to us is favourable International Solidarity on which the Diaspora should concentrate (without pretending to lead the Homeland Tamils) so that any struggle by the Homeland Tamils could bear fruit.

It is not a question of how long it will take but the only way to go, knowing that History moves not according to any timetable but according to the cause and effect frame.

It is quite likely that the Environmental Crisis and the World Economic Crisis will precipitate a New World Order much sooner than we anticipate. We need to align ourselves correctly to be on the right side.

Even those who argue that the Homeland Tamils need concessions to live so that we can struggle, should note that such concessions are possible or even our persuasions convincing, lobbying, applying pressure etc are possible, only if our solidarity base is strong.

* * *

It is to be also noted that present day World depends on the mercy of consumers and from that point of view also the number in solidarity with us is of great significance.

International Solidarity is the only way whether in the long run or whether in the short run but requires dedication and hard work.

We should learn from the Enemy. See how Imperialism which was considered dead after the Second World War, understanding the new phase of conscious development of History, consolidated itself by transformation to Globalised Capital and then transformation to Globalised Establishments.

The Enemy realized the importance of Consensus Building first in his own ranks, then among allies and finally among friends and now they are able to isolate and defeat the forces of genuine National Liberation which is indeed a pre emptive move against a New World Order.

Therefore, our urgent task is Consensus Building and naturally the objective of consensus building will differ depending on the collective population concerned. The objectives, however, need to be acceptable, realistic, compatible and equitable to be successful.

Suggested objectives include action against genocide for Tamil solidarity, action for Right of Self Determination of Nations for Solidarity of Nations without State, actions for a New World Order for Solidarity with the oppressed peoples (say the 99% movement), actions for Harmony with the Environment for Solidarity with the Environmentalists like the Greens, actions for Harmony with the Evolution in the new phase of Conscious Development for Solidarity with the Spiritual minded.

All the objectives suggested above are compatible and mutually reinforcing one another. In a fast Globalising World, fight against oppression anywhere helps the oppressed everywhere.

So it makes sense for Diaspora Tamils to join the fight against the Establishments wherever they live.

If the Establishments are engaged with their local population, then they will have limited time and resources to encourage the others of the Globalised Establishments.

This unified approach will make our actions effective and also helps Consensus Building among the oppressed peoples.

* * *

The Consensus Building among the peoples (99%) is far more difficult than the Consensus Building among the Enemy of Globalised Establishments (1%), but that is the only way forward.

It is, however, to be considered that the Enemy is aware of the Historical phase of “conscious development of History after the end of Second World War” and practices that while preventing peoples from learning that by way of promoting ignorance, prejudices, divisions etc.

It is also to be noted that the 99% has to get over all the hurdles and road blocks by the 1% apart from getting over the traitors and more importantly the negative consciousness among those in the 99% aspiring to be part of the 1%.

Just as we should strive and work hard to build consensus among allies and friends, we should equally be on guard against traitors and those developing enemy (1%) aspirations.

The good news is that we do not have to develop Consensus Building among the 99% to the same level as that of 1% as nature has shown that when a critical point (dew point, critical mass, adulthood etc) is reached, it is Prairie Fire after that.

Conscious, effective hard work is required till the critical point is reached. Justice appears far away till the critical point is reached but becomes imminent when the critical point is reached.

All (of the 99%) cannot work on all the objectives. While feeling that we are part of the 99% to have clear perspective of the overall objectives, we should concentrate on objectives where we can contribute effectively.

International action against genocide of Eezham Tamils and for the recognition of the Right of Self Determination of Nations will certainly give hope to the Tamils struggling for survival in the Homeland more effectively than say sending money which will only help the Foreign Exchange of GOSL.

We certainly should remind that it is the responsibility of victors of the war (foreign and local) to pay reparations to the victims of war.

* * *

International Consensus Building (among the 99%) around actions against genocide is much easier and that is precisely the reason why our “friends in West and India” want us to avoid that term.

Some even among Eezham Tamils feel that the word should be reserved only for the Jews!

We should always look at the opposite of what the Enemy says.

Even in the recent Panel discussion of the Asia Society in New York (6th December 2011), The International Crisis Group (ICG) representative advised the Diaspora not to accuse the GOSL of Genocide as that would rule out the possibility of the “Current Reconciliation”.

No doubt the ICG as usual reflects the view of the “International Community” that surrender is the path of the oppressed people for Reconciliation.

There was no Panel member to represent the views of the Tamil Community though moderated by a Tamil but there was one to represent the Sinhala Community and two to represent the “International Community”.

Unfortunately the Diaspora present also did not want to even ask a question on the Right of Self Determination, probably following the footsteps of TNA.

This is clear enough for the oppressed Tamils of Eelam to concentrate on the Recognition of the Right of Self Determination and on the struggle against the genocide going on since 1948 stalemated by the LTTE between 1983 and 2009.

The struggle against genocide is one that should encompass the consensus of all Tamils in the World since if GOSL completes the genocide in Sri Lanka; other Tamils in the world will not be spared.

It is a danger confronting more than 100 million Tamils and the campaign should be carried among all of them and that is where World Tamil Unity or Consensus Building among World Tamils comes into play.

Equally it is far easier for international consensus building around Recognition of the Right of Self Determination of Nations – a collective Human Right of Nations than around separation or Eelam, though the Right of Self Determination enables the Homeland Tamils to go for Eelam as a separate country.

Further, the recognition of the Right of Self Determination is the common demand of all Nations without State and hence has the constituency of 1/3rd of the population of the world.

Thus it is possible for all members of the Diaspora to campaign for the recognition of the Right of Self Determination in the wider world achieving greater consensus or unity and once it is recognized can go for separation if necessary.

But the struggle has to be watchful of those who hijack the meaning of the phrase, Right of Self Determination.

* * *

It is time to demolish the monopoly of Consensus Building among the 1% by promoting the Consensus Building among the 99%.

The oppressed peoples in Nations with State, desire an Equitable World Order (Socialist Society) but they should realize that Equitable World Order is not possible so long as Imperialism exists.

Imperialism is one Nation oppressing another Nation and Imperialism can be eliminated only when the National Liberation is completed or as a minimum the remaining 1/3rd population of the World are in a position to exercise the Right of Self Determination.

This allows the Unity or Consensus to be built on the largest scale.

Achieving Consensus or Unity on Environment and Evolution is the next stage but imminent in view of the impending Economic and Environmental Crises.

Though many cry for Unity, they do not realize that Unity is meaningless without an objective and can never be achieved on emotional grounds.

Unity is really building consensus and it could be done only within the constituency to which the objective applies.

Thus we should campaign for unity or consensus against genocide among World Tamils, campaign for unity or consensus for the recognition of the Right of Self Determination among all Nations without State, campaign for equitability in dealing with the economic crisis among all oppressed peoples and campaign for harmony with the environment and evolution among all peoples.

No doubt the Highest Priority is for the campaign against genocide for survival and for the Right of Self determination for the political aspirations both of which are interdependent.

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