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PTI and Express correspondent in Colombo contradict on Pak fighter jet

[TamilNet, Thursday, 07 January 2016, 14:27 GMT]
At the heels of Press Trust of India (PTI) coming out with a report on Tuesday that Pakistan “sealed a landmark deal to sell JF-17 Thunder Fighters to Sri Lanka as the two countries signed eight agreements”, the Colombo correspondent of New Indian Express, who also contributes to the PTI, came out with a counter report on Wednesday, citing ‘Sri Lankan’ Air Force that no decision had been taken yet on the purchase. Meanwhile, Ranil Wikremesinghe on Tuesday was revealing his plans of facilitating Pakistan to have free trade with the USA through Colombo, using genocidal Sri Lanka’s proposed ‘Free Trade Agreement’ with the USA.

Defending questions against genocidal Sri Lanka’s Prime Minister on the geopolitical and other intentions behind Colombo’s militarisation programme, the New Indian Express correspondent, P.K. Balachandran came out with his own view that “Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe’s priority seems to be to give his island nation a Blue Water navy to safeguard it more effectively, and also to play a meaningful role in international maritime security as desired by the US.”

The Express correspondent also said: “The Lankans are probably aware that the “Tejas” [India’s fighter jet] is still under development. While the JF-17 is a fully developed aircraft in operation with the PAF since 2010, Tejas is still correcting the flaws discovered by the Indian Air Force.”

* * *

Meanwhile, Colombo media Daily Mirror on Tuesday revealed Ranil Wikremesinghe’s ideas behind signing agreements with Pakistan.

As “Sri Lanka hopes to sign Free Trade Agreements with Singapore, China and also enter into trade agreement with the US which would either be in the form of a FTA or a Comprehensive Preferential Trade Agreement (CPTA) so that Sri Lanka enter the markets around the Bay of Bengal," Wikremesinghe was revealing while launching the “Pakistan Single Country" trade Exhibition together with his Pakistani counterpart Nawaz Sharif at Temple Trees.

Sri Lanka could be a gateway to countries such as Pakistan in its endeavour to enter the US market using this FTA, was the hook added by Wikremesinghe, in revealing his Colombo-centric designs of pledging the island for corporate imperialist entries endangering the peoples of entire South Asia, as was in the times of the advent of colonialism.

India is against bloc FTAs in the Bay of Bengal region, precisely for the reason of unscrupulous agent States like ‘Sri Lanka’ playing conduit for indirect entries into the region.

Outfits orchestrated in the south of the island like the ‘Government Medical Officers Association’ (GMOA) were opposed to any trade agreement with India. GMOA general secretary Dr. Nalinda Herath was citing the country’s ‘identity and security’, The Daily Mirror reported on Tuesday.

But there was no orchestration against Wikremesinghe’s wholesale plans.

In signing Free Trade Agreement with Pakistan, Colombo included “services”, but this was not conceded to India in the Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (CEPA) or Economic and Technical Cooperation Agreement (ETCA) signed after New Delhi partnering Sri Lanka’s Tamil genocide.

Pointing out the discrepancy, but still defending Colombo, Balachandran said: “Lankans fear that Indian professionals, including “barbers”, will flood Lanka in case services are included in bilateral economic agreements. But apparently, there is no fear of Pakistanis flooding the Lankan services market.”

* * *

The idea of Wikremesinghe, and for that matter the idea of all the shades of Colombo-centric Sinhala elite, is to barter the Colombo hub to corporate imperialism to complete the genocide of Eezham Tamils.

Wikremesinghe’s lure to the Colombo elite and corporates was that through such programmes they could be an affluent ‘business diaspora’ in the world.

“Remember that if you enter the Pakistan market you will be able to make your way towards Central Asia and extend your presence towards Middle East and the Gulf,” Wikremesinghe was cited telling the local members of the corporate sector who were present at his launch of Pakistan programme on Tuesday.

Whatever that unfolds doesn’t mean that Eezham Tamils should have any sympathy for New Delhi.

New Delhi uses 79 per cent of the off shore harbour facilities in Colombo built by the Chinese and 48 per cent of India’s maritime trade is now carried out through this facility in Colombo, says Chinese media reports.

While the occupied nation of Eezham Tamils has no international outlet of its own, New Delhi is planning land bridge and railway through the Sinhala country to link Trincomalee and to get it through the backside.

The same Balachandran was attacking NPC Chief Minister Wigneswaran last month that “He is said to be under the influence of forces which believe that the Lankan Tamils can do without India and perhaps even the US.”

New Delhi in 1987, and both Washington and New Delhi together in 2009, had their chances of resolving the national question of genocidal dimensions in the island.

Tamils know very well what they did and what they continue to do.

Kept as slaves to sub agents in Colombo, what is wrong if Eezham Tamils think of alternative democratic politics?

Some may say that nationalism doesn’t exist in the era of multinational corporate imperialism. But that does exist as more than 35 of the leading 50 corporates in the world are based in the USA; that does exist in nations obsessed with committing genocide and promoted by the corporates, and that has to exist in nations facing the plight.



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