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Wigneswaran should not weaken diaspora and Tamil Nadu

[TamilNet, Sunday, 21 July 2013, 17:15 GMT]
Hindustan Times carrying out an interview of CV Wigneswaran on Friday highlighted his statement against Tamil Nadu polity in the title. The highlight shows the priority in New Delhi’s polity and media in diffusing and detracting the uprising in Tamil Nadu for the independence of Eezham Tamils that is denied primarily by New Delhi and Washington. Hindustan Times just follows The Hindu, The Times of India and The New Indian Express in this regard. The gang up of Indian’s mainstream media behind the agenda of the genocidal partners has to be vigilantly perused by the peoples’ polity in Tamil Nadu as it is a re-enactment of the times that led to the Mu’l’livaaykkal genocide, commented Tamil activists for alternative politics in the island.

C.V. Wigneswaran
Former SC Judge CV Wigneswaran [Photo courtesy: Daily Mirror]
Justice C V Wigneswaran, TNA’s chief minister candidate in the Northern Provincial Council election under the unitary constitution of genocidal Sri Lanka, told Hindustan Times at the end of his interview: “It is natural for friends in Tamil Nadu to show emotions but the Sri Lankan issue is being used there for political gains. To them, I will only say this: You are welcome to give us any other kind of support but please allow us to work out our own solutions to our own problems within a united Sri Lanka.”

Is it worse than the bureaucracy-intelligence-run New Delhi Establishment using the Eezham Tamil issue for its military and corporate gains by partnering genocide, by upholding the genocidal unity of the Sinhala State and by denying liberation for the nation of Eezham Tamils in the island, asked the Tamil activists in the island.

In the same spirit, why can’t the Tamils tell New Delhi that is propping up the ‘unity’ of the Sinhala State to allow us to work out our own solutions to our own problems by finding independence? There was always the probability that had New Delhi stood aside, we could have by now found the solutions, the activists said.

Justice Wigneswaran is not justified in making such a statement only against Tamil Nadu polity that too by taking an extra-mandate liberty in being partial to “united Sri Lanka.” Tomorrow if he is elected as the CM, he would say people have ‘mandated’ for ‘united Sri Lanka’. He continues with the treacherous blunder the TNA was forced to commit in the previous elections by the powers behind, the activists in the island observed, adding that keeping Tamil Nadu and the diaspora quiet is now the task of the forces that had ganged up for the genocide and are now engineering for the structural completion of it.

* * *

Further comments from the Tamils for alternative politics in the island:

“When a wife is beaten up by a husband, it is not an internal affair. Neighbours have a duty to intervene […] it is natural to then turn to our next-door neighbour,” Wigneswaran said in the interview answering a question why the TNA seeks international opinion to an internal matter.

First of all Justice Wigneswaran contradicted his own logic in telling Tamil Nadu to allow Tamils in the island to resolve their problems by themselves.

If the justice’s perception of the next-door neighbour is not people but State, and if it is New Delhi, what to do if that next-door neighbour, with a sinister desire on the wife, is worse than the husband? One has to naturally expect the next-door neighbour’s wife, who is also equally suffering from injustice, to take care of it. That’s what Tamil Nadu is doing.

Justice Wigneswaran who was telling that he feels “like a person who has jilted his lover and is getting married to the person his parents found for him," explained the phrase “parents” to Hindustan Times as friends, fellow lawyers, judges and his students.

But political observers say that the ‘parents’ are Washington and New Delhi, and the greedy couple wants the independence and sovereignty of the nation of Eezham Tamils as dowry to be extracted by their ‘son’ for passing it to their pet daughter in Colombo.

There are many Eezham Tamils who silently appreciate the noble candidature of Justice Wigneswaran the TNA was able to come out with, even though it should have done so after rejecting outright the treachery of Washington and New Delhi for telling to try the PC model of the unitary constitution, after all what had happened and what is happening.

But Wigneswaran with his connections with the Colombo Establishment cannot turn into another ‘Lakshman Kadirgamar’.

If he could achieve anything by playing the agenda of the genocidal culprits, let him try and prove it. If he is destined to become the CM of the hollow PC, he could be so even if people boycott voting. When it is the USA and India that want the Sinhala military to occupy the country of Eezham Tamils and to carry out demographic and development ‘solutions,’ let him deceive himself in sending the military out without deploying counter geopolitical strength in the form of mass uprising in Tamil Nadu and in the diaspora, or let him deceive Tamils by talking on phased withdrawal of the military, keeping it in the barracks etc.

But he should refrain from weakening Tamil Nadu and the diaspora calling for the independence of Eezham Tamils. It is unwarranted if the polity is his own and not directed by others.

He could best contribute to the polity of Tamil Nadu and to the diaspora, by telling from the land, how to work for coming out of the subjugation and genocide of the State identity called ‘Sri Lanka’.

Justice Wigneswaran should not take up the task of proving to the world that a set of international criminals could commit any extent of crime and escape scot-free without delivering due justice, by hoodwink and engineering of victims, so that it will be a paradigm for future human civilisation, cautioned the Tamil activists for alternative politics in the island.


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