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UNHRC sessions open on Monday amidst US–Sri Lanka gambits

[TamilNet, Friday, 24 February 2012, 07:16 GMT]
On Tuesday, Genocidal Sri Lanka’s foreign minister GL Peiris and its ‘socialist’ ploy Tamara Kunanayakam, SL permanent representative in Geneva, painted a picture of victimisation by the USA, to the 47 UNHRC member states meeting in Geneva for two weeks from Monday. Sri Lanka that conducted the genocidal war and carries out structural genocide labelled as ‘reconciliation’– both primarily architected by the USA– now says that it has no secret deal with the USA on any resolution in the sessions and urges the member states to vote against even the mildest move of the USA proposing Sri Lanka to conduct its own investigations on the war crimes, recommended by its own LLRC. On the same day, military delegations of Iran, Russia and Bangladesh visited Jaffna, and a few days earlier Rajapaksa secretly inaugurated a China project in Jaffna. India maintains an eerie silence.

USA, Russia, China, India and Norway are among the 47 member states of the UNHRC. Sri Lanka has fielded an army of diplomats to canvass among the member states to once again come out scot-free without any resolution passed against it.

The human rights paradigm becomes a laughing stock in the hands of the very states and powers that breach it, for it is not theoretically designed to address the collective rights of affected nations and it is merely seen as an issue for opportunistic alignments among states, observers said.

The funniest part in the case of Sri Lanka is that when the victims are gagged in the island, and when arrangements are engineered by Sri Lanka-abetters to lure Tamil leadership itself to sit on any uprisings of Tamils in the diaspora and in Tamil Nadu, the oppressor regime in Colombo has called for an uprising of the Sinhala masses to protest against any international move bringing in justice to the victims.

SL minister Wimal Weerawansa told media in Colombo on Thursday that ‘nationwide demonstrations’ would be held in the island on Monday when the UNHRC sessions opens in Geneva.

Political observers are of the opinion that given the priority of targets in the Islamic world and the urgency of alignments to address them, the topic of Sri Lanka would be deferred to September after some hoodwink muscle flexes to fathom the strength of international alignments.

Eezham Tamils have become unbelievers nowadays to the extent that many of them are unable to believe what even the TNA leadership is repeatedly telling them where it is heading for.

Unless the people in the island, in the diaspora and in Tamil Nadu take up the matter into their hands and create a situation, nothing is going to happen. First of all, people have to understand what elements are sitting on their uprising and what engineering takes place in grooming inner contradictions aiming at isolating the demand for righteous independence, which only could bring in ultimate justice.

The March session will not even serve an eye-opener, if Eezham Tamils yield into naïve campaigns, political observers in the diaspora said.

* * *

A few weeks ago, visiting US officials privately told the civil society in Jaffna not to expect anything from the UNHRC session, as there was no pressure from the victims, as there is nothing in the US agenda to come out with international investigation against Sri Lanka and as many member states in the UNHRC should be counted out of any move against Sri Lanka.

Diplomatic circles tell that top US officials subsequently visited Colombo had a very cordial deal with the Rajapaksa regime.

The US subsequently came out with a mild proposal of asking Sri Lanka to implement the LLRC recommendations, which has only set a timetable to complete structural genocide of the nation of Eezham Tamils, and to initiate internal investigations on the war crimes, which no regime knowingly committed and committing genocide would do.

The Tamil National Alliance (TNA) reflected the Indo-US thinking of subtly bailing out Rajapaksa, when its leaders spoke on Cambodian analogy of delayed war crimes investigations and about giving time to Rajapaksa to implement LLRC recommendations, while praising the regime’s ‘rehabilitation’ of the former LTTE cadres. Beyond the 13th Amendment hoodwink that is already in the SL constitution, TNA’s political agenda is nondescript.

* * *

Yet, on Tuesday, after consultations with GL Peiris, SL Ambassador in Geneva, Tamara Kunanayakam, wrote to the member states of the UNHRC that it is a false impression that Sri Lanka is working with the USA on a resolution in the UNHRC.

Responding to an email sent to member states from the US mission to the UN in Geneva, Tamara said, “This e-mail creates the impression that diplomatic officials of the U.S. have been in close contact with the Government of Sri Lanka, as well as this Mission, to work, "collaboratively on issues of accountability (in Sri Lanka) and the implementation of the Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation Commission’s Report.”

“It obliquely canvasses the position of a co-sponsorship of a Resolution and conveys a false impression that Sri Lanka is working with the United States on this Resolution," Tamara’s response said, adding, “Sri Lanka categorically states that at no time has the Government or its Mission in Geneva, ever worked with representatives of the United States on any Resolution on whatsoever.”

According to her statement it is “counterproductive to bring any resolution” barely two months after the LLRC report and when implementation of it is the context.

The statement also accused the US email as distortion by interested parties pursuing some parallel agenda seeking to achieve some collateral gain, given Sri Lanka’s commitment to engage constructively with its partners.”

“A domestic mechanism must be given the time, space and the necessary impetus to achieve its objectives,” is genocidal Sri Lanka’s position, and every one knows what are those objectives.

The Rajapaksa regime cannot do and will not do anything other than structural genocide of Eezham Tamils is arrogantly and repeatedly demonstrated.

The SL delegation headed by GL Peiris, includes other SL ministers Nimal Siripala de Silva, Mahinda Samarasinghe, who is in charge of the human rights portfolio and Douglas Devananda, MP Sajin de Vass Gunawardena, Ambassador Kunanayakam, Additional Secretary External Affairs Kshenuka Senewiratne and SL presidential spokesman Bandula Jayasekera.

After causing the disappearance of 140,000 Tamil civilians in the Vanni war alone, the SL state and some media in Colombo try to project the quest of justice of the Eezham Tamil nation as an agenda of the ‘LTTE rump’.

According to citations of the SL delegation by Colombo’s The Island, the US-led move “would only help the LTTE rump, operating in the US and other parts of the world.” SL officials at Geneva also accused the UK, alleging that a group of British parliamentarians, too, was campaigning against Sri Lanka at the behest of the LTTE.

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