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Sushma casts false impression on 35 years of mandated Eezham Tamil aspiration

[TamilNet, Friday, 11 May 2012, 17:13 GMT]
New Delhi Establishment’s Leader of the Opposition and BJP leader Sushma Swaraj, addressing her party convention in Tamil Nadu on Thursday, and citing TNA leader R. Sampanthan, implied that Tamils in the island don’t ask for independence but only some political parties in Tamil Nadu want it. The same line of thinking came out from the representatives of the ruling Congress led by Sonia Gandhi and the CPI-M as well, who participated in a parliamentary delegation visit to the island that was boycotted by mainstream political parties in Tamil Nadu. Undertaking a six-day tour guided by Colombo and New Delhi’s plenipotentiary in the island, Sushma has no right to give a false impression to the Indian public on the mandated and re-mandated aspiration of Eezham Tamils in the last 35 years inside and outside of the island, responded a veteran Tamil politician in the island.

Rather than proving any positive action, talking negative of the independence aspirations arising from righteous principles such as right to protection and right to self-determination of the genocide-affected nation of Eezham Tamils, is the root cause of all evils in the island perpetuated by New Delhi, said the Tamil politician gagged from revealing his identity in the island.

“Which one is more important? To discredit negatively the righteous pressure spontaneously building up in Tamil Nadu for independence of Eezham Tamils or to first positively prove on the ground what else you could do and then argue for alternatives,” asked the Tamil politician.

The parliamentary delegation led by Sushma that soft-pedalled Sinhala militarisation of the Tamil land, didn’t utter a word in its statement on the on-going crisis resulting from colonisation, Sinhalicisation and Buddhicisation.

The Tamil politician in the island challenged that why couldn’t Sushma call for an independent referendum among the Tamils in the island to find out the truth, rather than citing fellow politicians constitutionally gagged like him from telling the truth or forced to lie by the might of the imperialisms and the military of the genocidal sub-agents in Colombo.

Such politicians in captivity who treacherously lie, only serve citations to people like Sushma, aspiring to occupy the international galaxy of imperial oppressors, the politician in the island further said.

Sushma in her speech at the BJP conference in Madurai cited TNA leader Sampanthan denouncing Eezham Tamil independence and telling that he only stood for equal rights, devolution and implementation of the LLRC recommendations.

Sampanthan, talking neither independence nor federalism, was parroting the non-descript hoodwink of New Delhi and Washington, is known to everyone. Not tolerated any more, he is now challenged inside his own alliance.

But Sushma was harping on him: “When such a respected leader of the Tamils was for a political solution within a united Sri Lanka, why are some parties here raising the separatist issue?” Sushma was cited by The Hindu, adding that she insisted that the unity and integrity of Sri Lanka be respected the way India's unity and integrity were respected.

Sushma is tipped to become the Prime Minister of India if her party were elected to power in the next elections. Whether she plans genocide in India too to save the ‘unity and integrity’ in Sri Lankan lines, wonder political observers noting the analogy she had made.

“Sushma criticises demand for Eelam” was the highlight of the BJP conference as found in the title of the reporting in The Hindu.

Enough has been said to Natchiappan and Rangarajan on this issue. But, Sushma Swaraj continuing it to interfere into the aspirations of Eezham Tamils needs special notice, commented the Tamil politician in the island.

* * *

The power echelons of New Delhi, whether the ruling Congress or the opposition BJP, saying the same lie on the Eezham Tamils is no coincidence. It is determined by the commonality of the social, ideological, bureaucratic and corporate forces behind them and their utter contempt for the ability of Tamils achieving anything. The other imperialist forces working incognito inside India also determine this by buying off so-called leaders of the people, who are actually executives of the corporates, commented new generation political activists in Tamil Nadu.

The challenge is left to the people of Tamil Nadu to show the door to these parties. Tamil Nadu should not forget that the mistake it made in the last elections is largely responsible for the genocide and its continuity in the island, the political activists said.

This mistake has encouraged New Delhi in partnership with genocidal Colombo to embark upon a programme of irreversible structural annihilation of the nation of Eezham Tamils and the mistake now gives hopes to the BJP that it too could continue in the same lines without worrying about the people of Tamil Nadu. Unless their ‘interests’ are going to be threatened by the uprising of people, the rulers in New Delhi will never look at realities or justice, the activists further commented.

In the meantime, pointing to repeated citations on Sampanthan and the TNA, Eezham Tamil activists in the island said that this was why they had cautioned the TNA at every election after the war, not to foolishly denounce the mandate achieved over several decades, listening to New Delhi or Washington that had always proved themselves as enemies of Eezham Tamils in the last quarter a century.

Consistent sections among the diaspora activists also came out with similar responses about approaches and attacks of deviation made on the diaspora in recent times by forces for whom ‘terrorism’ was a smokescreen to bulldoze the Tamil nation to help the genocidal agent state centred in Colombo and to pamper it for imperialist reasons.

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