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US Tamils should rise to the occasion of power games in southern South Asia

[TamilNet, Friday, 03 July 2015, 00:30 GMT]
In a significant move, the Federation of Tamil Sangams of North America (FeTNA), predominantly representing US Tamils from Tamil Nadu, has invited the NPC-Chief Minister C.V. Wigneswaran, as a guest of honour to its Tamil Convention-2015, which will be held on Friday and Saturday at San Jose in California. The US Tamils should grasp the global and regional dynamics of the precarious power games and military scenario currently unfolding in southern South Asia, and should rise to the occasion in edifying Washington and New Delhi against keeping Tamils always at the receiving end, just because they don’t have a State, commented Tamil activists for alternative politics. Justice Wigneswaran should instil that understanding among Tamils of North America, the activists further said.

A strong message to Washington and New Delhi, coming from US Tamils in the US soil that no agenda of any power could be achieved in southern South Asia without delivery of lasting justice to the genocide-affected nation of Eezham Tamils, would be timely to compensate the diplomatic imbalance of the State-less and military-less Tamils of the region.

It is increasingly evident today that the genocide, conceived and planned by Colombo over the decades, became a possibility only because of the competition of Washington and New Delhi in wooing the genocidal State.

Diplomacy analyses by the concerned powers told to the general intelligentsia, media writings of the so-called ‘think-tanks’ and campaigns of agenda-working activists, downplay or do not recognize this underlying point of Washington–New Delhi competition that is uniquely pertinent to the affairs of southern South Asia, in which Tamils, the largest formation in the geopolitical context, were always easily victimised.

But the Sinhala State, because it has a State, military and diplomatic legacy, was always an adept in grasping the dynamics of the competition and playing its cards, occasionally showing the China option too, for the long-intended genocide of Tamils in the island.

In the post WW II and the so-called independence scenario, the first victims of the Indo-US competition and card playing by Colombo were the Tamils of Tamil Nadu origin in the island. Nehru sacrificed the up-country Tamils for Colombo’s semblance of support to Non-Alignment from the military-background, pro-US Kotalawala. The legacy continued through SWRD Bandaranayake and Srimao Bandaranayake times.

The US keenness in backing the Jayawardane regime saw the hoodwink of ‘District Development Council’ (DDC), failed at the outset itself, but the backing to the regime laid the foundations of todays genocidal militarisation. How the successive hoodwinks alternately coming from New Delhi and Washington in the forms of Provincial Council and Oslo Agreement respectively led to Indian military onslaught and Mu’l’livaaykkaal genocide are well known.

Just as the genocidal war was conducted without witnesses as set by the outside coalition, the structural genocide now takes place fast and silent, through the camouflage of ‘regime change’ and through military-to-military alliances, one written and another unwritten.

Washington and New Delhi were tacitly together in the genocidal end of the war and are now tacitly together only in internationally absolving the crime, but their competition in creating their own support blocs in the island and in the diaspora is perceivably visible.

This time the continuation of competitive agendas expects self-inflicted deception from the victims.

The vicious cycle of this competition, long blighting Tamils, should decisively be brought to an end.

The affluent US Tamils, largely of Tamil Nadu descent, have so far not exerted their potential leverage in edifying the USA and course-correcting its outlook for southern South Asia. Noble ways have to be invented in doing it when State and military are not at the disposal of Tamils.

In the meantime, Tamil Nadu Tamils who organise conventions etc., at their own admirable initiative and community sponsorship should carefully watch the agenda and attitude of New Delhi. A small example is New Delhi announcing the creation of the post of Joint Secretary for Sanskrit at the Foreign Ministry and state-sponsoring conferences outside. No one could object the promotion of Sanskrit, even though there are other classical languages recognized by India. But the foreign ministry line makes New Delhi no different from Colombo in outlook.

Global Tamils, both of Tamil Nadu and Eezham Tamil origins, could bring in a humanity-inspiring paradigm in checking injustices committed by geopolitics to nations without State, if they could grasp the current machinations at work in southern South Asia and conceive action in appropriate ways. That is the justice they do to Tamil civilization.

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