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‘Champions of Change’

[TamilNet, Tuesday, 03 January 2012, 15:02 GMT]
Even as the nation of the Scots enjoys limited autonomy in the United Kingdom, its desire for independence coupled with other political and economic developments compels the leader of the Scottish National Party to optimistically assert that Scotland and other similar small independent nation-states will be the champions of change in the near future. On the other hand, as the efficiently functioning de facto state of the Eezham Tamils was crushed by Sri Lanka with support of world powers in May 2009, there is a need to soar above mere war crimes calls and other similar discourses, which only blunt the aims of our political goals. The year 2012 must involve reinvigorated efforts to assert sovereignty of the Eezham Tamils and to set the moral victory of our national liberation struggle as a standard to natural allies, writes TamilNet Economic and Geopolitical Analyst in the Asia Pacific.

Full text of the article by TamilNet Economic and Geopolitical Analyst in the Asia Pacific, follows:

The beginning of a year always flows with hope. In Tamil we have the saying that there will be a way when January (Thai) is born. Hope is infectious and we feel happy and ourselves become more hopeful when we see others, particularly of our kind, overflow with hope.

It is in this spirit that we appreciate the article titled “How Scotland will Lead the World in 2012” written by Alex Salmond, first minister of Scotland and leader of the Scottish National Party. Although his concepts, including his conceptualization of nations and his idea of globalization as an emancipatory force, lack the clarity of social analysis, we admire his confidence for the Scottish Nation to Lead the World in 2012 and his conviction that “It is not the size of a nation that is important, but the size of its ambition and of the contribution that it can make to the world.”

The optimism of another Nation without State like us should inspire us to have greater hope and motivate us to get out of the lethargy of silence and inaction into which we have dumped ourselves since the Mu'l'livaaykkaal genocide of May 2009, particularly because our achievements as a Nation without State are far greater than those of the Scottish nation.

We had established and managed a de facto state against a brutal enemy supported by powerful global establishments, and despite being labelled a ‘non-state actor’ by many in the West, we exercised a moral high ground in principle and in practice that our enemies and their friends consistently failed to reciprocate.

The political and ideological comparisons that we make with other struggles must be purely for the purpose of further advancement of our struggle and our natural allies of Nations without State and the oppressed peoples in the Nations with State.

We along with our natural allies are on one side of the fence and the 193 global establishments with state power are on the other side of the fence. We should never forget this fundamental strategic division in the world order in dealing with our natural allies as well as dealing with our common opponents in the global establishments of former imperialists and agent imperialists on the other side of the fence.

It is because we as well as our natural allies do not understand and apply this strategic division, our common enemy is able to divide us and defeat us. Because some of us have not learnt this, the very enemies who facilitated our genocide are making use of naive elements within our polity to create illusory battles like war crimes, human rights etc.

The global establishments are divided into gangs like the two parties in the “democracies” and camouflage themselves by their apparent cosmetic differences while safeguarding their common interests whether in war or in peace.

They trapped us in the peace trap of the CFA to organize Sri Lanka’s military victory and to deprive us of our hard earned fruits of a politically consistent armed struggle. Those who have closely followed the LTTE documents of the 2006 talks that were released recently would understand how the CFA was used by the powers strategically to arm the Sri Lankan government, despite it deliberately violating numerous of the agreements, and to ‘disarm’ the LTTE, despite their eagerness in practice to conform to most of the clauses.

It can be bluntly said that this ‘war through peace’ was the political prelude to the ‘war through annihilation’ that happened in Mu’l’livaaikkaal genocide.

These very same powers are now engaged in crafting another peace and reconciliation trap to disarm Eezham Tamils of their political consciousness. The agents of these powers and failed peace-brokers will also seek to influence the Tamil polity towards a non-descript and ‘home-grown’ solution, without even allowing Eezham Tamils to seek the path of applying ‘remedial sovereignty’.

Attempting to divert the focus of the masses in Tamil Nadu and the Tamil diaspora, the powers also want Tamils to believe that ‘Gandhian means’ would work locally in the island, conveniently forgetting what response the Sinhala state gave to the satyagraha protests of the 50’s, 60’s and early 70’s.

Likewise, the UNHRC drama will continue for few more years till they politically disarm us and allow completion of the structural genocide of our nation by the Sinhala state by permanently mutilating our homeland as well as our will to liberate it. That is why groups like the ICG on behalf of the global establishments do not want us to speak of genocide, though Eezham Tamils are daily experiencing the genocide as a structural process as reports from all the districts of North and East clearly reveal.

We need also to tell the oppressed peoples in the Nations with State that the global establishments ‘defeated’ us as a pre-emptive move to prevent the New World Order we are fighting for from emerging. Even many of the socialists and leftists do not understand this though it was clearly stated 50 years ago by the then Chinese leaders that socialism cannot be built without completing the national liberation.

This is not a magical slogan but rather a simple fact that socialism cannot be built while imperialism exists and imperialism will exist even if one nation is oppressed by another nation. This is the reason why the ‘military defeat’ of the Eezham Tamil nation’s sole representatives, who were creating a new model of nation-state and society, was hailed by reactionaries world over, while genuine progressives in South Asia and elsewhere mourned it.

Beyond being just a loss for the Eezham Tamils, the powers engineered solution that was dealt to the LTTE was an immense loss to the struggling peoples of the world. This is an opinion that was also shared by the CCOMPOSA in their 5th conference held in March 2011.

Some who do not understand the cause and effect nature of events and think in terms of arbitrary time frames may even argue that changing the world order may not happen in “our life time”; but crude reality states that the world order has to change sooner than we can imagine because of the impending world economic crisis and the environmental crisis.

These crises indicate that the world, and especially nations that do not have political representation in the established global order through their own states, are crying for change but conceptual and political leadership are lacking. If we work in this direction, providing such a leadership for Nations without States and the oppressed in the Nation states through our rich experience, surely 2012 and beyond will be hopeful for Eezham Tamils and our natural allies.

Let those who have been bearing and who still want to bear the cross of ‘war crimes enquiry’ and those who want to operate within the established ‘Human Rights’ paradigm set by the Establishments and the NGO outfits carry on the burden of the cross. But, Eezham Tamils as a nation should realise the most important and strategic significance of taking the lead role of forming the conceptual and political leadership necessary for the powerful emergence of Tamil geopolitics.

Taking the spirit of the ‘Tamil Sovereignty Cognition’ that was released on Heroes Day 2011, let the year 2012 mark a beginning of a political trend that will have sovereignty for the Eezham Tamil nation as the primary focus of our discourse.

We need to be enlightened from the lessons we have learnt by these traps in war as well as in peace and we need to take this message not only among ourselves but also among our natural allies.

Unless we fully grasp the concept and importance of Tamil sovereignty and the leading role played by the Tigers during the CFA where they literally earned sovereignty, we cannot fulfil our historical task with due efficiency.

We are also at a conjuncture where the rogue states in global establishments are projecting our predicament in Mu’l’livaaikkaal as the threat of a final solution to national liberation struggles.

Before the ‘Sri Lankan solution’ is established as a negative example, we need to work to project our experiences as a nation that ran a successful de facto state in face of overwhelming odds and our resilience to carry our struggle up to Mu’l’livaaikkaal and beyond as a positive example of the moral victory of our national cause.

This is the leadership role we have to play among the Nations without State by teaching the lessons we have learnt through our practical struggle and our experience combined with the optimism of the leader of the Scottish National Party that “independent small nations will be champions of change”.

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