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Awakening of Tamil polity evokes ‘concern’ in Indian Intelligence

[TamilNet, Sunday, 15 February 2015, 23:06 GMT]
Two intelligence operatives attached to the Indian Consulate General in Jaffna and two senior intelligence officers from the Indian High Commission in Colombo hurriedly invited a section of Tamil politicians and paramilitary elements for secret consultations at the Assistant High Commission of India in Kandy this weekend after the latest NPC resolution calling for international investigation on Tamil genocide continuing for decades. The New Delhi Establishment views the call coming from hitherto gagged Tamils in the island as a ‘disturbing development’, informed sources told TamilNet on Sunday.

The Indian side's concerns were mainly about TNA activists advocating registration of the TNA as a political party and the Tamil nationalist line getting strengthened within the TNA by possible influence of the TNPF school of thought in the future, the sources further said.

“You have set off a nuclear bomb by passing that resolution,” was the comment made by an Indian official attached to the office of the Indian Consulate General in Jaffna, a prominent councillor of the NPC told TamilNet on Thursday.

Northern Provincial Councillor and PLOTE leader Mr Tharmalingam Sitharthan, Mr V. Anandasangaree, the leader of the one-man party TULF, members of the EPRLF faction opposed to Suresh Premachandran and a few selected EPDP members were invited on Saturday to Kandy for the secret consultations by the Indian intelligence officers.

In the meantime, Sri Lankan President Maithiripala Sirisena met NPC Chief Minister C.V. Wigneswaran on Thursday before his visit to New Delhi on Sunday.

The chief Indian intelligence officer, who came to Kandy from Colombo, was gathering details on the existing divisions within the TNA, including the latest move to register the alliance as a political party, the sources told TamilNet on Sunday.

The Indian intelligence was attempting to create divisions within the existing TNA to contain the Tamil nationalist line, the sources further said.

Meanwhile, a former editor of a Tamil newspaper, who is known to have good rapport with New Delhi's intelligence outfit, has been engaged in forming a new party, recruiting former LTTE members with political background.

Last Monday, genocide-accused Gotabaya Rajapaksa managed to get an Indian reporter, Nitin A Gokhale of Rediff.com, to ask a question, “Is there a possibility that LTTE rump or sympathisers of Tamil Eelam may try and make a comeback in Sri Lanka,” and to give an answer that “India must be on guard against Tamil separatists.”

Informed circles say that the New Delhi Establishment has given hopes to Colombo that India would demand neither investigation nor full implementation of 13A, but would allow Colombo to have its ‘time and space’.

After regularly visiting Colombo to direct the war and leaving the Eezham Tamils to face the genocide in Mu'l'livaaykkaal in 2009, M.K. Narayanan and Shivshankar Menona, the national security advisors and the intelligence bigwigs of the former regime of New Delhi, told R. Sampanthan and other TNA parliamentarians that India knows what is good for Tamils much better than the Tamils themselves.

The political voice of the Tamil Nadu government vociferously demanding international investigation on genocide in the island was silenced in a foully-timed way in last September after BJP coming to power.

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